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I'm trying to write units in Maple but it seems to not be working for certain things.  For example, I would like to express the quantity of 0.78 kg CO2/ kg.  While kg is recognized, CO2 is not.  Is there some sort of workaround? Other examples include things such as "mol He". 


bessel.mwHow would I tell maple to stop using a function class to abrievate the work.  I'm trying to have it show the actual derivative instead of it giving me a Bessel function


I want to see the series solution in other words

Is there anyway to animate d'Alemberts wave solution as time goes on? 

Suppose I have the initial value problem:

PDE:   utt = uxx

ICS:    u(x,0) = x

            ut(x,0) = f(x)

where f(x) is piecewise defined as:

f(x) = cos(pi*x), -1/2 < x < 1/2               and

             0             otherwise

Is there a feature in maple to plot even, odd, and fourier extensions of functions (PDEs)? 

Say we have the function f(x) = x + 1


Hi everyone,

I'm a student studying pde's and I was trying to find a tool for me to understand it a lot better.

The heat equation is given by: Ut = a^2*Uxx

Take the example of a rod that is insulated at both ends (establishing BC's) of Ux(0,t) = 0 and Ux(L,t) = 0. Let's define the intial condition for any temperature at point x as x*(L-X).  We know that if we try to solve the steady-state solution, setting Ut = 0, we get Uxx = 0 which implies the general solution is U(x) = C1x + C2

From our boundary conditions we can see that a rod insulated at both ends -- and I should say laterally also -- should have a graph that turns from a quadratic to a horizontal line that is defined as the average of the initial conditon function from 0 to L.


In summary: Does maple have a feature to animate the function turning from a quadratic to a horizontal line? I think it would be beneficial in the long term for learning about BC's and visualizing them in my head after I play around with it.

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