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For some reason when I do n mod 2, it spits out n. Im trying to figure out what is wrong. I have to evaluate at two points in order for this to work. modulo.mw





I cannot thank you enough for the help.

I figure that there is a way to write a bunch of lines on a DE plot using some sort of command? I figure that it has to do with the sequence feature of maple.  What I am trying to do is show a bunch of lines in a DE plot that does y(n)=-1 where n is an integer ranging from -5 to 5.  I'll link my worksheet. Differential_Equation_slope_field.mw

Is there any way to transfer to transfer a table into Maple? I made a table in Google Sheets / Excel and I want to put it in my maple worksheet


Thanks in advance


Does maple have the ability to create probability trees / branch plots? (representing a sample space).  I would like to represent a problem more elegantly while learning how to use the software.  For example, a sample space that can be represented could be a coin toss.


Is it possible to find where a parametric intersects with itself?

For example, lets have the parametric:


For what value values of t will it yield the same (x,y) cordinate. 

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