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These are questions asked by wschrabi

HI experts,

can anyone here help mi in transform a Mathematica v8.0 sheet into maple v.15 ?

I am still maple novice.

Thanks a lot 

My MMA file as ZIP:

Hi Experts,

Here is my File. I use the DirectSearch2 Library.

Searching the Minimum works fine. (800 sec on i7 PC)

But the Datafit runs endless.

I tried to make the fit with min SSE that works, but why does DataFit not succeed?


Thanks for answering.


Hi friends,

is there a way to convert a Maple 13 worksheet into a Mathematica 7 Notebook automatically?

Thanks for help


Dear Friends,

anyone outside here can help me in making this Mathematica function into a Maple fn?

Sorry, but I am novice at all. I could make the pkt list. But how can I plot the Function with the optimized parameters and the pkt-list into one diagram? Thanks a lot. Walter

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