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I wanted to use a Button or a Radio Button to change the itemlist and current value in a DropDownBox. The attached worksheets show a problem in doing this. The details are in the text region in the worksheets: I guess I don't really know how to attach a file here. So I uploaded it and gave all the hyperlinks it produced:


I recently asked about HTTP Requests and found out it could be done with either a Socket or with the HTTP package. The reason I asked is that I would like to connect to Blackboard (Course Management System). I would like Bb to launch a Maple worksheet or maplet and then Maple to be able to insert grades into the Bb gradebook. Does anyone know how to do that?

Is there a way for Maple to make GET or POST HTTP requests?

If there are no direct Maple commands, has anyone written a package to do this possibly on top of the Sockets package?

Phil Yasskin

Why don't these structured types work? > type(Pi, symbol); > evalb(Pi::symbol); > type(Pi, constant); > evalb(Pi::constant); > type(x, symbol); > evalb(x::symbol); > type(x, constant); > evalb(x::constant); > type(Pi, symbol and not constant); > evalb(Pi::(symbol and not constant)); > type(x, symbol and not constant); > evalb(x::(symbol and not constant)); I know we can do it using TypeTools[AddType]( variable, t->evalb(t::symbol and not t::constant) ); but why doesn't the simple version work? Phil
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