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Hi all: I want to realize the following function in maple: 1> According to the input vector, n, canculate the n times of auto-convolutions, after getting the final result, measuring the vector according to each element of the result. If I use the math language, Suppose I have vector, called A the length of vector is L; Result = A*A*....A (n times convolution); Measure= Sum (on i) (Result[i]*ln(Result[i]); I donot know how to coding like that Thanks for any help. How to read the parameters from keyboard in maple? Thanks bin
Dear all : I have a function qx(x):= 1/21 x in (20,40) = 0 others ; My double integral is like integral ( integral (qx(x1), x1=x-10..40)*integral(qx(x1),x1=x-20..40)*1/20, x = 20...30); since the qx(x)'s is not keep constant on whole range, I am confused with the double integral. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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