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Hi, I cannot solve the 2 implicit functions with 2 unknown (m,n) simultaneously (please see attached maple file). Note: m and n are real numbers.

May I get some advice please? Many thanks.




I need to solve the below nonlinear equation for n numerically, assuming taut and taum are between zero and one, not inclusive of zero and one. 

I first used "solve(EQN,n, useassumptions)assuming taum>0, taum<1, taut>0, taut<1;", but no solution was generated. I thus removed useassumptions, and used "solve(EQN,n);", but I received the message "Warning, solutions may have been lost" from Maple. How to solve this problem?

Hi, I have the following equation and I would like to solve the equation "EQN" for n with 0<taut<1 and 0<taum<1 but I received not only a solution but also the warning "solutions may have been lost". I wonder why.

The equation is:

> EQN:=6581019.044*n*(ln(3.*(6110.-1811.*n+1980.*n*taum+1200.*n*taut-7800.*taum-7800.*taut)/(-25423.*n+28140.*n*taum+18000.*n*taut+74230.-101400.*taum-117000.*taut))/(10000.-1000.*n)^(3/4)/taum)^(50/13)-.2407407407*ln...

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