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Hi I'm new to Maple. I've had it for years and am just now getting into it. My problem is how to simultaneously solve a set of equations that feature some nonlinear terms. This isn't a set ODE's. They are algebraic equations with nonlinear integral terms like, I2:=int(cos(Pi/2/Theta*e)^4.545*sin(e)*cos(e-phi),e=theta..Theta); There are 3 variables to solve for after the variable theta has been specified. Equation 1 has the nonlinear terms and the other 2 equations are linear. I can post all 3 equations if someone can help. I saw an example on this site for a vibration problem solved with the Runge-Kutta method but the dsolve command was used and mine aren't ODE's. I have version 7.
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