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Thanks kindly for helping The constants are listed before the 3 equations. The variables to solve for are r, R, and phi for a specified theta. The derivatives I took to be (theta-theta_0)/(phi-phi_0) etc. for the initial and calculated values. I have used some Maple code and some just to demonstrate the equations. Theta:=2.08; L:=99994.44;# a constant based on flow properties I1:=int((r^2*sin(e)*sin(phi)*cos(phi))/(sin(e-phi)),e=theta..Theta);#fractional integral I2:=int(cos(1.5707/Theta*e)^4.545*sin(e)*cos(e-phi),e=theta..Theta); Equation 1: R_1=r/sin(theta)*(1.4*3.4^2*I1+L*I2)/(r^2*(1+1.4*3.4^2*sin(phi)^2)-L*sin(theta-phi)^2*cos(1.57/Theta*theta)^4.545); Equation 2: R*sin(theta-phi)=(r*((d(theta)/d(phi))); Equation 3: (r*cot(theta-phi))=(-(d(r)/d(theta)) I can maybe implement Broydons method or some similar numerical method but if there is a better Maple method that would be good to know. Yvette
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