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Ok thank you, but  unfortunately it's not the right result that I'm looking for.


For me the unique solution is  to elarge, the maximum,  the search range !!!



Thank you very much for these clarifications.


So, the result (that is the roots of F(z)=0)  is sol_z , that is (5) and not (6)!!!


Am I wrong?


Thanks a lot  for you reply. Is the result (6)?


If it is, the values seem good, that is what I want. But frankly, I don't understand what you did!!!


Can you explain me your ideas and the commands Maple that you used? I'm a beginner in Maple.





But I have to put a sufficiently large values to get the result that I hope !!!!

@Carl Love   I know if I reduce that value to a reasonable size , the command will work quickly. Indeed I tried with others values, but I need to put a sufficiently large value to get the result.

With this value but in other example, Maple gives me a result!!!

@vv Thank you very much for your reply.

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