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I have investigeted this and I found that the problem is in my laptop's wifi device driver.

When I un-install and again install wifi device then Maple works correctly but when I connect to some wifi network and it stores the "network profile" then Maple does not start anymore. 

I solved this problem with Windows reinstallation and then it is ok now.

I think that the reason for this bad behaviour was in HP tools installed on my laptop which were sometimes updated with something from HP. Now I am without this rubish and it seems to me it is better.



could you pls try these steps?

1. switch off firewall and your antivirus

2. run Maple

3. add the picture of your processes here (hierarchy from process explorer -

4. kill the processes


Could you pls specify your graphics card?




I think, that MathML works, but it is not very effective.

If you have a Mathtype software, MS Office (MS Office installed before MathType) then there is no problem. You are able to copy Maple output to MathType window that is occured from Office using Inserting Equation from the menu. It works and the result is editable in the powerpoint (all office products). I do not know the reason why use MathML or other technologies instead of OLE on Windows platform. It works!

The second way is use OpenOffice and its Math editor but there are some problems.


MathType is able to import a LaTeX source and it converts the input to Math-2D formula, MathML too.


Of course, MathType is usually not installed on machines at conferences. If you use your machine, why you not use Maple presentation mode directly?






I used to Mathtype and copying works correctly because Mathtype is default Math tool in Office (instead of Equations).

Could you please write more (e.g. the formula)?



I recomend you to use the DEtools[phaseportrait] or the other command to generate phase portrait. It is very usefull command, but it has some restriction.

More information about your problem helps us to answer your question.



Hello, you can find the solution at this page, the before last comments. Vladimir
If you would like to draw the direction field and some particular solution, you can use the phaseportrait command (it is in DEtools or PDEtools, I do not remember now). Example 1 shows the vector filed withouth any particular solution > ode:=diff(y(t),t)*t + 2*y(t) = sin(t); > with(PDEtools):with(DEtools): > phaseportrait(ode,y(t),t=-5..5,[],color=green,linecolor=red); Example 2 shows also particular solution with the condition y(0)=0 > ode:=diff(y(t),t)*t + 2*y(t) = sin(t); > with(PDEtools):with(DEtools): > phaseportrait(ode,y(t),t=-5..5,[[y(0)=0]],color=green,linecolor=red);
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