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I have problem with define external function with dll written in Visual Basic.

Declaration of function is


I have a question about e-mail notification from Mapleprimes. Some month ago when somone answered my post it was generated an e-mail notificaion, but now it is not (I think).

I looked for notification e-mails in Spam bin as well, but it was empty.

Does Mapleprimes still create notifications?

Thank you very much.



Hello, I need to find relative extrema of an expression with inequalities. e.g. extrema(xi^2-x1^2-x2^2-xp^2-y^2,{xi-x1-x2+xp^2<=y^2},y); extrema command is not able to compute with inequalities constraints. Could you help me please? Thank you. Vladimir
Hello, I would like to use Socket package to get informaction from HTML page on Website. COuld you help me please? I need to get the part of HTML file to use it in my procedure. Thank you very much Vladimir
Hello, I would like to use Maple in Statistics, but I have a problem with a speed of base functions, like generation, Mean, Range and Standard deviation. Maple computes slowly than MathCad. I have 4 test functions: Test of generation speed > restart: > > Digits :=10: > > test3:=proc(N,n) > local i,a,X; > use Statistics in > X := RandomVariable(Normal(0,1)): > for i from 1 to N do > a:=Sample(X,n): > end do: > end use; > end proc: > time(test3(30000,100)); Test of Mean speed > restart: > Digits :=10;
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