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I want to build a custom component by the material’s stress-strain curve ,for the component signal input is the x(t)(displacement-time curve), then I can simulate the material’s acceleration-time curve,the stress-strain equation , parameter and the custom component I built has been given in the picture,but the x(t) is same as the s[rel](t),so how to solve this problem? Thanks first.






The following error occurred when I simulate a build-in model, anyone could help me to solve this problem? Thanks first

I made a model with mapleSim, run simulation and the following figure was got

simulation result

Here I have a question. I want to know the max value of this curve that will be used in other component as input in mapleSim. Is here a component in mapleSim or other mothed such as maple?

please help me. think you

For a eqation such as y(t)=2*sin(3*t)

I want to solve its fourier series under the different step,

and plot corresponding figure like the picture below

How should i do?

help me please.



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