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I've tried to find the solution to my problem, but none of my attempts was succesful.

I have a function which is one-to-one in a particular domain which I am interested in. I would like to get the inverse function of it only in this domain. Here is my function and plot for xp=0..10000:

x := xp-> (-1)*720.5668720*sinh(0.2043018094e-3*xp-0.8532729286)+84952.59423+4.014460003*10^5*arcsinh(0.1219272144e-1*sinh(0.2043018094e-3*xp-0.8532729286)-0.2032498888)

I would appreciate any help,


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Hello everyone, 

I have some problems with the "isolve" command on Maple. I am trying to solve for integer a very easy system of equations. When I type the commands



n := 2;
isolve({sum(a[k], k = 1 .. n)-1 = 1}, d)

I get the expected {a[1] = 2-d, a[2] = d}. However, if I add conditions a[1],a[2] >= 0, that is the commands

n := 2;
isolve({ge(a[1], 0), ge(a[2], 0), sum(a[k], k = 1 .. n)-1 = 1}, d)

I get the warning "Warning, solutions may have been lost". What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to get Maple to give me the possible values?


Thank you in advance,


Hi everyone. Please excuse me in advance, as I am new on this website and to Maple.

So I am using Maple 16 and I want it to give me the derivative of a function that has constants in it, for example f(x)=(x-a)(x-b). I wrote the (probably stupid) commands on Maple:

> f(x):=(x-a)(x-b);

> diff(f(x), x);

but the result is not the expected (2x-a-b), but rather (D(x))(x-b)-(D(a))(x-b). What would be the right things to write to get what I need?


Thank you in advance,



I use a map() command to get the values of function for each element of vector. Here is an example of a simple task:




I would like to do the same with piecewise function but it doesn't work. Here is an example:


h:=x->piecewise( 0<=x and x<= 5, f, 5<x and x <= 10, g ) ;

Is it possible to work with piecewise function? Maybe someone has an idea how to do it in different way?

Kind regards,



I am rather a beginner in Maple, so I will be grateful for understanding.

I try to solve the equation with one unknown. To create this equation I firstly had to solve the set of four equations so it is very complicated. Maple is able to create the plot of it but command fsolve is not sufficient to solve it. Here is my procedure:

C := solve({r1, r2, r3, r4}, {C11, C12, C21, C22}):
s1 := int(sqrt(1+(diff(subs(C, z1), x))^2), x):
s2 := int(sqrt(1+(diff(subs(C, z2), x))^2), x):
s := subs(x = xP, s1)-subs(x = 0, s1)+s2-subs(x = xP, s2):
eq1 := l0-subs(x = l, s):
l0 := 40:
plot(eq1, H=10 .. 11, colour = red);
H := fsolve(eq1 = 0, H = 10.7 .. 10.8);

I would be grateful for any help and indicating my mistakes.



Hi all,

I had to do a clean install on my computer today. When I went to reinstall Maple, I got a message telling me that my download link wasn't valid. So I tried to get a new download link, but that didn't work either. Does anyone know if I will still be able to download the software without purchasing the latest version? I'm pretty sure my license has not expired.

I'm going to call support tomorrow morning, but I figured I'd ask around here in the meantime. Thanks!

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I imported data into maple from excel.  I was able to make a scatterplot with my data and a regression line, but I have been unsuccessful in trying to combine them both onto the same plot.  I tried multiple different ways but still could not get it to work.  

I think it has to do something with the brackets around each element inside my imported array, but I am not sure.  Any ideas would be nice.

My objective is to put the regression line and scatterplot on same  

Thanks much.



I have a problem with MAPLE. I would like to solve a system of 18 inequalities with 4 variables. The variables shall be rational numbers. I should also mention that I am not sure if the system has a solution. Here is my MAPLE code: 

LinearMultivariateSystem({0 < (1/20)*b11, 0 < (1/20)*b1818, 0 < (1/20)*b22, 0 < (1/20)*b33, 0 < -653385574770525739/313841848320000+(1001/20)*b33+(3003/5)*b22+4004*b11-(91/5)*b1818, 0 < -476383516463665673/69742632960000+(3003/20)*b33-(1001/10)*b1818+(27027/2)*b11+(3861/2)*b22, 0 < -372810037848242383/52306974720000+(72072/5)*b11+(3003/20)*b33-(858/5)*b1818+2002*b22, 0 < -302968656462848461/125536739328000+(1001/20)*b33-(1001/10)*b1818+5005*b11+(1365/2)*b22, 0 < -94060277895192911/627683696640000+(91/20)*b33+273*b11-(7/10)*b1818+(91/2)*b22, 0 < -3219528868317343/14944849920000+468*b11+(91/20)*b33-(91/5)*b1818+63*b22, 0 < -1167616840098623/627683696640000+(7/10)*b22+(1/20)*b33+(21/4)*b11-(7/10)*b1818, 0 < 6620337745005653/9510359040000+(91/20)*b1818-(91/5)*b33-(6552/5)*b11-(819/4)*b22, 0 < 10321214321183681/627683696640000-(21/4)*b22-(7/10)*b33-28*b11+(1/20)*b1818, 0 < 19939504442621873/627683696640000-(7/10)*b33-(39/4)*b22-(364/5)*b11+(91/20)*b1818, 0 < 21128314477665001/24141680640000-(91/5)*b33-1848*b11+(1001/20)*b1818-(1001/4)*b22, 0 < 30458564958023749/6340239360000-(1001/10)*b33+(3003/20)*b1818-9828*b11-(27027/20)*b22, 0 < 78768022311702133/17933819904000-(1001/10)*b33-8580*b11+(1001/20)*b1818-(5005/4)*b22, 0 < 418747163878248241/52306974720000-(858/5)*b33+(3003/20)*b1818-16016*b11-(9009/4)*b22}, [b11, b22, b33, b1818])

I am sorry for the writing style but I do not know how to write the command in MAPLE-style in this forum:-)

The first 4 inequalities shall ensure that all four variables b11, b22, b33, b1818 are positive. When entering the command i get the following error:

Can anybody help me please?:-)

Best regards,


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