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Dear sirs/madams,

I tried to use my MAPLE in a MacBook with a quiet large screen...however I see the letter sizes of my Maple16 very small (the same wiht the font size on input and ouput sheets..and everywhere)..

Is there some way to "see larger and bigger"?

Thanks for your attention,



I was asked to transform (x+y)^2+(1)/x+y into ((x+y)^3+1)/x+y, I have tried nomer/denom, but i don't how to factorise the nomer bit into (x+y)^3+1 because maple factorise it differently by default. therefore, it would be grateful if anyone can help me with this...please?

How do I define a function from a graph in a plot? 

Or how do I find the intersection between two lines? I have to find the intersection of 2 lines in a graph, while one of these lines consists of 2 different equations dependent from the same variable. 


Thanks in advance. 

I am trying to sort a list of symbolic values:

v := [x, 1/3-(1/3)*x] 

However, Maple can't do it because of the assumptions. Is there a function I can pass to sort() that would sort such a list correctly? I thought that sort(v, (a,b)->is(a>=b)) would work because it takes into consideration values which are equal to each other, but it doesn't - I get [1/3-(1/3)*x~, x~] no matter what ordering function I use.

Thank you.

I have a variable with some assumptions: assume(0<=W<=1).

Now, when I make a list and sort it, everything goes fine:

k := [W, (1/3)*W, (1/3)*W, (1/3)*W]:
sort(k, (a,b)->is(a>b))

I get [(1/3)W, (1/3)W, (1/3)W, W] as expected.

Now I try this:

k:= Vector[column]([W, (1/3)*W, (1/3)*W, (1/3)*W]) 
sort(k, (a,b)->is(a>b))

And Maple gets stuck on this computation. I have tried on both Windows and Linux, on several different computers.

Hello everyone,

I have a system of PDEs






Hi, I need some help with my code. I got the code that you can see below:

> with(DEtools);

> with(plots);


> cc := Array(["Blue", "Red", "DarkGoldenrod", "Black", "LimeGreen", "DarkMagenta", "Indigo"]);

> ll := Array(...

plote3Din Maple...

October 17 2013 MOSO1401 10


 I couldn't make plot3d in my Maple code please see the file I attached it and let me know any idea how can I make plot it in 3D



I'm trying to sort a list of symbols respecting some assumptions I have made about them. For example, I'd like to assume that 0<x<1, and I would like [x, x^2, x^3] to be sorted into [x^3, x^2, x]. How would I accomplish that? Making an assumption with assume() does not affect anything, as the sort() function does not seem to be actually comparing the values of symbols (only numeric values). Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you. 

MapleProc help...

October 14 2013 MOSO1401 10

I have here Maple proc, but it doesn't work. I am try to solve this equation 
pde := diff(u(t, x), t, t)-(diff(u(t, x), x, x))+x^2*u(t, x);

with 3 piont known , we have 

please see the file I attached here

Thank you

Hello everyone,

I saw a question on a different forum related to the stability of the numerical solution of a coupled ode system. The original question was about the convergence of the far field condition (infinity) for some specific values of the different parameters involved.  For the details please see the link below



 I wish to solve nonlinear PDE equation numerically  in u & v coordinate . where u=t-x, v=t+x . we note x=(v-u)/2.. 

pde := diff(u(t,x),t,t) - diff(u(t,x),x,x) + x^2*u(t,x);  


 We need only initial condition let f(u)=sech(u) & g(v)=sech(v). So u((i,0)=f(ih), u(0,j)=g(jh) 

we summe step size of time j =  step size of spatial i .

the stencil we use , 

about "is" command...

October 08 2013 sakhan 45

In my maple 16 the following is returning FAIL. Why ? and what is the correct way to do the following.






Unable to compute series...

October 07 2013 acdah 10




Please help?


I tried this on maple:

eps1 := [0, 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 1]:
start1 := 2.3:
base1 := 1.1:
for i from 1 to 6 do
R := start1*base1**0:
points1[i] := [R, evalf(eval(mH, {M=1, r=R, epsilon = eps1[i]}))]:
for a from 1 to 20 do
R := start1*base1**a:
points1[i] := points1[i], [R, evalf(eval(mH, {M=1, r=R, epsilon = eps1[i]}))]:...

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