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I have modeled a 3DOF manipulator with crank-arm type actuators in maplesim!!!

It simulates the model... but when I "Create Attachement>Equations" and when I click on "load selected subsystem"... it starts evaluating but never gives me equation... I have waited for almost 2 hours but no luck!!!!

Any idea what should I do to get equations for this model??? 


P.s. I have attached the moel!!!

I have a PWM signal in MapleSim and want to have a spectrum analysis of it. The time domain signal should be transfomed into a frequency domain signal, to get the harmonics of this signal.

My first intention was to bring the MapleSim signal to Maple (Attachment->Worksheet->LinkModel->Simulate). Then I had a 2x1000 Matrix which i want to transform with a FFT. My problem is that it doesn´t work. How can I get a spectrum plot of this Matrix or function?

MapleSim 6.1 is here...

April 17 2013 eithne 850 MapleSim

MapleSim 6.1 is now available.  MapleSim 6.1 provides improved performance, more tools for programmatic analysis and custom components, connectivity enhancements, and more.  Here’s a sampling:

  • For all models, the model pre-processing phase is more efficient, so your simulation results appear sooner.
  • New API commands make it easier to analyze the parameters in your model programmatically. These commands can take advantage of the full...


I have a model in MapleSim for which I've generated the optimized C code using the connector toolbox, and I'd like to work with it directly. I was wondering if there is any documentation or examples of how to do this? I haven't been able to find any online.



A right click on the visualization CAD geometry icon, attaching an STL file, activates a pop up list of options. One of the options is "make rigidbody". The units are for the MKS system. I must be doing...


Can I have an example of inverse dynamics?


Thank you,

matlab to maple...

March 10 2013 dalindaz 10


i want to rewrite the following matlab code to maple13



this is a piece of program


Qui peut m'éxpliquer l'algorithme de division d'un polynôme P(X,Y) sur un polynôme Q(x,y) ?

Avec mes plus vifs remmerciements,
Raymond Gérard.



Hello everybody,

I' m trying to run completely The optmization template from a batch file (.bat) and wonder how to :

  1.  Make the buttons working automatically.
  2.  What  command should be used in a batch file to execute utterly a maple program
  3. What kind of script file can be perfect for Matlab / Maple.

The point is to run in parallel Matlab and Maple, using a script file(.bat) or another external script format.

As'salam u Alaikum / Hello!!


I want to add a revolute joint but i want the axis of revolution not to be aligned with base axis system (as maplesim only allows revoution about any of the bas axis-9 possibilities). The revolution should be about an axis which is at an angle from x-axis. How do I do it??


Moreover I will be very happy if you can share video tutorials of complicated cad models.



Is it possible for someone to provide the roller coaster maplesim model?


I have made a costum component and when i simulate i get results but i get a message saying defunct_override_warning

What does it means? Why do i get this error?




I am trying to perform a simple model of the entrainment of air in a jet by aplying energy emand momentum balances to the injector and flute. But i am having doubts on how to prescribe pressure on a point. This is the equations of the component Injector:

In the component porti...

Hi, i´m trying to understand how does maplesim simulate a model with differential equatyions and on maplesim help i found this:


"Numeric Integration and Event Handling

During numeric solving (or "integration"), inequality conditions that are part of the model
are monitored and an event is triggered when one or more of these conditions change.
Whenever such an event is encountered, the numeric solver is stopped and the simulation

I have a model with 3 parameter blocks containing a lot of constants. I would like to know how can i print those lists to papper, .pdf, word or something like that.


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