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I have made a model in classic maple of a mechanical system. But, as this model is a a model of a kinematic closed system, it leads to DAEs equations. Consequently, i need to use specific tool to solve my DAEs.

I know that MapleSim can solve this kind of problem.

So is it possible to use numeric solver used in MapleSim in classic Maple to solve my DAE equations ?

How can i do to call this solver from classic Maple ?

Thank you for help.


I have used classic Maple for some years but it's the first time, i use MapleSim.

So, i wanted to simulate a model given in the tutorials : the 2DRigidSliderCrank.

I launch the simulation but i receive this error message: 

Do you know what is the matter with this code ?

What do i need to add to be able to simulate this model ?


Hello, everyone, I have written 13 equations, and some of them contain 88 items at least, so they are complicated. When I have executed the program and estalished input and output ports, I click the button "Generate MapleSim Component", it takes a while for running, but there is no MapleSim Component generated in the GUI interface, strangely, no error information appears at the same time, I cann't figure out what's wrong with it? Could someone help me out? Thank you. This mw file is attached.


I need to model the MapleSim ground as a hard ground. For example when the robot swing leg hits the ground, it should not have negative vertical position. Basically, the robot will move on a surface.


Hello all,


as in title I have trouble with exporting simulation result data in MapleSim.

Storing the result works fine, but the problem occurs when it comes to exporting (and viewing the result again).

The console says

"at offset 67895293 in `C:\Users\YUKIHI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\_result2_68856801825556689291274099867619489771.m`, unexpected end of file "


the simulation settings are as follows.

td : 2 ms

How would i go about integrating



I know it has to do something with arc tan but it doesnt match up completely what would I be able to do?


I'd like to change the font size in my MapleSim plots, especially when I resize the plot to take up the whole screen.  I know how to set the line thickness of the plot lines, but I can't seem to find an option for setting the font size in the legends, titles and axes.

Also, is there a way to change the default font and line width?  





Hello all,


I created an active high pass filter and tried to obtain bode plot from "Linear System Analysis."

I could do that but now I want a transfer function of the active hight pass filter.


So as in title, I want to know how to get transfer function of the system from "Linear System Analysis."


Any helps would be appriciated.


In MapleSim, it is possible to constrain a rigid body in a multibody system to an arbitrary constraint? 

Similarly to how a mass at the end of a simple pendulum can only move along a circle defined by the length of the pendulum, I was hoping to constrain one to a shape like an ellipse or sine wave.  I could then give it initial velocities and see how it would move along the shape over time.

I'd like to be able to define this constraint with an equation. ...

im interested to know if there are developed MapleSim examples of water level control in a tank

Some errors in MapleSim Tutorials! While I was working with MapleSim tutorials, I have encountered some problems that the results did not match the answer. I have uploaded the files, that I have worked on, in a zip file to this address ( The problems are as follows:

1. Based on video tutorial on this page (

I have been trying to figure out how to use the flexible beam properly. I'm looking for a clear example on how to actually use this component. I have had no luck so far. I must be be missing something. 


The current example,, does not really show much. 


Does someone have a simple example? Perhaps using the Flexible Beam as a cantilever, with one end fixed...


I've been working on interacting with the MapleSim optimized C code (first post was here: and two manuals were recommend to me to read, which were very useful. I ended up writing up an alternate implementation of the main method described in the one manual (http://www.mapleprimes...


I've been trying to manipulate the equations of a mechanism that I've exported from MapleSIM.  The system equations contain 4 differential ordinary equations, and 6 algebraic equations.  In MapleSIM it simulates fine, but I'm having problems simulating it in maple alone (without multibody exports).

I've tried solving the initial value problem by replacing all the time dependant variables with constants, (and as this is a dynamics problem) I supplied...



I'm importing some other modelica models from other softwares (like open-modelica and dymola) inside maplesim. I can work in a full compatible code, except for the lookup table. Some of the models I'm importing as a library uses the standard lookup tables (not the ones given by maplesim) - I tried to run those standard lookup tables (from the modelica library) in maplesim, but it does not work.


Is there a way to solve...

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