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I want to optimal control, i.e. determine command which minimize an onjective function.

So I want know how I can use the Maple function "optimization[NLPSolve]" in a custom block of Maplesim ?

(I do that in Matlab with "fminsearch" and a Matlab function block but I don't manage to do it with maplesim)


It's a very easy question but i don't find for the moment.

I want to measure an angle in a revolute joint. For that purpose, i use a probe to measure the angle. The angle is measured in rad. How can i do to change in deg ?

Thank you for your help.

Hello everyone!  

I am very new to the maplesoft community but am very impressed with everything I have learned in the last few days.  I'm having an issue using force probes on a double wishbone suspension that I'm hoping someone can help me with.  I am trying to measure the forces in each link to gather quantitative solutions for the forces at the chassis connection points.  However, I keep getting one of the links measuring no value at all.  The...

We have just released the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon, a new add-on component library for advanced hydraulics modeling.  The result of a technology partnership with Modelon, the renowned developer of high-quality Modelica libraries, the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon allows you to:

  • Seamlessly combine hydraulic subsystems and components with other domains in a single modeling environment
    • Choose from over 150 components...


I need to model universal joint and spherical joint with spring elements.

Contrary to the revolute joint where there is an option to put spring element, i don't find this option in the universal joint and the spherical joint. So is there a simple solution to model spring in this kind of joint.

I hope that i shouln't have to build the joint with several revolute joint in serial.

Thank you for your help.


I have a little question concerning the definition of the rotation matrix in the rigid body frame.

The rotation matrix is defined like that in the help menu : "The rotation matrix that transforms a vector expressed in the outboard frame to the inboard frame".

Consequently, we have :


I would like to define my model with symbolic parameters. Consequently, i have to define the symbolic parameters and theirs values in main folder.

To illustrate, i define my parameters a1, a2 like this.

After, i need to define a frame by using the parameter a1. This frame is define like this :


I'm new to maple and maplesim and I'm trying to model a 6 DOF manipulator (IRB 140); derive its forward and inverse kinematics and control it.

I modeled the manipulator in maplesim and attached the CAD files, but I don't know how to derive the inverse kinematics!

I tried to define the end effector position and orientation symbolicly, by putting sympolics in end effector output frame an defining default values for them to use them...


In multibodies system, there exists many kind of coordinates namely joint (or relative) coordinates and absolute coordinates. Moreover, for the joint (or relative) coordinates, it is possible to choose strict, simplified, or complete coordinates.

For the moment, i only find in the tutorials system modeled with complete joint (or relative) coordinates. I will give the example of a 4 bars mechanism. The kinematic scheme with this complete joint coordinates is the following :

MapleSim already developed a Template for Linearization.

The code behind "Linearize" button in the Linearization template is as follows:


The results, namely A,B,C,D matrices in the state-space presentation, are shown in the text area "mcEqs".

How can I save these matrices to some variables for further analysis?

In addition, without the linearization template, 

Hi everybody,

Like the title said, I have a DC circuit (*.msim attach here).  In two differents ways, I find the current in R3 to be equal to -1A (*.mw attach here).  The M17 file is in french but the equations speak for themselfs.  Can someone help me to sort this problem out.


Thank you in advance for your help.


I'm interesting to model with MapleSim a system with absolute coordinates. Indeed, i would like to compare my analytical results i have found with the symbolic equations i can generate with MapleSim and the model i have built was made with absolute coordinates.

So, is it possible to model a multi body sytem with absolute coordinates instead relative coordinates ?

For the moment, i have found any model (or tutorial) with absolute coordinates ?...


I have made a model in classic maple of a mechanical system. But, as this model is a a model of a kinematic closed system, it leads to DAEs equations. Consequently, i need to use specific tool to solve my DAEs.

I know that MapleSim can solve this kind of problem.

So is it possible to use numeric solver used in MapleSim in classic Maple to solve my DAE equations ?

How can i do to call this solver from classic Maple ?

Thank you for help.


I have used classic Maple for some years but it's the first time, i use MapleSim.

So, i wanted to simulate a model given in the tutorials : the 2DRigidSliderCrank.

I launch the simulation but i receive this error message: 

Do you know what is the matter with this code ?

What do i need to add to be able to simulate this model ?


Hello, everyone, I have written 13 equations, and some of them contain 88 items at least, so they are complicated. When I have executed the program and estalished input and output ports, I click the button "Generate MapleSim Component", it takes a while for running, but there is no MapleSim Component generated in the GUI interface, strangely, no error information appears at the same time, I cann't figure out what's wrong with it? Could someone help me out? Thank you. This mw file is attached.

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