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As far as I know -- knowledge gleaned from various past mapleprimes posts I was able to read on the matter -- the recommended way to produce animated gifs is (1) to produce the animation within maple, (2) to save the relevant part of the worksheet as html, and (3) to retrieve the gif that the conversion produces (located in a folder typically named 'images' and that is attached to the html file created by conversion). It is then recommended to use other software to modify the gif -- my interest here was in selecting the number of frames per second.

How to achieve this problem of not seeing the text in  quick help?

quick help window

I have a polynomial in powers of R where a_n are coefficients


I am trying to write R in powers of A.

So if n=3 we have



matrix to excel...

December 10 2008 mjason 249

Is it possible to take the values from a matrix in maple into a spreadsheet in microsoft excel?

if so how do i do this?


I want to make a 3D plot with a logarithmic scale (specifically I want the Z-axis to be logarithmic, but I'm sure later I will want the ability to make any axis logarithmic).  How can I do this with Maple?  I've searched the net extensively but could only find one example of this, which was a maple application someone wrote over 7 years ago.  Needless to say this mpl file does not work with Maple.

pls solve this

Question says: Start with the square [0,1] x [0,1] and remove the middle square [1/3,2/3] x [1/3,2/3]. Divide the part of the original square that remains into 8 congruent squares each have side of length 1/3:

[0,1/3] x [0,1/3];   [0,1/3] x [1/3,2/3];   [0,1/3] x [2/3,1];    [1/3,2/3] x [2/3,1];   [2/3,1] x [2/3,1];    [2/3,1] x [1/3,2/3];   [2/3,1] x [0,1/3];  [1/3,2/3] x [0,1/3]

Could anyone help me on how to find a median of a triangle on maple? the questions is asking for a triangle ABC , write a maple procedure which has vertices A,B, C as input and which has a out of the point P (centroid) and a plot of the triangle with the three medians.

Use Maple to calculate the volume inside both the sphere x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 4 and the cylinder (x-2)^2 + y^2 = 1.  Plot both surfaces on the same graph.

I need help! I have no idea how to do this on Maple!!

Could help

I want to draw the Figures 9 and 4 of the following number 345792. There is a command to do this?

This forum is the place for you to post all of your MapleSim questions.

Why does the second plot at the following link look odd?


I have a simple function as written below and I want to compute the partial derivative of it against an element u[k] in a vector variable u. I intentionally left k unspecified because it is not a set number and I don't really want to put it there to generate a bunch of specific output. But when I run it in Maple 12, it gives me the wrong result (sum((x-a[k])*(y-b[k]),k) instead of the correct result (x-a[k])*(y-b[k]).



If anyone could help me out with these that would be great, thanks!


Array help...

December 08 2008 Deadstar 192

Hi folks, i'm ttrying to create an nxn array with n going as high as possibly 1000 to test the speed of a procedure i wrote.

Problem is, each row in the array has to have the numbers 1 to n arranged in a random order, with no number repeated.

Is there anyway to do this? Preferably using the Array command (think thats different from array...).



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