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how is possible to join dots in a scatter plot after plotting, and make a line from a dotted plot?

I want to generate values which have a N(0,1) distribution (and also some which have a N(0,1/2)+I*N(0,1/2))

I have found the RandomVariable(Normal(0,1)) command but this just tells me things like _R44 and I need the numerical value.

Please can you help? (with both distribution cases)

f := (k-1)^(p-1)/k; p := 1.99; maximize(f, k = 2 .. infinity, location); this is the problem... and it's working fine... but.. how do i make k take on only integer values?

How do I change the size of a plot? For instance, how do I make a plot fill an entire page?

I am trying to replicate the Parrondo paradox which can be found for example here  and

Why does the binary entropy function have the form   H := -p*log(p)-(1-p)*log(1-p);
Why does not the maximum occur when H=1 and p=0.5 ?

H := -p*log(p)-(1-p)*log(1-p);
plot(H, p = 0 .. 1);


> x := [1, 5, 3, 7];
                                  [1, 5, 3, 7]
> y := sort(x);
                                  [1, 3, 5, 7]

Hi, I have a set of equations and I want to express them into a list. L:=[]; for i from 1 to 2 do a[i]=b[i]+c[i]; L:=[op(L),'a[i]'=a[i]]; end do the result is: [a[i]=b[1]+c[1],a[i]=b[2]+c[2]]; But what I want is: [a[1]=b[1]+c[1],a[2]=b[2]+c[2]]; Is there any way to implement it? thanks Gepo

I have written a procedure in which I create a matrix and then manipulate (change) the matrix until certain conditions are met (a while loop).  I would like to know when an iteration of my loop does not make any changes to my matrix (but the stopping conditions are not yet met) so that I do not enter into an infinite loop.

I have only found rand() which gives me integer values and I need to generate (a lot of)  random rational numbers.

The boundary (0,2) doesn't really matter but I do need the numbers to at least go up to 2. Else any rational will do.


Here is what I would like to do:

for i from 1 to m

  A[i] = plot(...)

end do

Now, how do I plot this array A of plots?

Thank you,


Download 16210_stabilityinterfconvet.mws
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I want to find the limit of the expression (see maple sheet) using l'hopital's rule as sigma approches to zero.

Please help me out.



Maple produces a very long answer which I can see on the monitor, but on the printer it is truncated.

Is there a way somehow wrapping the too long lines?




How can I know which component is embedded in another one when I calculate PrimeDecomposition.

In this file which is attached I know <y> is embedded in <x,y> but how can I ask this from maple?

Which Maple command can helps me to know one component by PrimeDecomposition is embedded in another one.

File is attached here.



I have a system of polynomial which I like to know its primedecomposition but it can not be done in maple even after one day.
They system is J in attahcned file here .

They system is not that much big why primedecomposition can not be calculated in maple even after one day.

How can I calculate its primedecomposition of this J in Maple in resonable amount of time?
What should I do? I need to know K1.


Thanks so much,

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