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I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but why if I assume


I can't use this information as a bolean test for an if cycle?


if a >0 then a end if;
Error, cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0 < a

Thank for any hints


Dear Maple Users

I am trying to minimize a cost function C subject to conditions t1>0 , t2>0 and t1< t2 by using maple 10

First of all, let me apologize if this is not the correct place to post this, I couldn't find any place for technical help requests.. So I just installed Maple 13. I used to have version 12 already installed. From the moment I installed 13, I had problems running both versions. I guess I shouldn't install them both together. So I deleted the installation folders (/opt/maple12 and /opt/maple13) as well as any configuration files (~/.maple). I couldn't find anything else containing the word
(Using Maple 13.01) When performing a symbolic complex integration where the integral will have two (or more) distinct values depending on a parameter in the function maple sometimes return the correct indication of branches and for more complicated expressions the integration only gives the result of one branch (not indicating the different possibilities) A trivial example to help explain my question/thought f(z) = 1/(z+2) Path of integration, |z+1|=r, this means that for |r| <> 1 the integral will simply be 2*Pi*i

Happy New Year Maple Comminity,

Attached is a file I'm working on. I have created two sub-programs called BEven and BOdd, and my goal is to call this two program inside another program called Ym. I do not no if I have do this correctly, I have also pasted the equtaions I was tring to solve.

Would anybody please help me, to see if I have coded the equations correctly. If not please help.



How to solve?...

January 17 2010 kh2n 215

I want to solve the following equationg for beta assuming SteL<0, SteV<0, h>0, R1>0, beta>0


Can any one help me out?

I want to get data from implicit plot.

How can i do it.

The case which i am considering is

Pi^(1/2)*beta = 1.878297101/exp(20.00000001*beta^2)/erf(4.472135956*beta)-2.100000000*R1/exp(beta^2/R1^2)/erfc(beta/R1);

implicitplot(A, R1=0..1, beta=0..1);

I want to get the data fron this plot.

Can any one help me??




i'd like to know why Maple can't solve this equation:


What the best way to follow Maple's reasoning here when it tries to solve this, there are a few commands like trace and showstat, but they don't give much info to me. Is there a blog or guide where someone shares his experience in debugging ? 



I'm trying to implement bogosort procedure and don't really have any idea where to start from. I know that its a method used by randomly putting a list back in order. Ive programmed bubble and cocktail but dont really understand how i would could a random sort.

Any help would be greatfull!!


Is there a way to plot POINTS in plot3d?  POINTS is described in the PLOT and PLOT3D Data Structures help section.

I have made it work in a 2d plots, but I want to plot points in 3d (a sort of 3d scatter plot).   In the Structures help section it says that the POINT structure is used to define a set of points in 2 or 3 space (if a z value is also supplied).

In the plot3d/options help it makes reference to defining symbols for ploting points.  But I can't figure out or find any examples of how it is done. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Finding Minimum...

January 17 2010 poorman 40

Hi, I have a list L:= { [ a, 34], [ b, 45]....}. how would I find the lowest value in this list? I am looking for a method besides just using the code min ( L[ ] )

How do I Read a file into maple.  I searched mapleprimes but it appears to be obscure topic. 

I keep getting Error, invalid terms in product.  I've tried backslash for the path name and forward slash for the pathname.  How would I read a textfile for example if it's a file on the F drive under the folder name Jan2010?

f(x) = 4*cos(x)-exp(x)

g := proc (x) options operator, arrow; x-(4*cos(x)-exp(x))/(-4*sin(x)-exp(x)) end proc

tot := 1.3

for i while i < 10 do tot := subs(x = tot, g(x)), print(%) end do:tot

I am not quite confortable with Maple.
Is some body able to help me in calculating the discrete Fourier transform of  a 2-dimensional matrix and performing its corresponding 3-dimensional plot? For the moment, I am using Maple 11.
Thank you in advance


remove water mark......

January 16 2010 Euclid 693

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