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Hi to everybody. Im trying to use "solve" to find the coefficient that solve a set of equations(a set of polynomials).

> restart;
> with(linalg):
> with(codegen):
> M:=3;
> np:=(M+1)*(M+2)/2;  

I can not manage to figure out how to shade specfic regions under a normal curve. For example:

with(Statistics): X:=RandomVariable(Normal(0,1)): DensityPlot(X, range= -3..3)

I want to shade a region greater than or less than some X value.

Similarly, I would like to add a vertical line for some X value.



Rob White



Hi Everybody: I've a question about "convolution". How can I afford the convolution of different scaled functions?... In Example: F (2*X/T) in convolution with G ( X/T ) ? Is this equals to : Int ( F(2*w/T) * G((X-w)/T), w=-infinity.. infinity)? Am I wrong?... The particular problem is : Convolution of ( T*Triangle(2*X/T) ) with ( shah( X/T ) ), with Shah (x) = Sum( Dirac (x-n), n= - infinity.. infinity). Thanks for helping!
Hi there, I'm trying to plot a piecewise function. The problem is, the individual pieces are evaluated separately and maple seems to evaluate the numbers into square brackets.. As a result maple can't plot these, it can however plot it if I substitute the evaluated numbers and delete the brackets. Here's and example: > P := S[0]*(d+x)/(d-p); gives 10*([23/2]+x)/[8] and when I try either plot(p,x); or plot((10*([23/2]+x)/[8]),x) it fails however it can plot((10*(23/2+x)/8),x) any help would be awesome! thanks in advance

Hi I am trying to integrate the product of two matrices.  The independent variable is "x" and the constant is "L".  The two matrices are H and B.  I would like to integrate the two matrices on the x-domain from x= 0 to L.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Also I am new to Maple.  Is there a good beginner's book that would cover topics like matrix integration?  Thanks-Tom

H= [1, x, x^2, x^3]          (1x4 matrix)

Hi, would appreciate some help. Is there any command in Maple that would hep check general SARIMA equations? for instance, if we take the following model (0,1,0)*(1,1,1)_5, then the general SARIMA equation will be: (1 - K)*(1-K^5)*X_t = (1 + B*K)*(1+B*(K^5))*Z_t i.e. X_t - X_(t-1) - X_(t-5) + X_(t-6) = Z_t + B*Z_(t-1) + B*Z_(t-5)+ B*Z_(t-6) Is there any option in Maple that would allow me to check if this equation is correct? many thanx.


I have 4 points in 2D and I want to plot them with different colors:

This works in Maple 12:


And I want to connect each other with line segments:

But this doesn't work:


Error, (in plots/pointplot) number of colors must match number of points


I am trying to use the following command


The answer that I am getting is 5/61

how can I get the answer in numerical form.

For example 5/6 would be 0.082 if I round up the answer.

Using the calculator I get


After I round up, I get 0.082

Take care


How do I multiply Combitronics, using Maple

For example


I want to multiply 7 Choose 6 with 5 Choose 3

If use I use the calculator I get

7C6 = 7

5C3 = 10

= 70

Take care

Hi, my procedure takes about 163 sec to calculate the list. Are there ways to accelerate this (except lowering the amount of points) ? Does my 4 core processor have an advantage here ?

f := rsolve({s(1) =0.3, s(n+1) = a*s(n)*(1-s(n))}, s, makeproc):
g := (n, i) -> eval(f(n), a = i):
t := time(): L := [seq(seq([i, g(k, (1/320)*i)], i = 800 .. 1280), k = 200 .. 300)]: time()-t;

#leave the plot out if you want

I have to create a procedure that decodes an encoded message using a 2x2 matrix and a row vector.  (Alphanumeric is a 95 character string)

So far I have A:=Matrix(2, 2, [[17,22], [4, 53]]); B:=Vector[row]([19,82]); as my two matricies, and have writtten this as my proc:


This a sample program that I wrote which is supposed to test a function that I wrote "proj" to project a function onto a basis.  In particular, in this example I use a Fourier mode.  When I project a function which is a sum of two terms I get an incorrect answer.  When I project each term I get the correct answer.

Any ideas why this yielding an inconsistent result?  Also, if maple has it's own version of proj that is more stable I'm happy to use that.

For a given galois field, suppose there is such a polynomial function mapping from GF(q) to GF(q):
I can use x^q-x=0 to "reduce" it to such the following form:

now, the problem is whether this is the only method (x^q-x=0) to reduce a polynomial function mapping from GF(q) to GF(q)?

Thanks a lot.

Maple and Solidworks...

March 20 2009 Oliver K 1116
0 7

Hi, what are possible ways to exchange data between Maple and solidworks ? Assume i have a Matrix -created in Maple- that contains 3d data for a CAD model. Is it possible to pass this data to solidworks ?



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