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Hello all,

I have an ODE system called RedSys which is below and incons1 which is its initial condition.

When I want to solve this system by dsolve numeric with this command:

dsolve((convert(RedSys, set)union incons1), numeric, implicit = true);

I face an error which says :

system should be linear in leading derivative. However when check I do not see any non linearity.

could you please let me know what should I do to solve this system by dsolve/numeric?

Thanks so much,



I have a problem with the fact that maple not always knows the difference between pi and -pi. Try for example these three lines:

> evalf((-5-2*I)*(exp(-(.999999999*I)*Pi))^(1/2-0.8e-1*I)); 

> evalf((-5-2*I)*(exp(-I*Pi))^(1/2-0.8e-1*I));

> evalf((-5-2*I)*(exp(I*Pi))^(1/2-0.8e-1*I));

They have significantly different results where the line with the exp( - I*Pi) is interpreted as exp(I*Pi).

Is there anyway to avoid this?

I use maple 13

Thanks in advance

Best regards

In a Maplet, how do I access an expression entered into a MathMLEditor to use as a Maple expression (to plot, evaluate, simplify etc.)?

Hi.  I want to plot the function U in terms of x and y,

U :=2*diff(p(x,t),x)*diff(q(y,t),y)/(p(x,t) + q(y,t) + a[0])^2;


I would appreciate if anyone could solve this problem. (please see attached pdf or mw file )
The error messages is:  Error, (in ExecuteQuery) unknown API type  (I am trying to access data from a SQL server)

Download 8342_Maple is being Stupid.pdf
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I used the solve command to solve for the unknown b , i do have the solution listed in the book...but when i try to solve it as follows


since maple takes values in radians(10 deg)

i get the message as "solutions may have been lost"

Am i doing anything wrong ?


This one is rather simple. Anyway I do not get the right way to do it.

I´d like to redefine showassumed and set it to zero.

Can anyone give me an example how to do it?


I tried the following:

X1 := RandomVariable(Binomial(n, p)):
DARA := t->piecewise(0<t,log(t),0):

0 < n, n::posint, 0 <= p, p <= 1:

g1 := simplify(%) = DARA(s);
k1 := solve(g1, s);


Does anyone know, why or when to use the assume command as opposed to just defining the assumptions?


instead of typing:

assume(0 < sigma);

i could just write:

0 < sigma;


I did the following:

HARA := t->(alpha+delta*t)^(1-(beta)/(delta)):
0 < (beta)/(delta), (beta)/(delta) < 1:
0 < (alpha+delta*t);

Now Maple prints the last assumption like:

0 < alpha*t

thus assuming that delta must equal 1.




Thanks for helping.


I am new to Maplet programming and came across this problem while looking trying to build a simple application. Running the code results in: "Error, (in Maplets:-Tools:-CleanUp:-SetOption) the target `("REF")("enabled")` refers to a non-existant element" I am at a loss for why this is the case. From what I read, I am doing this right, but if anyone can see the problem... I would appreciate the help.
I am not able to use colors flexibly in contourplot3d. So, I am trying another way to get my plot. But I am not exactly getting my result. This is what I am trying to do. I need help with these three steps. 1) For Latitude from -10 degrees to 10 degrees and longitude from -30 degrees to 30 degrees, I need to calculate aa:=1.4*cos(latitude)-2*sin(longitude). 2)The above value of 'aa' gives color. (eg. if aa<><><>3 color= red etc) 3) Then plot this point with color from step 2 at (x,y) given by

not being used to work with Maple, I cannot figure out how to solve the following problem.

I want to verify if the positive semidefiniteness of a given 20x20 matrix A (depending on 10 real variables x_1, ..., x_10) implies the positive semidefiniteness of another 4x4 matrix B (depending on the same 10 variables). The entries of each matrix are linear in the given variables, at most depending on 3 variables. The 20x20 matrix is rather sparse.

What I tried is the following:

Hello, In maple, I am defining a differential equation similar to: (x^2)*diff(y(x), x$2)+x*diff(y(x),x)= a cubic in y(x). When I try to solve this using dsolve, numeric, I receive some form of memory error, stating that something small*I cannot be stored in datatype = float[8]. Sorry this isn't too specific - if you need more info or the boundary conditions, or perhaps the error message word-for-word, I'll reply with it when I get to my other laptop. Thank you very much for your help in advance, Marc
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