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what is the command to find the rank of a polynomial?

actually i do not know the definition of rank of polynomial

i guess rank of x*y = 2 rank of x^3*z^2 = 5

i guess rank of  x*y+ x^3*z^2 is the maximum of above ranks, so it is 5

if i am wrong, please tell me, as i can not find in google, and there is no definition in my book

i calculate a polynomial as following

yn := f(x) = _C1*hypergeom([-(1/2)*n, 3/2+(1/2)*n], [1/2], x^2)+_C2*hypergeom([2+(1/2)*n, 1/2-(1/2)*n], [3/2], x^2)*x


want to get the polynomial with degree n  for  summation_n_from_0_to_infinity y_n*z^n/n!

such as n = 1 n = 0 n = 3, but above yn is hypergeom, is n represent degree, if so, i use subs, then is finished, if not, how to get polynomial with degree n?

u = -1/2*ln(-2*t*x+x^2+1)/x;

what is command to find x in terms of u of above formula? i.e. x = u^2+u+1


How can we use  the variation of constants formula to solve the IVP

Hi. I have a system of PDEs. How do I plot its solutions?

I want to calculae the value of "Z" shape strip resistor like below. One end is AB and the other is FG,the thickness is t.
I want to use the Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping for this problem,"Z" shape to rectangle.
I have already find the map from rectangle to half plane,exp function.
But I can't find the analytic form relation from half plane to the "Z" shape.
Can you help me,please?
Thank you in advance.


How can I tell Maple to compute the product of tow symbolic matrices

A:=Matrix(2, [[a,b],[c,d]]);
B:=Matrix(2, [[e,f],[g,h]]);


to have C:=([ae+bg, af+bh],[...])


I have a sample waveform of an air conditioner and want to see if any low frequencies (10 Hz which is harmful to human health) exist in the wave.  How can I do that?


Granted the frequencies picked up in the recorded file depend on the quality of the recording and the recorder and lower frequencies may not have been picked up. 


I've looked at

Hi im somehow not able to export my worksheet into a word document, as the rtf format doesnt seem to be available on the maple 15 mac version. converting into html is possible but not satisfying. i really need help here.

thanks a lot !!!!


What is the distance between the trigonometrical polynomials of the form a0/2+a1*cos(Pi*x)+b1*sin(Pi*x) and the polynomials of  degree at most 1, ie c0+c1*x, in the Chebyshev metrics on the interval [-1,1] and in the L^2 metrics on the same interval?

i want '*' to keep doing exactly what it already does. for example, x*x*x*x is still x^4.

but furthermore, i want to be able to somehow redefine(define in addition) '*' as follows:


redefine('*', a*b=1,b*a=-1);

basically, for protected letters a and b, maple...

How can I plot f(x,y)=(cos(x^2+y^2))^1/2 whithout knowing the domain?

And then having Maple to find the domain and plot it?



I have a package, a zip file, written by someone, it consists three files, as seen below



what this package, let's call it helloworld, offers is the following:

all i need to do is extract those three files shown (hdb, ind, lib) into C:\Program Files (x86)\Maple 12\lib

then once i type with(helloworld):

1, it modifies the...

I wish to view the complete internal workings of the code (specifically the SHA code created by Joe Riel)

I tried  ...

print(SHA)  #appears to show a limited amount of code

showstat(SHA)  #shows some code but it's not complete

march('list',"c:\\testlib\\SHA.mla")   # not exactly what I thought it would list

How do I view the code? 




i want to solve following equation




with these condition






please help me


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