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Dear Sir/Madam:

I have the following simultaneous equations to get the 4 unknow variables
by maple engine. However, the maple did not give me anything. Actually,
the exact solutions exist in the educational text. Now, I am trying to get them
on maple. Why it does not work at all?
Please let me know how to do.

Thanks in advance.

eq1:=A2*t2*exp(zt*t2*om)*sin(t2*wd)+A3*t3*sin(t3*wd)*exp(zt*t3*om) = 0:

I want to extend the Maple CodeGeneration[C] by a handler for the piecewise function (no idea why it is not included).
To this end I did:

    LanguageDefinition:-Define("NewC", extend="C",
        AddFunction("piecewise", anything::numeric,

So I want to display a plot containing a spiral and a polygon graph approximating the shape. I use a seq to make the points in pointplot3d and then connect them with the connect option. It looks like this:

graph := spacecurve(y(t), t = 0 .. 6, thickness = 3, axes = box, color = blue):
poly6 := pointplot3d({seq([cos(t), sin(t), t], t = 0 .. 6, 1)}, connect, axes = box, 
color = red, thickness = 3, caption = {n = 6}):

I installed Maple 16 on Windows 7, 64 bit, french edition, last week. Everything works fine, except that suddenly the Maple 16 icon has been replaced by the anonymous exec file on windows. Tried to restart, but the icon is gone...

Does anyone else get this problem ?

Hi guys! 

I'm going to plot:

plote1 := spacecurve(e1(theta),theta=a1..b1,color=red):
plote1p := plot(e1plan(theta),theta=Pi/4..Pi/2,color=red):
plote2 := spacecurve(e2(theta),theta=a2..b2,color=blue):
plote2p := plot(e2plan(theta),theta=0..Pi,color=blue):
plote3 := spacecurve(e3(theta),theta=a3..b3,color=yellow):
plote3p := plot(e3plan(theta),theta=0..3*Pi/2,color=yellow):
A := array(1..2):
A[1] := display(C,plote3,plote1,plote2,orientation=[60,75],axes=box):

I have an issue, I've recently got a new laptop and installed maple 14, everything went okay in the installation (except i didnt specify the envioronment variables or run the batch file because i dont have one) thats not the issue, the issue is: maple will not run at all. I've tried every compatability mode, even updated maple to 14.01 nothing i just get : Maple 14 has stopped working every single time.


The same is happens with maple 15, It will not run...

Hello.  The ‘optimization’ flag for the fortran codegen or CodeGeneration only will operate on a single array.   It would be very very helpful to me if I could put multiple arrays (all of them having common variables) as input that the codgen and CodeGeneration can automate all at once (im mostly interested in the fortran and matlab codes).  What I do now as a work around is manually put all the multiple arrays into one giant array, then run code...

Hi guys, 

I want to know how to write 2 procedures in order to  construct 2 different complex mappings with polynomials of degree 4 and 5 and tell what the pictures really mean.

Can anyone suggest me or give me hints on how to do this? 

One way I know is to construct meldelbrot as follow: 




for ct from 1 to iter while xn^2+yn^2


i want to use "dsolve({ODE1, IC1, IC2},numeric)" in a procedure. But it has some problems with the curly brace. Is there a special command to replace the curly brace?


I've written some Matlab codes as mfiles; now how could I import them into Maple? (I didn't understand what Maple help says!)









Hi, I am trying to compute the coefficient of a polynomial as follows:



I am using Maple 13 under Windows 7. I have been using Maple for quite a while now, and all of a sudden Maple has decided to start playing funny games.

Whenever I go into the Maple Portal and click on one of the hyperlinks, the Maple session locks up. The first time this had happened, I had been in the Maple Portal for half an hour.

It doesnt respond to any clicks, including trying to close the Maple window. The only way to close it at this point is to crash it via the Task Manager....

See attached.  I am not sure but I think eq #4 is the same as the HESSIAN operator.  Why can I not get MAPLE to express this in the form of a matrix with the NABLA command? Note the discrepancy of NABLA with theDELoperator as well shown by eq's 5 & 6.

Am I missing some command to get NABLA to carry out the correct operation or am I not interpreting what NABLA actually is?



I want to make a 3D-plot with the style "surfacecontour". My question is: How do I define the number of contourlines? As I understand the default value is 10, but I only want 4. 

I hope you can help me!  

underline is a simple procedure:
> s := solve({5*A+3*B = 5, 8*A-9*B = 94}, [A, B]);
s := [[A = 109/23, B = -430/69]]
> assign(s);
> A; B;

But, now what I want to use is not 109/23 or -430/69, but A or B.
That is to say, firstly, I need use root of equation, so Execute Command
> assign(s);
> A; B;
then, I can apply 109/23 or -430/69. Then later on, I want to use A or B, which now are viewed asariable? Now how can I do?

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