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I couldn't set plot view ranges for plot component (in the attached worksheet). How can i do that?

example worksheet has to draw an ellipse whose center coordinates are determined by two sliders (lef tslider for x, right slider for y). I used following callback function

Do ( xpos = %xPos );
Do ( ypos = %yPos );

Do( %Plot0 = plots[display]( plottools[ellipse]([xpos,ypos],3,4)), view=[-10..110,-10..110],axes=boxed );

When i try setting this task at prompt, it succeeds ...

The other day when I had a chance to have a look at Maple 14, I noticed the font looked much nicer.  So I had a look at previous versions and found out that the same font in Maple 14 compared to 13 is different?  Why is that? 

Both fonts were done at default (graphic user interface) - 12pt. Times New Roman and C text (just text mode)  In Maple 13 the font looks stick like, and in Maple 14 it looks more textbook like.  If they are different...

Mathematica has a way of clipping plot output to a region given by a function. See


Can I do something like that in Maple?

Is there a way to import Latex into Maple? Actually, my immediate goal is to convert mathtype expressions into Maple.  I can convert Mathtype into latex. If I could convert latex into Maple, I would be done.

Incidentally, exporting Maple into mathtype is easy.

I have Maple 12.


I am working with coupled diff. equations to find equilibria (set equations to zero and solve simultanously). Currently I am working with two equations for predator prey systems. I have typed them like this:


> EqP := r*P(1-P/K)-h*P*M = 0;
                              /    P\   ...

Hi, Can anyone help me in solving the following system of ode, i'm new in maple and i faced some problems in using it.

the system:

diff(u2(y), y, y)+m*b*rho*h^2*GR*(c3*y+c4) = 0,

diff(u1(y), y, y)+K*(diff(N(y), y))/(1+K)+GR*(c1*y+c2)/(1+K) = 0,

-2*K*(2*N(y)+diff(u1(y), y))/(2+K)+diff(N(y), y, y) = 0

with the following boundary conditions

u1(-1) = 0, u2(1) = 0, u1(0) = u2(0), (D(u1))(0)+K*N(0)/(1+K) = (D(u2))(0)/(m*h*(1+K)), (D(N))(0) = 0, N(-1) = 0

Recently I wanted to create a simple 2D-plot representing this piecewise expression:

T1:=piecewise(x>=0, 3.5*x*13/3+13, x>=20, 3.4*x*13/3+13, x>=30, 3.25*x*13/3+13);

or alternatively: T1:=t->piecewise(t>=0, 3.5*t*13/3+13, t>=20, 3.4*t*13/3+13, t>=30, 3.25*t*13/3+13);

Unfortunately, no matter whether I entered it as a function or as an expression, I was not able to make Maple plotting this function correctly for a domain D


Please take a look on this problem I have about converting a Vector to a List. At the end if the program, the list F contains the elements of the Vector Y, but not in the good order.
It gives a result which is correct for a small size of Vector, but not for h = 1000 !


#differents values of h are tried h := 100 and h:=1000

E := Vector[1..h];
for u from 1 to h do
Y[u] := u;
end do;
for z from 1 to h do

Is it possible to make a plot like this:


I'm having serious problems in finding and saving the roots of this equation:

((.642*(-1.*BesselJ(2.250000000*m+1., 0.75e-2*a)+299.9999999*m*BesselJ(2.250000000*m, 0.75e-2*a)/a))*a-10.*BesselJ(2.250000000*m, 0.75e-2*a))*BesselY((9/4)*m, 0.2e-1*a)-((.642*(-1.*BesselY(2.250000000*m+1., 0.75e-2*a)+299.9999999*m*BesselY(2.250000000*m, 0.75e-2*a)/a))*a-10.*BesselY(2.250000000*m, 0.75e-2*a))*BesselJ((9/4)*m, 0.2e-1*a)

a is a eigenvalue...


I need to insert a legend in a Pie chart, but I want to do it from the command line:

> with(Statistics);
> T := [algodón = 26, lana = 5, tabaco = 7, fruta = 9, arroz = 13, té = 5, carne = 14, otros = 21];
> P := PieChart(T, sector = 0 .. 360, color = ["red", "Orange", "yellow", "green", "ForestGreen", "blue", "MediumPurple", "LightBlue"], captions = relative);
> plots[display](P, title = ["Distribución de las exportaciones...

There is a example "3D rigid slider crank" in the MapleSim examples. Replace the "crank" and the "rod" with flexible beam, turn it into a flexible system, how to do that?

Thank you very much!

I have the following differential equation:


I would like to be able to eliminate T' and obtain T as a function of r, v(r), and v' (and possibly v'').

Is this possible?

Thanks, Geoff

Thank you very much.
As you say, the rigid body frame components, can define the end points of the link. But what about "the flexible beam", how to define its endpoint? The "maplesim help"  say "the beam is straight and its neutral axis is aligned with the x axis of the primary frame", then its deformation is measured.  I think in a system, the flexible beam is used together with the rigid body frames, but it always point to the direction of the x axis,...

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