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No output in maple...

February 23 2011 cometservice 3

Hey you maple experts


I have been trying to change the font in maple. In my try i suddenly dont get no output document mode.


Can someone please help me?


Rune Erikse

I have to answer the following question:

simulate a modified simple random walk starting at 0 which at each step, in addition to possible unit jumps to the right (with probability p) and to the left (with prob q), may stay at its current position with probability r>0, so that p+q+r=1. We have been given the hint to type in

if (u<p) then x:=1 else if (u<p+q) then x:=-1 else x:=0 fi; fi;

and to rename the procedure, but i have no idea how to carry out the simulation?

Quick question, why doesn't the following return a~?

> define(g, g(a::realcons) = a);
> assume(a::realcons);
> g(a);

How do I get it to do so?


I work on large matrices but I only need the eigenvector associated to the largest eigenvalue. How can I do that?

Many thanks.

How to explain, in Maple, Ax as a combination of the columns of A?



dy/dx=(y2-1)/(x2-1),  y(2)=2

Hi there,

            Basically i performed some calculations on maple and obtained a set A with about 8000 integer outcomes.

Im trying to create a loop that counts how many times there is an outcome of the integer 70 out of the 8000.

So far I have created the following:



if A=70 then do s=s+1 end;

But this is not working

Any help will be appreciated

If I enter the code below the end result is outputted as  Pi/Pi (pi over pi). But I want an output of 1 not pi over pi. How do I get maple to return 1 ?



test:=int((1/(2*pi) + cos(k*phi)), phi=-Pi..Pi);

Hi. I am very new to Maple and there is something I can't find an answer on.

I would like to perform symbolic manipulation to help me simplify some equations. I was trying to define E to be a generic function operator, (expectation in statistics)

I have a equation y = a + b + c*d + e*f +..... something really long

I am to say R(y) = E(p*y)

How do I go about teaching Maple that my function is commutative and there are sets of rules which can be used? e.g.:

how is possible to draw each line separately?

n1 := 1; n2 := 1.45; n3 := 3.5;

z0 := 120*Pi; d1 := 1; d2 := 1; d3 := 1;a := 1;

k0 := 2*Pi/lambda;

ub := sqrt(n1^2-`&beta;b`^2); vb := sqrt(n2^2-`&beta;b`^2); wb := sqrt(n3^2-`&beta;b`^2);

Ub := k0*ub*d1; Vb := k0*vb*d2; Wb := k0*wb*d3;

z1 := z0/ub; z1b := z1/z0;

a0 := -tan(Vb)/(wb*ub)-tan(Ub)/(vb*wb)-tan(Wb)/(vb*ub)+tan(Ub)*tan(Vb)*tan(Wb)/wb^2;

b0 := tan(Ub...

Dear all,

how to convert a maple graphic  created from a symbolic expression to spreadsheet?
Por example, after the command:

plot(2*x+1, x=0..4);

I vould like to get the data points calculated by Maple to generate this graph. If possible, inside a spreadsheet in order to redraw these data with Excell to get a better figure aspect...

Thank you.

AHOY! when I compute the cube root of -8 using maple  14.  It gives me the output -8^(1/3)

my input was........



I would like maple to give me the answer of -2 How do I change that? Note I need to define the cube root as a function.


Dear all, I try to use threads in Maple 13 with Thread:-Create() and Thread:-Wait(). The worksheet works if I use no or just a single thread. One of the subroutines contains an fsolve command to find the zeros of some Function which involves special functions (LambertW). When I create two threads I get error messages such as `fsolve/StorePoint`, "invalid point dimension" and `fsolve/StorePoint`, "numeric exception: division by zero". Is the fsolve function not thread save? I tested, using stopwhen(...


Sorry if the question is too naïve: I'm new to Maple.

I want to find the solutions, both in the real line and in the complex plane, of the following transcendental equation:

x+s*exp(x * sigma)-mu-s=0

mu is positive (say mu=6) and I am interested in the case in which s is both positive and negative (say, s=1 and s=-1).
By plotting s*exp(x * sigma) vs. mu+s-x (x real), and also using fsolve, I can see that there are two solutions when s=1 ...

Im just on my last two questions and was wondering if you could help me again =D

So as a background to my question:

Show that dV/dt = -k * V^(2/3) given that k = 0.4836 and t is measured in minutes if the original volume of the capsule is 300 ml, how long will it take the capsule to lose half its volume?

Im doing this on maple right now and see you if guys can spot my problem or my syntax:
1. eq1 := diff(y(t), t) = -k*y(t)^(2/3)
2. dsolve(eq1, y(t)) which gives me an equation

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