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Hi everyone,

I tried to solve the following system of equations with Maple 15:

You can copy paste the commands below to get the equations
pde1 := [diff(`#msub(mi("n"),mo("&uminus0;"))`(x, t), t) =
diff(`#msub(mi("n"),mo("&uminus0;"))`(x, t), x)+n[o](x, t)-`#msub(mi("n"),mo("&uminus0;"))`(x, t)]


pde2 := [diff(n[o](x, t), t) = 0.3139e-2*(diff(n[o](x, t), x, x))-2*n[o](x, t)+`#msub(mi("n"...


I have an equation of power (P)with 3 variables. The variables are R (resistance), ω (frequency) and K (spring stifness);

I would like to find out the optimum value of R and K to maximize the comulutive value of power when the ω is varying from ω1 to ω2. To do so, I should do the following steps:

 Step 1: Calculate the integral of Power when ω is changing from ω1 to ω2 : U(R,K...

I have 2 equations for example

A xyz+B xy^2z^2 +C x^2yz^2+D xyz^2 +E z+ F   =   G xy+H xy^2+M x^2y+P

I need to equate the coefficients..  Now by inspection equating like powers of x and y





How can I get  Maple to do this?


I am really struggeling with these 2 questions.. 
need to plot this in maple


This is my last 2 questions on my school report that i need to deliver tomorrow

Can someone tell me how Maple coding written in worksheet mode can be fully transferred into a Word document taking all maple's commands, alignments and any section's arrows as they apper in worksheet mode? 

I found that after using "Export as" (tried everthing there), my worksheet appers to be abrupt, alignment of certain codings changed and all the arrows of sections removed.

Please tell me how to deal with this issue, I need to transfer my maple coding...

Hello I have a large set of data (in Excel) with GPS output (East/North?Long/Lat) and water depth from sonar. Data points are taken in 1Hz. 

I would like to plot a mesh like 3D plot with a depth in different position. 

It works nice in MATLAB with 'mesh' but I am stragling to do anyting in MAPLE.

I don't know what commend to use for the plot. At the moment they all gives me errors.

I'm trying to solve this in maple 15:



how do i solve this?

> restart:
> with(plots):
> Int(sin(n*Pi*t/L)*sin(m*Pi*t/L), t = -L .. L);


I have the fractcal of a snowflake

Problem. In the plane 2*x -3*y +3*z -17 = 0, find a point M such that the sum of its distances from the poits A(3, -4, 7) and B(-5, -14, 17) will have the least value.

First way.




plane(P,2*x - 3*y +3*z -17=0,[x,y,z]):




suppose my matrix is in the form as i attached in Doc3.docx

how should i find the determinant for that M1 matrix in the attached document programatically,

i fint the determinant of M matrix programatically, but how to find it for M1,M2 ........M6.


please help me with solution.


Thanks and Regards,




I always used something different from D when using diagonal matrices. Now I learned I can unprotect D.

However, I got this:

> restart; with(LinearAlgebra);
> unprotect(D);
> D := DiagonalMatrix([2, 3]);
> D.D;D^(2);
Error, invalid 'D' operator

Maple does interpret D as a matrix that he can square, but the exponentional notation can't be used as he sees it as some sort of operator?  Can anyone point out my mistake?

Hi all!

I was able to run an external progam using the "system" command.
i.e. >system("name.exe");

The external program (name.exe which is an executable written in Fortran) prompts for the name of my input file and the name of my output file one by one. If I supply these two information, everything works fine.
My problem is this, I want to automate the process such that Maple helps me to write the input and output filename when the external program...

Use Newton’s Method to approximate the indicated root of the equation to correct six decimal places.


The root of 2.2x5 – 4.4x3 + 1.3x2-0.9x-4.0=0 in the interval [-2, -1].


The rest of the assignment states : "

Start by plotting the function in
Maple to get a reasonably good initial approximation. You may use a
“while” loop, but do not use existing Maple commands for Newton’s

Hey Guys,

I'm new to Maple and am having problems two problems. The first is I can not get anything to show up on my plot and the second is I'm getting a erorr of "Error, (in fsolve) Can't handle expressions with typed procedures". The code can be seen below;


When using Maple 15, sometimes the pagackages and formulas that were previously defined seem to completely drop it.  I'll load packages and assign variables at the beginning of my project, yet after maybe 10 minutes or so, I have to redefine my variables and reload my pacakges.  I have noticed that it happens more often if I try to switch over to the "Text" tab and then back to "Math."  It's very intermittent, Maple will be working just fine churning out graphs,...

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