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Why is it when I read an image a:=ImageTools:-ToGrayscale(ImageTools:-Read("f:/example.bmp")) saved as a bmp saved from the internet and try b:=Threshold(a,0.5,method=above) gives me this error.

Error, (in ImageTools:-Threshold) unable to store 0.107651138030195570e-293+0.522826466871872160e-288*I in a datatype=float[8] rtable

However when I open the bmp in paint and resave the image in either 24 bit 256 color, doesn't really matter, but a format of bmp...


Hello Friends,

I have the equation



I am trying to find an analytic solution to a cubic equation of the form ax^3 + cx + d, where a, c, and d are rather complicated coefficients.  If I simply use the solve command, it gives the solutions assuming that the discriminant is negative (that is, one real and two imaginary solutions).  However, I want the solutions in the case that the discriminant is positive (the solutions have a different functional form; it's not the case that the imaginary solutions simply become real...


I'm working on a project, where I need to create some user friendly proc/modules. I need it to ask for the variables e.i.

'Enter equation'

'Define range'

etc. but I have no idea how to do so. Can you describe a method of doing so?


Is there a way to obtain the code for BrownianMotion function in Maple15?

I tried

interface(verboseproc = 2);

but these only give

module () local ModuleApply, BrownianMotion, BrownianMotion1D; end module

Where do I go from here? Thanks.

With Maple15, how do I get this



R := 'RandomVariable(Normal(0, sigma))'; a := [`$`('R', 5)]
simplify(%, size); collect(%, {sigma, lambda[0], lambda[1]})

In general, how do I simplify an expression when it can be stated as a sum of squares? I suspect I am missing a general simplification technique. Thanks.


Hi All

If we have extensive material in pdf format and we want to tranfer this information to Maple and use it it as the main editor and word proceesor on a go forward basis - Is it possible to copy a pdf document with extensive equations into Maple while maintaining the format particularly of the equations, pictures, drawings and plots? Any copying and pasting I do now garlbles up the equations, plots and pictures of the pages I import to Maple...

I upgraded from maple 11 to maple 15 because of issues with maple 11 and suse 11.4. When I try to run the attached worksheet I get for Fortran(f,optimize),

> Fortran(f, optimize);
Error, (in Print) improper op or subscript selector

maple 11 does not have this problem and returns the optimized code. Did something change between versions that I'm not doing correctly?


i am having a problem with this question

graph the polynomial function F(x)= x^4 - 2.5x^2 + 0.5625

determine x & y intercepts?

find local maximum And minimum of F(x)

please advise

Dear guys! I've written some expressions and then the final equations which I want to solve as below:

> Omega0 := 0.26: H0 := 0.8: q0 := -0.61: j0 := 1: s0 := -0.18: l0 := 2.61:

> f0 := 6*H0^2*(Omega0-2):      f10 := 1:    f20 := (6*H0^2)^(-1)*(-3*Omega0/(4*(1+q0))+1/2):     f30 := (6*H0^2)^(-2)*(-3*Omega0*(3*q0^2+6*q0+j0+2)/(8*(1+q0)^3)+3/4):     f40 := (6*H0^2)^(-3)*(-3*Omega0*(s0*(1+q0...

Is there a way to make the y-axis logarithmic using DEplot?

Use a change of variables to find the volume of the solid region lying below the surface f(x,y)=(2y-x)^4sqrt(x+y) and above the parallelogram in the xy=plane with vertices (3,5) (2,6) (10,10) and (11,9)

Graph the 'ice cream cone' formed ny the upper half of the sphere x^2+y^2+z^2=16 and the cone z=sqrt(x^2+y^2) using maple, and find the z-coordinates of its center of mass.

Graph the region insde the one-sheeted hyperboloid x^2+y^2-z^2=9 between z=4 and z= -4 using maple and find the volume of this region

Graph the solid common to the cylinders x^2+z^2=4 and y^2+z^2=4 using maple and find the volume of the region common to the cylinders.

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