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I want to plot a random ... no, sorry, normal distribution of points around a line.  Let's supose we use the line sin(x) from x=0..2*Pi as an example. 

I have a complex nonlinear long term, I have not found a way to simulate this expression,how I can apply the method of least squares


I want to evaluate an approximation of the solution of the equation eq1 in [0,1] using 4 digits.

In first try, when I first write Digits:=4,  this seems avoid the command fsolve to display the solution.

In second try, when I write evalf(fsolve(eq1,beta=0..1),4),  evalf seems avoid the command fsolve to display the solution.

In the final try, when I write  
> fsolve(eq1,beta=0..1):
> evalf(%,4);
I have...

when i use u and t in the lower bound of summation, everything works fine, as you can see, proc(2,10) gives me a number.



now, if i change u to T[3] and t to T[2], suddenly we have a problem! What gives?

I've finally tracked down a problem I was having to a behavior in Maple I find, possibly, understandable, but need to figure out how to prevent.   Specifically, in expressions of the form x^y, where both x and y may sometimes be zero, the behavior I require is for Maple to evaluate y first so x^0=1 whatever the value of x is.   (Maple does evaulate 0^0=1 itself, I note.)

An example where this sort of thing comes up is in an expression like


Sequencing sequences doesn't appear to work with round brackets

seq( (seq(i,i=1..10) , seq(j,j=9..2,-1)) ,k=1..4)


Hello, I have a problem, when I define some constants like a:=5, b:=6 and than I do some calculation like a+b maple shows immidiately the solution. Is there any way how to make maple to show the numbers at first and then the solution? What I mean is if I define the same constants a:=5, b:=6, then make the calculation a+b. The output i want would be 5+6=11. Is it possible to make maple show the solution this way? I use it for more complex calculation in civil...

We have MapleTA installed on our own server and would like to edit the Login page so that students realize they are on OUR MapleTA page ... students are not particularly observant (no, really!) and often try to login at any MapleTA site they find on the internet.  There is nothing in the UserGuide on editing either the Login or Class pages.



I am working on my project related to bioinformatics. I am using Maple 11 for calculations related to matrices.

I need to calculate  Moore-penrose Pseudoinverse. I need to know the algorithm used by Maple function

'MatrixInverse' for calculating pseudo inverse of matrix.




I solved a system of equations by maple 14 . I want to know the solutions that I have its the only solutions or maple  14 just gives us arbitrary solutions but not all solutions ?.

please answer me.


Has anyone else experienced display problems of mapleprimes messages? It's happened to me at least 5 times in just a few days, with both firefox and internet explorer. This is what I see there:

Sometimes "editing" the message helps in seeing what's inside, but not this time:

Assume that we have a vector-function:


Hello there, 

I have been having trouble removing elements from a list using the subsop tool.

I have a list A containing smaller lists of 2 values (A=[[0,1],[2,2],[4,5],[-1,-2], ... ]). My goal is to set boudaries to these sublists such as if the "y" (second value in any sublist) value is greater than 3, remove it from the list. here is what my code looks like


for i from i to n do
  if evalf(op(2,op(i,A))) < 0 then 

How to debug external DLL? IDE - MS Visual C++ Express 2010

After calling define_external from maple library succefully loaded. But how to unload it without closing maple? For example want change library file to new one.

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