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I have a question. I need to rewrite the following function

Vo:= (1/((1/R2+1/(1.5*10^6))*(1/(1/R2+1/(1.5*10^6))+2.45*10^3-R2)));

To this form

R2:= ....Vo....

How can i do this in maple? 

Re random is it possible for man or machine to create any two objects the same i suggest not,we may be only talking about such small differences that are possible undetectable (number of atoms per object) however a difference and if there is then each object will have it's own characteristics ie two lottery balls if you could study trillions of thows i'm suggesting you would see a pattern it may be so slight but not totally truly radom

It is never a good error message but I have not been able to find out whatit means.



Is there a way to plot a function in a multithreaded way?

I have a computing-intensive function (eg. integral over Hermitian-Polynoms), which I want to plot. I couldn't find a way to do this such, that all my cpu-cores are used.

Any suggestions?


Dear All,


Thanks for the previous support and help.


I am trying to solve a poisson equation, but I am getting Bessel function in the solution. Derivation of this equation with respect to 'r' gives more complex form of Bessel function.

Actually I am not sure should I continue with the problem and Maple will take care of everything or I have to modify in the solution.  

Equation 9 and Equation 11 needs to...

Dear all,

Maple gives me the complete solution to the attached PDE. This solution is expressed in terms of KummerU and KummerM. What I want is to obtain the solution for real numbers only, i.e. I want to get rid of the possible imaginary numbers in the solution. This implies that the separation constant, _c1, must be less or equal to 2r. 

How can I do this?

Furthermore, the four arbitrary constants will need to be determined through boundary conditions....

(16y6)1/2        - how can i simplfy this equation im sooo confused plz help xxx

I used the command minimize such

minimize(3*x^2+2*m*x+2*m^2-3*m-6,1 <= x)

But it can not. How can i find the least of the function g:=x>3*x^2+2*m*x+2*m^2-3*m-6,  here x >=1.

Please help me. Thank you.

i'm trying to solve a sysem of pde, but i get this error 

Error, (in PDEtools:-Library:-NormalizeBoundaryConditions) unable to isolate the functions {x(0, z, r), x(t, z, 0.5e-2), xeq(t, z, 0.5e-2), y(0, z, r), y(t, 0, r)} in the given boundary conditions {x(0, z, r) = 0, x(t, z, 0.5e-2) = xeq(t, z, 0.5e-2), y(0, z, r) = 0, y(t, 0, r) = 0}
> restart; with(PDEtools);
[CanonicalCoordinates, ChangeSymmetry, CharacteristicQ,



I am trying to do a do loop that solve ODEs with initials conditions but i am having problems asking my do loop to use what we get from first run to run the secound one.

For example:

for i from 1 to 10 do




end do;

so first when i =1 we get a b and c then for i=2 we want what we get from i=1 to do i=2 and so on. 

Is it possible to do such a do loop? to ask maple to save what it get from...

I meet a problem in the  Lipschitz–Hankel integral as follows,


The output is always the same as shown above rather than a float value. How can I deal with such a integral?

Many Thanks!

I am displaying in 2D, multiple arrows with amplitudes oscillating sinusoidally.  I wish each arrow to have its own color. I have included the commands I am using. Please provide the command that will provide the colors. Thanks.



Is there a way to create an interactive plot, and put it in a Maplet, so I could get onclick coordinates and display some points there on my plot ? I checked Maple help and I didn't find any onclick event for plot or Maplets,Elements,Plotter but I found something called PlotComponent and there are some options like clickx, clicky. Can I use it somehow in Maplet, or maybe there's another solution ?

Hi all

Im trying to calculate scientific error propagation with data from Excel. Unfortunately Im having troubles making the package work. What I want to do is import a list from Excel with values, and another list of the error of each value.

The problem comes when using the Combine function on the imported arrays from excel.
Could anyone help me work this out? I feel it should be possible for Maple to import tables from Excel, calculate the propagated error. ...

Hi, below is what I have. I am trying to change elenum:=Array([2,4,6,8,16])

Then I changed my E0:=evalf((map(c->c*((map(int,((B^%T).(B1).J),eta=0..1))),L))

I also changed my E2:=evalf(map(c->c*map(int,((B2^%T).(B2).J),eta=0..1)),(1/(2*L))))

My E0M:=Matrix(nodes), which I am not sure if it is correct.

Then I tried to use the for do statements, it would not allow me to do so. What i'm trying to get is the first one to be a 5x5 matrix, followed...

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