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would you please help me? 

I have a big problem in differentiating with maple!

here is my equation.

L := (alpha, beta, theta,alpha(t),beta(t),theta(t))
how can I find diff(L, alpha) ? 
L=(1/2)*I[a]*(diff(alpha(t), t))^2+(1/2)*I[b]*(diff(beta(t), t))^2+(1/2)*I[c]*(diff(theta(t), t))^2+(1/2)*m[3]*(b^2*(diff(beta(t), t))^2+(1/4)*C^2*(diff(theta(t), t))^2+b*c*(diff(beta(t), t...

Hi, friends

The physics package was provided a good tool to compute Commutator or anticommutator relations. Here, I met some problems.

Example 1:

      restart: with(Physics):Setup(mathematicanotaion=true):

      Setup (op={p[x],p[y]},p[z]):

      alg:=%commutator(p[z],p[x])=2p[x], %commutator(p[z],p[y])=-2p[y], %commutator(p[x],p[y])= p[z]

Why the "Mean" command of the "Statistics" package gives the correct result with MAPLE 12 and MAPLE 13 and not with MAPLE 14 ?

X := RandomVariable(('Uniform')(-1, 1)):
Y := RandomVariable(('Uniform')(-1, 1)):
pdf := simplify(PDF(sqrt(X^2+Y^2), rho)):
R := RandomVariable(Distribution(PDF = unapply(pdf, rho))):

The mean may be computed using (the answer is correct)
int(rho*pdf, rho = 0 .. sqrt(2)):


I'd like to numerically compute integrals of the forms:

int(exp(-t)/((-3+2*exp(-(1/10)*t))*(-3+2*exp(-(9/10)*t))), t = 0 .. infinity); evalf(%)

where there are much more terms in the denominator, e.g.,

Int(e^(-t)/(product(-3+2*exp(-.1*(1-.1)^i*t), i = 0 .. A)), t = 0 .. infinity); evalf(%)

for some positive integer A. Even when I have three terms it takes so long... So how do I compute such integrals numerically with maple; what's the efficient...

Hi everyone

I'm new to the forum, but I hope you can help me with a problem concerning import of pictures to Maple. I'm working with diffraction from a rectangular and circular aperture. I haven't made the experiment yet, but I've thought about taking some pictures of the diffraction pattern and then use Maple to calculate the intensity of the light to make a three dimensional plot (intensity as a function of position).

Right now I just want to import a picture...

Hi, everybody,

I am a newbie of maple. I used maple to draw some function image, it's work pefectly. For higher quality I want to set a thick line width of axis but I don't know how to do. Help me please.

Best regard.

You would have thought I'd have learnt to make sure I've saved my work by now.

I've spent the last 4 hours or so working on a worksheet on Maple, without saving it once (I know, I know). It started acting slow-- by which I mean it was talking a while to actually type things, as opposed to running calculations-- and then the screen suddenly went grey, froze, and now my cursor turns into an hourglass when I mouseover the window.

It's been this way for the past 10 minutes.

Question: Graph the 4th degree polynomial with realcoefficients whose zeros are x=-2 (a repeated root), x=3 and x=0. Following all the graphing requirements as shown below:

- show the correct shape of the function without distortion or wasted space.

-show all the maxima, minima, and intercepts

-allow to read (x,y) coordinates of all the x and y intercepts and all the maxima and minima on the graph easily and clearly.

-have a...

please help me to draw national emblem of AZERBAIJAN.


    I have this problem and I cannot find a way to perform this search that I want it to. 

I have a set consisting of integers and fractions.  What maple code can I use to select only the integers out of this set.


For example:


I want to choose only the integers out of this I need to obtain a set with D:= {1,9,8,10,11}.


How do I do so?


I'm teaching numerical analysis with Maple and then I started with fixed iteration method.

When I programed the method which is simple, I got the solution as:


f := x->2*tan(x)-x-1;

g := x->arctan((1/2)*x+1/2);   # fixed point method where the solution of x=g(x) is the the solution f(x)=0

x[0] := 0.2; for k from 0 to 20 do x[k+1] := evalf(g(x[k])) end do; this line give the solution

How can I plot on the same graph the Normal,Tangent and Binormal vectors from a Position Vector?




> restart;
> with(DifferentialGeometry):with(LinearAlgebra):with(JetCalculus):with(Tools):with(PDEtools): with(DEtools):
> declare(u(x(t),y(t),t),v(x(t),y(t),t));

u(x(t), y(t), t) will now be displayed as u

x(t) will now be displayed as x

y(t) will now be displayed as y

v(x(t), y(t), t) will now be displayed as v

> PDE_sys:={diff(u(x,y,t...

Was given the equations f(x)=x^3+3x+7 g(x)=tan(x^2+1)
Need to use maple to differentiate each of the following...
A. f(x) * g(x)
B. f(x)/g(x)
C. f( g(x) ) entered as f@g
D. g( f(x) )

How do i differentiate these, normally for its just D(f) but i tried D(f@g), D(f * g) but it doesnt look right. Please help!

Has anyone had any experience of using an eBook reader such as a Kindle to read/display any of the Maple manuals?

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