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I am primer with maple.

I have the following  nonlinear equation.

EQ:=diff(N(t),t) -kappa/(q-1)*( 1- (N(t)/K )^(q) - (1-N(t)/K)^(q))=0;

I have the following code:

Likelihood := proc (r, t, s) options operator, arrow; product(exp(-(1/2)*((rr(k)-r*cos(t))^2+(ii(k)-r*sin(t))^2)/s), k = 1 .. n) end proc;

rho0 := 0; theta0 := 0; sigmae20 := (sum(rr(k)^2+ii(k)^2, k = 1 .. n))/(2*n);

l1 := Likelihood(rho0, theta0, sigmae20);


Mathematically it should simplify to exp(-n). However, maple seems not able to arrive at this simply solution. What am I doing wrong here?

I have
right-click the expression and choose Explore.  Skip "x" so we have two sliders (a and b)
Select a=-2 and b=0.  In the Math component, you will have
a*x^2-(b+a)*x+b =-2*x^2+2*x
Now, under the two sliders, I add a PLots component.  My wish is to plot the rhs(%Math). 
 In the plot component properties, I edit the "Action when clicked" and write


I want to evaluate a line integral of the vector field F:

F: <x^2 * y, x^3, x*y>

around the curve C: <sin(t), cos(t), 1/4(sin^2(t) - cos^2(t))


When using Line Integral I got the following error:


Error, (in VectorCalculus:-LineInt) the first argument of a Path structure must be a free Vector or a position Vector




> restart;
> with(plots); with(plottools); with(VectorCalculus);
> SetCoordinates(cartesian[x,y,z]);

I have two equations as below,



and I need to plot the graph(x,y), how can I do?

Many thx..



matris is reversible matrix.  x=?




sorry my englis is some bad.


I want a small text to appear when I hoover the mouse over some specific points

in the pascal triangle (code below) . How can this be done ?

Maybe programming the point probe (instead of getting coordinate in the plot toolbox getting some text for different coordinates)

rotate(textplot([seq(seq([i-j, j, binomial(i, j)], j = 0 .. i), i = 0 .. 12)], axes = none, font = [times, roman, 16]), -3*Pi*(1/4));

After multipication,I got some [  ],like these


Two options for DEplot, "velocity" and "color=velocity" are referred to in the Maplesoft conference presentation below, but don't work on my Maple13. Were these options ever implemented? Do they require a call to a special package (no mention of that in the presentation below, dated 2005)? These are very nice options, so if you know anything about them or something similar, I'd appreciate very much your suggestions.


I used to be able to select, copy, and paste the output of a Matrix, but now instead of copying the output the action copies something like Matrix(%id = 410996784). I am using Maple13/Classic/1D. Any fix? thanks.

I have had success adding units of distance in Maple using the example in the documentation.  However when I perform an addition on units of information such as gibibytes and mebibytes I receive:

"Error, (in Units:-Standard:-+) cannot represent the given unit in the system `SI`"

This behavior seems to be an ugly little non-orthogonality in the Maple language.  I have posted a test case to my files.  I did try the other systems beyond SI however this did not affect the behavior.

How we write this matrix

help me :(

I am needing help on how to make an authentication code for a message I send through Maple.

This signature can't just be my name and must be coded in some way. Any help?


December 10 2009 KayMay2009 24

Find the volume of the torus (doughnut) formed by revolving the circle x^2 + y^2 = 25 around the line x=6 using the washer method and the shell method on MAPLE?

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