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Hi everyone, I'm a quite new user of maple 13 and i have a problem with the GererateMatrix command.

My porpouse is to convert a ODE problem into a matrix form so I'm using GenerateMatrix command...I pass the ODE equations as a list and then the variables as well. The results is correct and it returns exactly what i've expected but problems start here...

Once I generate the matrix  every list I've previously defined in the worksheet (as for example L:=[a=1,b=2,C=3...

Dears, How can i plot a parametric equations for an ellipse

x[i]=a*sin(t[i]),     y[i]=b*cos(t[i])      t[i] takes a numerical vaulues from - Pi to Pi.


i want to plot the values ,

(x[1], y[1]),

(x[2], y[2]),



(x[i], y[i])      where     i=1..100,

Dr. Amr

Dears. I want to evaluate the following expression numerically
G[i]=sum(Gama[i,k], k=1..100, k<>i),
Dr. Amr


do you know how i can define a matrix as local variables inside a  procedure?

for eg if we want to declare T as a 4*4 zero matrix and K as 6*6 zero matrix, is the followin ok:

local T::matrix(4,4,0),K(6,6,0);






I am trying to force the conversion of



to its cleaner looking



Anybody know how to do this in a straight-forward way? I've tried convert...


When I solve this equation



Where _C1 and L are constants, I get 0.

But the solution of this equation which is easy is lambda=n*Pi/L where n=1,2,3,...



I tried to build Pascal's triangle with powcrate as bellow described. It seem not worked and I don't know why (I am using Maple 12). Could you please help me. Thks a lot

Try to build Pascal's triangle with powcreate

Try with 2 different ways:

with u(n)  use subsop and zip to handle the list

with v(n)  use op and zip to handle the list

> restart;
> with(powseries);
 [compose, evalpow, inverse, multconst, multiply, negative, powadd, powcos, ...

This example from Mathematics. How it might translate to Maple?







b[4,4] has the value 858.000000000000114   Why isn't this value 858. so that it matches the consistancy of the rest of the matrix??


Dear All,


I have a simple question: having a Matrix A, how to make a copy of this matrix called B, which modifications do not influence the values of Matrix A.


Simple example:


i am studying maths at uni and i have a test on maple tomorrow.

one of the revision questions is: "find a partial fraction expansion for p(x)/q(X) (given p and q) and extract the numerator of the 6th summand in the partial fraction expansion.

i defined p and q, and typed "convert(p/q,parfrac,x);" but that would not give me the result!

any help? please...


I'm taking a class in DEs and Im trying to use maple to solve some of them.

the thing is I can't find a way to solve the following in maple: y" + y = 2xsin(x) .....

can somebody help me in that???

Thanks in advance.


Here's what I am trying to do:

  1. I launch a Maplet from a webpage either using a local copy of Maple or over the web via MapleNet)
  2. When this Maplet iterminates I want to run a PHP (or Javascript or ...) program.

In order to do this, the web page needs to have some way to detect the termination of the Maplet. Does anyone have a way to do this?

One approach I've considered is to have a Javascript function that starts the Maplet, waits for the Maplet to terminate, then continues with it's job. But, the usual Javascript action is to start a window, after which the script continues to execute. If I could get a process ID for the window displaying the Maplet, I oculd probably have the Javascript spin its wheels until the process ID no longer exists in the list of active processes.

I can also imagine a situation where the Maplet writes a "cookie" somewhere on the client computer. Then the Javascript sits idle until it detects an appropriate trigger in the cookie. But, where to put the cookie? Is there a way to extract the directory from which Maple is run? Or, Maple's lib directory. (Within Maple I know there is the libname command. But, is there a way to send this information to a non-Maple job?

I've thought about using system (or ssystem) but the command to be executed depends on the OS of the system on which the Maplet is being executed.

I'm interested in all varieties of solutions: theoretical to complete implementations.

Thanks in advance,


Hi, I am new to maple, and I am just trying to get to grips with it but I need to know how to do the following (I have been looking through the help guide but everything I try seems to not work)

1). I need to find the coefficient of xyz2 via a single function (Rather than just finding it once expanded or in a multistep process) to the equation (x+y+z)4

From what I have worked out its something like coeffs(expand((1)), x, y, z^2), but I am going wrong somewhere ...

let w=exp(2∏i/n) with i=√-1

find (1-w)(1-w^2).....(1-w^n-1) for n=3,4,5.


what do you think the general result might be for all n???


any help appreciated:)

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