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Should it really take 103 seconds to build a list of 95850 floats on a 2GHz machine?

I am using the data from the attached .m file and using the following code (I am not doing anything here but I will be) on the list, angles1_s which is read in from the .m file

Odd question time. I making several small 'sub functions', named in the form y_i. I don't know how big it will get, I keep adding and removing more as I go. Is there a easy way for Maple have combine all the y_i's together into a set(to later plot)? Thanks
Something simple, like this: y:=(x[0])->42 will give me: invalid parameters for inline function Anyone know why? Thanks


I need to plot a solid circle on a line. The problem is that you can see the line through the circle:

l := plot(x,color=red,thickness=3): 
d:=disk([0.5, 0.5],0.05,color=black): 
display({l, d},view=[0..1,0..1]);

I think I need something which is called in Microsoft Office products "Bring Forward (or to Front)" and "Send Backward (to Back)"

I suppose it's something very simple but I just cannot find it!

Thank you!

I have this function:

Eig1 := proc (R) options operator, arrow; (1/9*(-27*deltaE^3*R^9-10*M^6+3*sqrt(-189*deltaE^4*R^12*M^4-147*deltaE^2*R^6*M^8-27*M^12+60*deltaE^3*R^9*M^6))^(1/3)-(-deltaE^2*R^6-7/9*M^4)/(-27*deltaE^3*R^9-10*M^6+3*sqrt(-189*deltaE^4*R^12*M^4-147*deltaE^2*R^6*M^8-27*M^12+60*deltaE^3*R^9*M^6))^(1/3)+2/3*deltaE*R^3+2/9*M^2)/R^3 end proc


> deltaE := 0.355 , and

M := sqrt(540000.0000)


The eigenvalue command gives me a vector like: [ [5] , [4] , [3] ].

Is there a quick way I could grap the first eigenvalue and make that a function without copying and pasting?

I have the following nonlinear ODE symmetric in the functions A(r) < - > B(r):

eq:= diff(A(r),r)^2/A(r)^2 + diff(A(r),r)*diff(B(r),r)/A(r)/B(r) + diff(B(r),r)^2/B(r)=k;

The task is to solve for A(r) in terms of B(r) and it goes like this: solve the quadratic equation for A'/A in terms of B'/B (or vise versa cause equation is symmetric) and then integrate.

dsolve(eq, A(r));  produces the required solution for A(r) in terms of integral over B and B'.

Hi I used the "search" option of this forum. I have seen old messages about  the continuation of line "#" of fortran77 that is different from the ones in fortran90. I have thousands lines of fortran code created by codegeneration and I can't use "replace all # with &", because # are at the beginning and "&" at the end of the line. It takes a while to substitute all of them by hand every time I generate the fortran subroutine. Do you know if they are going to introduce the continuation of line with & instead #?



This works:

zz:= s/sqrt(s) ;

produces sqrt(s);


but zz2:=s/sqrt(s*m);

produces s/sqrt(s*m)  instead of   sqrt(s/m);


Also, how do I get sqrt(s) to display as (s)^(1/2) ??


Hi everyone,  I am using dsolve with a stop condition and want to suppress the error message "warning, cannot evaluate the solutin further right of.... stop condition 1 violated#

I believe that _Env_dsolve_nowarnstop:=true  will help, but I can't get it to work.

Any ideas please?  and any general info about environmental variables in general?





Hi,the following is my confused problem

the effective statements 
   a:=GetInput("Input the moves.");#input: IMIM10IM2IM9IM7IM8IM10
   M10:=[[2, 12, 7, 4, 11, 6, 10, 8, 9, 5, 3]]:
   M2:=[[2, 5, 8, 6, 4, 12, 3, 9, 10, 11, 7]]:
   M8:=[[2, 4, 10, 5, 12, 11, 8, 3, 7, 6, 9]]:

Guys, really need your help!

I'm carrying out some computations on my recent project. The final aim is to obtain a 2-D Graph. The function depends on an integral with floating limit, which depends on the variable of the graph.

that looks like

plot( FunctionOf(int(F(x,z), x=arccosh(z)...0)), z=1..2)


The command coulditbe works incorrectly with abs:



 It is OK.


I'm experimenting with a backtracking procedure to solve the subset-sum problem: given a list L of integers, and an integer N not in L, to see if elements of L can be found which sum to N.  Basically the procedure works recursively, adding elements to the current list until either the sum equals N, in which case we stop with a solution, or the sum exceeds N, in which case we go back one level: 


i use under code for plot

but only vertex has been show

help me




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