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Hi all, would greatly appreciate if someone tells me

how to plot two lines eg in Maple but the point of intersection is shown on the graph.

Is this possible?

Thank you very much ...

I upped an example to show what i want. I need to connect the blue and yellow joint with a rigid body frame. The length of this frame should MapleSim derive from the initial position of this arrangement by itself (Spherical Joint S1 and Revolute R3 have strictly enforced initial conditions, yellow joint has a fixed position). Is there such a feature like inserting a frame between two given points in MSim4 ?

How to plot (x-1 < 0 /\ y =0)?

Thanks in advance.

Can we add our own custom symbol shapes to the maple library to use with the command symbol=  ?

Hello, I am currently using the GF package to create finite fields: GF(2^16) = GF(2)[X]/(X^16+X^5+X^3+X^2+1) and GF(2^4) = GF(2)[X]/(X^4+X+1). But how can i get working into GF(2^16) defined over GF(2^4) ? That's with polynomials of degree at most 3, whose coefficients are in GF(2^4). Thanks, -- J

God forgive me, I know this is a bad way to start asking for help, but it is such a PITA to figure out how to get WYSIWYG representation of even simple Maple worksheets onto this forum.  I searched the catacombs of Rome looking for a simple way to attach a couple of (very small) Maple & Matlab files relevent to my current angst, but to no avail; the dragon of legacy unix protocol has slain its latest unsuspecting victim.

There must be an easy way to convert a line into math?

Sometimes you've gone to all the trouble to type out a lengthy line of math to operate only to find out it's in text mode. 

Is there a way to change it over to math?  I've tried highlighting and F5 but that didn't work.  Are we stuck to having to retype the line(s) over again?

Hi everyone, seems I'm new here!

There is my first request:

Is there a way to undock the window with the 3D visualization. (as a new window)

If I change the size of the window, the size of the visualization window is not updated.


I try to solve the folowing task:

Simulate the behaviour of a skyscraper with eight floors during an earthquake. (assumption: cosinus stimulation). Determine the resonance frequency of the skyscraper. When does it collapse. Ignore damping.


When you export a mw maplet file ****.mw  to a ****.maplet file, and when you launch this file ****.maplet with mapletviewer.exe, the following message appears at start: "Error launching maplet splash screen".

Kind regards,



I'm writing an animation of the Spiral of Theodorus. I'm trying to get it to display a composition of the triangles as it animates. If i change the code to insequence=false it displays them all at once, and doesn't animate. Here is the little bit of code I wrote:


g := sum(arctan(1/sqrt(n)), n = 1 .. i)

p := seq(plots[polygonplot]([[0, 0], [sqrt(k+1)*cos(subs(i = k, g)), sqrt(k+1)*sin(subs(i = k, g))], [sqrt(k)*cos(subs(i = k-1, g)), sqrt(k)*sin(subs(i = k-1, g))]], color = white), k = 1 .. 16); plots[display]([p], insequence = true);

HI, URGENT! pls help.

the monster is

f := int(x^2/(e^x-1), x = y .. infinity);

y is some finite positive number. My goal is to plot f against y

I've tried to use either evalf or ApproximateInt to get a number but failed. The error msg either says object is too big or maple can't allocate enough resource.

pls help!

Hi everybody

I want to plot the piecewise function:

f(x)={ -1<=x<=0,-1<=y<=0,  x+y

0<x>1, 0< y <1, 3xy

I write en maple:

k := proc (x, y) if -1 <= x and x <= 0 and -1 <= y and y <= 0 then x^2+y^2 else if 0 <= x and x <= 1 and 0 <= y and y <= 1 then 3*x*y end if end if end proc;


plot3d(k, x = -1 .. 1, y = -1 .. 1);

the PC's send me this message:

I got this code in Maple >restart: lambda[1] := 3; lambda[2] := 4; lambda[3] := 5; lambda[s] := lambda[1]+lambda[2]+lambda[3]; u := 20; deltat:= 1; c:=1; Q:=10; >MultivariateNormalSample := proc (Sigma, N) local A, R, d; d := LinearAlgebra[RowDimension](Sigma); R := Matrix(LinearAlgebra[LUDecomposition](evalf(Sigma), 'method' = 'Cholesky'), datatype = float[8]); A := Statistics[Sample](Normal(0, 1), d*N); A := ArrayTools[Alias](A, [1 .. d, 1 .. N]); rtable_options(A, subtype = Matrix); return R.A; end proc; >with(Statistics): U:=u;
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