MaplePrimes Questions

So, I do the following calculation and all is well


I close Maple, it asks me to save and I do.  Then I open the worksheet again and push the "!!!" button and I get


The calculation is done without the benefit of the units package.


I have three lists: [x],[y1] and [y2] and want to plot y1 and y2 against x.

The command

pointplot(x,y1) gives me what I want for y1 and

pointplot(x,y2) gives me what I want for y2, BUT

I can't figure out a way to put y1 and y2 on the SAME plot against x instead of two separate plots.

There must be a way... any suggestions?


This might be a stupid question, but I'm a novice.

I'm using Minimize from the Optimization package, and the ansewr I get is x=5 (lets say).

now, I want to plot that 5 with it's y (let's say y=2), so what I really need is just the 5. not the x=5.

I can't seem to find how do I do that. convert has nothing, nor does anything else. I was thinking even to try and replace the = with := but I can't find how to.

anyone?? am I that stupid?

I'm trying to plot a function but I recieved the error :

Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct.

It seems its simply because the function is a bit complicated, because I get the correct plot with eaither part of the function separated. Its my function:


I cannot set up a link between the student version of Maple 13 and Matlab.

I have followed the instrutions in ?Matlab,setup and things still do not work. I have even done everything manually. On the prompt I have done many variations on the following:

$ export PATH=$PATH:/Library/Frameworks/Maple.framework/Versions/13/bin


I'm trying to solve a PDE using pdsolve() for the Laplace functrion.I can solve the PDE and get a general solution, but when I try to solve the equation with the boundary conditions, Maple indicate that"Error, (in pdsolve/info) wrong extra arguments: {u(0, y) = 0, u(a, y) = 0, u(x, 0) = f(x), u(x, b) = g(x)}",here is my code:

> restart; with(PDEtools);
> U := diff_table(u(x, y));
> pde[1] := U[`$`(x, 2)]+U[`$`(y, 2)] = 0;
>bc[1] := eval(U[...



I set up 6 equations systems with 6 variables (multivariate polynomial equations). the "fsolve" function give only one solution. Can someone recommend me to other function that can give me several solutions or a funtion that set a solutions with the ranges of the variables.






I am using the command latex(int((sqrt(45.5625-(y-6.75)^2)+4.5)^2, y = 0 .. 13.5)); and its giving me 1327.562169 instead of the integral. How do I force maple 15 not to evaulate the integral.

Dear guys! It seems to me that we can not use "subs" after solving an ODE system by method=classical[rk4]. Am I right? If your answer is yes then how should Ido instead? 

Hi all! Can any body tell me what " relerr " does in maple. I have seen it in a .mw file but I don't find it in maple help, why? 

Hello! I have an ideal in 12 variables. I wish to eliminate the last four. I did:

ord := lexdeg([x[9],x[10],x[11],x[12]], [x[1],...,x[8]]);

gb_myI := Basis(myI, ord);


However, the resulting Grobner basis had all 12 variables. Did I misapply the lexdeg? Or perhaps I don't quite understand the eliminnation order?

Any help or comments would be appreciated!




I have tried to solve a certain problem but I can't go on since

Maple can't do rational functions computation.


I wanted to solve Wx1v for funcF1 but Maple couldn't. 

So I solved it manually. If I substitute F1 into Wx1v,

Maple should give 0. But it doesn't. Maple couldn't simplify

computations. Any help? Thanks!


Is there a way to change the font size when doing an "export as pdf" from the file menu? It it currently much to big for me (both in plots as well as other text). I use worksheets (not documents) exclusively.



tryed to compile samples\OpenMaple\cmaple\omexample.c in MS Visual C++ Express 2010. Everything is OK but after running is writes "The program can't start because maplec.dll is missing from your computer..." Why? I've linked maplec.lib statically! Besides \Maple\\ in my library path where both maplec.dll and maplec.lib are. System - Win7 Home Premium +SP1

Why doesn't HTTP[Get] work with the question mark?

for example

a := HTTP[Get]("")  # works to get the first page

a := HTTP[Get]("")  #  Shows file directory not found

How do I get it working so

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