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consider f=f(z)

whereby z=Complex(x,y)

how do you find diff(f(z),z)?

thanks in advance

I have the following setup of springs and dampeners:

which gives me the following ode system

Hi everyone.

I have a doubt:

On the example at "kinematic exports help", the position constrain equations are not the same as the one made by hand. In fact, they should be as:

l1·cos(theta)+l2·sin(beta)-s = 0

l1·sin(theta)-l2·cos(beta) = 0

I know that a bit difference might be due to de sector of the angle beta. However, what I cannot undestand is why the term "s" appears multiplying to "cos(theta)" in the example.

Can anybody please help me?



Why do I get this error message:

X := proc (a, b) local w, V, i, E, s; global Nr, sampvar, u;

w := sampvar*(1-a-b);     V[2] := u[1]^2;

if w = 0 then w := 0.1e-4 end if;

for i from 3 to Nr-1 do V[i] := w+a*u[i-1]^2+b*V[i-1] end do;

for i from 2 to Nr-1 do E[i] := -(1/2)*ln(V[i]^2)-u[i]^2/V[i] end do;

s[1] := 0;   for i from 2 to Nr-1 do s[i] := s[i-1]+E[i] end do;


end proc:

Hello, everybody! I can`t solve these equations. Please, help me! Thanks...


k=2π/λ, λ=10000, a=3000, W=500;



θ=π/6, d=0..100;


I wrote a procedure that solves a volterra integral equation numerically. This procedure  takes N , number of radial basis functions, as parameter  .the problem is:Error,  bad index into Matrix

How can I fix this problem?

here is my procedure:

I'm acquainted with using View - show/hide contents - and unchecking input to hide the input in a worksheet.  My problem is that I would like to do this only some of the time.  I've tried selecting just the text where I want to hide the input but the menu action seems to apply to the whole worksheet.  This is in Maple 14.  Is there someway to hide the input some of the time but leave it visible the rest of the time?

I have a problem:" Write the  equation of all lines passing through the point M(19/12,4) and tangent to the graph of the function f(x) = 2*x^3 - 3*x^2 + 5. I did the following:

[> f:=x->2*x^3 - 3*x^2 + 5;                    

[> g:=x->k*(x-19/12)+4;

[> solve([f(x) = g(x), diff(f(x),x) = diff(g(x),x)],[x,k]);

[> h:=k->k*(x-19/12)+4;

I need help of your expertize in solving the following queries:

I would start with a sample equation:

Eq1 = u_{xxxx} + u_{xxyy} - v_{xxxy} - v_{xyyy}
where u_{xxxy} represents 4th order pde of u i.e. d^4/(dx^3 dy).

I get a equation similar to Eq1 (but quite complicated) on solving the
equilibrium equations. I would like to collect the similar derivatives
for variable u and v together like

Eq2 = d^2/d x^2 ( u_{xx} + u_{yy} ) - d^2/dx dy ( v_{xx} + v_{yy} )

Why does Maple Italicize every letter I type whenever I create a new file?

Is there a way to disable this automatic italicization?

How to work out this integral

I have a problem with dsolve that is explained bellow:


In Maple 14, I get the following result
d / d \ M(x)
--- |--- u(x)| = - ----
dx \ dx / EI
u(0) = 0, u(l) = 0
/ 1 1 1 \

hi, could You help me to write script(program) with maple( maple 13) exercise....?

1) The velocity of a freely falling object near Earth's surface is described by the equation
dv/dt=-g     (1.1)
where v is the velocity, g=9.8m/s^2 . Write a program that employs the Euler method to compute to solution to (1.1); that is, calculate v as a function of t. For simpilicity, assume that the initial velocity is zero-that is, the object starts from rest-and...

Hi and thank you for looking.

I have recently begun advanced maths and need help with maple. Is it possible to input an algebra equation and have maple rearrange it to make it a different subject?


I am new to maple and maths again so any help much appreciated. 


Also can maple for example if I input 6 equations could it or is there a way to get maple to pick two like equations out of them.


Thanks again, Danny 

I wrote a module that has quite a few commands in it. I want to make a help file for it so that when you type something like ?mypackage, something like this will pop up! thanks in advance!


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