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would like to solve for x in terms of z from z in terms of x

however, x2 = RootOf(z2-z3-z1+_Z^3) , what is _Z ?

ex1 := {z1=x1, z2=x3-x2^3, z3=-x1+x3, z4=-x1+x4};
solve({z1=x1, z2=x3-x2^3, z3=-x1+x3, z4=-x1+x4},{x1,x2,x3,x4})

{x1 = z1, x2 = RootOf(z2-z3-z1+_Z^3), x3 = z3+z1, x4 = z4+z1}

aim: To solve the van der pool DE deqn := diff(x(t), t, t)+x(t)+epsilon*(x(t)^2-1) assuming pertubation expansion

I have the bellow code:

display(a); display(b);

where a, b are plots.

The output are two plots on two lines. How can I get the plots to be on the same line? 


Is it possible in Maple to output a complex number using j (or i) instead of I ?




I wish to enter in the math dot operator but I can't find the way to enter it in the document mod. I also searched the help and did not find a way.


all I want is to enter dot(varphi)





I have used the series command to expand sin(x) as a Taylor series about x=0, as follows:

In Maple 14

with(epsilon); > f:=[(x-u)^2+(y-v)^2-1,v^2-u^3,2*v*(x-u)+3*u^2*(y-v),(3*w*u^2-1)*(2*w*v-1)]; > printlevel:=2:

               Epsilon 0.618 (C) 2003 by Dongming Wang

[CharSet, ICS, IVD, PID, Prove, RIM, RegSer, SimSer, TriSer, Tsolve,



When I type a operation in maple such as limit, derivative, integral... then I enter. It only show the result. but I want it to show clearly  each step of  solving. What should I do?


I would like to see all the solutions for the following:


but the result only gives


For example, I can imagine that if b=-c in the integrand that the solution should be


and not undefined as it would be by substituting b=-c into the Maple result.

I tried


but I didn't find that this gave the answer I was looking for either.

How to obtain a triagular signal ?



In 2D Math of maple 15, when I type a operation  then I press Enter, It show the result below. But I want it to show the result next to the operation behind the equal sign. How should I do ?

for example:

instead of show :



I want it to show this :

7 + 9 = 16

Help me!

Thank you

I want to be able to check my work and see if I have indeed got the correct mapping.

Say I want to find the image of a circle |z| = 3 in the complex plane under the mapping: w = 6/z

How would I do this?





2)Y:=proc(i) Dr[i,2] end;ty:=proc(i) Dr[i,1] end;

3)P[X](omega)=(1/2)*{(Sum(Y(j)*cos(omega*(ty(j)-1/(2*omega*tan((Sum(sin(2*omega*ty(j)),j=1..N[0]))/(Sum(cos(2*omega*ty(j)),j=1..N[0]))))))^2,j=1..N[0]))/(Sum(cos(omega*(ty(j)-1/(2*omega*tan((Sum(sin(2*omega*ty(j)),j = 1..N[0]))/(Sum(cos(2*omega*ty(j)),j=1..N[0]))))))^2,j= 1..N[0]))+(Sum(Y(j)*sin(omega*(ty(j)-1/(2*omega*tan((Sum(sin(2*omega*ty(j...

Dear Maple users

I am experiencing a strange problem with my clipboard. I am using Ducument Mode and when I am trying to copy part of my document using Ctrl+C and place it in the same document using Ctrl+V, then sometimes things are not being copied properly as can be seen on my image below. It is as though the clipboard doesn't pick up the fomatting. When I restart my computer things works fine until a certain point when it stops working. I hope someone can...

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