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What is the pattern in the following polynom: (how to generate them) 

1:     12 n^2 + 12 n + 1

2:    300 n^3 + 450 n^2 + 160 n + 5

3:   840 n^4+1680 n^3+1030 n^2+190 n+3

4:  1260 n^5+3150 n^4+2730 n^3+945 n^2+107 n+1

5:  27720 n^6+83160 n^5+93030 n^4+47460 n^3+10689 n^2+819 n+5

I have an expression like; 0.7x + 5e-10y, which I would like to approximate to 0.7x.

Round won't work as it will also round the 0.7 down to zero.  I have tried using he Digits command, but it seems to only work half of the time.

Is there a simple command that can put a ceiling on a number like e-5, so that any number lower than that will not be returned?


Robert Ward


Hi all, This is probably a simple command, but I cannot figure it out. I am using the following to spit out some results from a system of ODEs, but I can't figure out how to label the individual columns t, H, W R, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks! > file := "/Desktop/Aquifer results2/comp60.txt"; try fd := fopen(file, 'WRITE', 'TEXT'); for tt from 0 to 945 do fprintf(fd, "%a %a %a %a %a %a\n", (eval([t, H(t), Weq, Req, price, total], sol2a(tt)))[]) end do finally close(file) end try; %; >

Curious as to why the whole line, during an animatecurve plot, "wiggles" as it's being animated. 

A simple example


Why is that?

procedure overload...

October 13 2009 sasomao 597



I want to make an overloaded function with two possible behaviours.

If the function is called with a list as parameter it shoud make something; if it's called with TWO lists as parameters, it shoud make another thing.

I tried first something like:



Hi all,

I was just wondering about a smart way to diff a vectorfunction.  Lets say i want to diff this vector:

v:=<5*t+1, (1/2*(-10))*t^2+50>

When i try to diff v it says:

"Error, non-algebraic expressions cannot be differentiated"

I know it's possible do do by:


But is there a better way?

/Simon Johansen

Comment out section...

October 13 2009 Benn 56

Dear all,

my Maple sheet is structured in sections. So far, I could not find (Maple Help, Google, Mapleprimes) an easy way of commenting out (i. e. disabling or deacitvating) a section or subsection. Any hints how to do that? (Similar to C++ with its /* ... */ or many (LaTeX) editors with the "Insert comment" function.) Writing a # manually in front of each command is not regarded as "easy".



1:  6n + 5

2:  150 n^2 + 200 n + 55

3:  420 n^33 + 770 n^2 + 410 n + 57

4:  630 n^4+1470 n^3+1155 n^2+343 n+29

5: 13860 n^5 + 39270 n^4 + 40740 n^3 + 18711 n^2 + 3591 n+205

int(exp(1/((x-a)*(x-b))), x = a .. b)

complexplot examples in the help is limited.

this is a example


c is a fixed,

a is a real number

a is a complex number

plot the locus.

Dear All

I am trying to substitute an expression that contains hermitian operators where the ordering is crucial.  I have tried algsubs and simplify-sidderels, but they both do nothing.

I am trying to substitute;

a + b*c*b = R

where all are defined as hermitian operators in the Physics package.

into an expression;

H = - a - b*c*b

but nothing happens...

However, when I substitute a = R - b*c*b, rather than getting H = -R, I get;

H = -R + c*b - b*c*b

This GARCH model in Maple is driving me crazy. I have successfully estimated the two parameters in excel

which was quite straight forward with the help with Hulls book page 380 (please see attached file for data)

Download 8342_GARCH Estimation (Hull).zip
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Ok, so for my Analytical Mechanics class, we have a problem that requires the use of Maple, Mathematica, etc to solve. I was able to get a workable solution, but getting a final answer (for initial groundspeed, as I'll describe in a minute) involved a process of guess and check, manually tweaking variables to find a close approximation. My professor's solution did much the same thing. I don't like guess and check, since I'm sure Maple is capable of doing what I need it to do automatically. So I'd like some suggestions on how to make it work. First, though, The Problem:

Hi there,

I am working through the example in maple help,

trying to save a lib (maple library)


I have written several procedures (predefined function).

How do I make them a package?

So I just have to load it with "with(myfunctions):"

then I will be able to use thses functions.


I have had a look at

not so sure if I understand all.

what function should I look it maple help?


Thanks in advance.


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