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Good morning.

I want to do a program in a worksheet that it can recall other workeet for plotting with display.

I don´t know how can recall other worksheets.

Please help me.

P.D.: I send a worksheet


I am new to Maple so I don't know if this is expected behavior or simply a setting or command I need to set.


When I calculate (12x2y2)/4xy, I get (3x2y2)/xy instead of the simplified 3xy. Is this normal?






I am tring to solve two coupled pde's with piecewise/Heaviside conditions. I am puzzled with the maple error...Rhop, Rhos are constants n given some values..

> pde_sys:=[diff(c(m,t),t)=(2/m)*diff(c(m,t),m)+diff(c(m,t),m,m)-(convert(piecewise(d(m,t)<Rhop,(Rhop-d(m,t))*d(m,t)*c(m,t)),Heaviside)+(Rhos-d(m,t))*c(m,t)*convert(piecewise(d(m,t)>Rhop,Rhop,d(m,t)),Heaviside)), diff(d(m,t),t)=convert(piecewise(d(m,t)<Rhop,(Rhop-d(m,t))*d(m,t)*c(m,t)),Heaviside...

Like when I type


it gives


but if I type


it gives


I want it to consider 0.5 as 1/2, because sometimes I make computations on large equations and I want to have access to the symbolic output, not the numeric output.

Hello all,

I am trying to solve a pde system with piecewise conditions numerically but unsucessful. Here's what i am doing:

> restart;

> sys:=[diff(c(x,t),t)=v(x,t)*diff(c(x,t),x$2),diff(v(x,t),t)=piecewise(c(x,t)>v(x,t),c(x,t)*diff(v(x,t),x$2),0)];

> bc:={c(0,t)=2,c(1,t)=1,c(x,0)=0,v(0,t)=1,v(1,t)=2,v(x,0)=0};

> sol:=pdsolve(sys,bc,type=numeric,time=t);

I am getting the following error.......

Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/process_PDEs...


I am trying to solve a transient heat transfer problem.

The problem is that I have an insulated pipe that is immersed in cold water.  At time 0, the fluid filling the pipe is at a constant temperature.  The insulation at one end of the pipe is different to the rest of the insulation.  I need to find out the time that it would take any fluid to reach a certain temperature, called the cool down time.

A graphic representation of the...

Is there an easy way to find the limit of the following equations as Pec_i approches infinity.

 Equation 1

(Q*(R*S+1-S)/(1-R*R3*k*(1-R1)/C/Pec_i*S)*(H_vap+1/(1-exp(Pec_i)))*exp(C*Pec_i/(R*S+1-S)*(1-R*R3*k*(1-R1)/C/Pec_i*S)*S/k)-H_vap)*(1-exp(Pec_i*(1-S)/(R*S+1-S)*(1-R*R3*k*(1-R1)/C/Pec_i*S))) = 1;

 Equation 2

 Theta0/C = (exp(Pec_i/(R*S+1-S)*(1-R*R3*k*(1-R1)/C/Pec_i*S)*(1-S))-1)*(H_liq+1/(1-exp(-C/k*Pec_i/(R*S+1-S)*(1-R*R3*k*(1-R1)/C/Pec_i*S)*S)));

when try to solve this pde, got error

i know function h already, just try to guess its pde, initial value condition is calculated from known function

motion := {diff(h(x1,x2), x1)^2 + 2*diff(h(x1,x2), x1)*diff(h(x1,x2), x2) + diff(h(x1,x2), x2)^2 = 0};
ic := {h(1,x2)=ln(1-x2-(1/2)*c),h(x1,0)=ln(1-(1/2)*c*x1)/x1};
monster := pdsolve(motion union ic);

Error, (in pdsolve/sys/info) found functions with same name but depending on different arguments in the given DE system: {h(1, x2...

1-(1-x1)(1-x2)....(1-xn)=1-(inverted PI).

Is there a simbol for the Inverted PI?



Does the series sum((-1)^floor(ln(n)^2)/n, n = 1 .. infinity) converge?

Please help me to make sense of the ways to use the simplify function. In this particular case Maple does some computation and gives me some huge output which I paste below. When I try to simplify the huge output Maple just hangs. But if I use varied commands of simplify detailed below such as simplify(huge_output,symbolic)  or  simplify(huge_output,size)  Maple gives me an output but none of the output are equal to each other and I also noticed that in one instance...

 Okay so I can see how to get the poles. But I have some further questions.



1) For beta AND Q both GREATER THAN 0 WHICH poles have positive imaginary part and is there a PROGRAMMATIC way of selecting these ones?


2) How do I calculate the residue at these poles? The approach given by Alec above seems useful and is much...

Dear fellow users,

I am trying to call Maple functions from Matlam .m file. How can I do it?

I am using Matlab 7.12 (R2011a) and Maple 12.

Thanks in advance..

Dear Maple users,

I am trying to solve a non linear equation for complex and real roots and I am using following command:

answer:=fsolve(func,x,{x=-100-100*I..100+100*I},complex); % here 'func' is a nonlinear function

to search for all possible roots in the given range. But fsolve does not return all possible roots. Mostly it returns one. But I am sure the function has more roots in the specified range

But, if my "func" is simple polynomial (e.g. func= x^5-3x^2+3x-1...

I'm trying to write a for loop that will generate several procedures, which doesn't quite seem to work as expected.

Here is the sample code:

for j from 1 to 2 do
end proc;

Then if you run the following, you get:

f[1](x,y) = x+y^3

f[2](x,y) = x+y^3


Whereas, I'd like to have:

f[1](x,y) = x + y^1

f[2](x,y) = x + y^2

Any suggestions on why the j value...

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