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I try to use MathMLViewer with OpenMaple. Similar works with plotting:

If I issue


Plots are shown nicely in a new java window.

But executing


results in the following error

Error, (in XMLTools:-ToString) could not initialize the Java Virtual Machine

What can I do to make it work?

Thanks a lot!

Hi everybody:

I have a couple questions regarding tables in Maple 15.

a) For the most part, when you want to resize a table you grab the rightmost boundary and slide the cursor to the left or to the right as you wish. I have come across many situations in which the movement to the left is resticted. In other words, you can not make the table smaller than a certain size. I wonder if anyone knows what controls the minimum size. I don't seem to recognize the cause and effect relationship.

When can we expect Maple 15.02 to appear, to correct that major error of matrix multiplication and the plotting problem with the classic interface in particular?

     Now a new set of fundamental physical constants has been released, as of 2011 June, making the values embedded in Maple's package Scientific Constants from the preceding millennium a further step obsolescent.  I understand, however, that the values of mathematical constants pi and exp(1) are still current.

hello , i m a student and i have a little question

in fact , i wrote this program bur it doesn't work until now , i dont knew why , please if you have an idea tell it to me as soon as possible ,


> restart;
> affichage := proc (L) local i, M; M := []; for i to nops(L) do M := [op(M), convert(L(i), list)] end do; plot(M, scaling = constrained, axes = none, color = red) end proc;
print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder
proc(L)  ...  end;

Questions about Fourier series use in Maple/Or even which commands should I use in Maple to solve these questions as I didn’t find the commands in Maple in general; Here are some questions:

My Maple14 program occasionally needs to skip to Pari-GP to do some algebraic number theory calculations.

The code for WindowsXP is as follows (the code for Windows7 is a little different):

   readstat("In a Pari window enter \\r p When done enter ; at the end of this line.");

Thus I need to put Pari in the foreground, and when done, bring my Maple program back to the

foreground. My program has already set p in the Pari directory to the appropriate Pari script.

I suppose this should belong in a blog or a post but it's more of a question because I don't present anything, but I merely pose an interesting question and wondered if anyone was up to the challenge.  This is also related to Deconstructiong a wave

Recently I read an interesting...

What is the equivalent command from the MATLAB conv in Maple?

Convolution and polynomial multiplication

convolves vectors...

Maple 14:

1, i can't "tab" anymore.

my tab key is turned on(otherwise when i press tab, the curser goes to the next "section"), when i press tab, the curser simply moves over a tab but the words don't! and sometimes when i press tab, nothing happens, and often times, things start to get really buggy and weird.

2, i have to "enter" my module twice before it will is what happens:...

Hi everybody,
I have these two (three) animations (a single animation and a array with two other animations) and I would like to plot the three animations such that when I click on the play button of one of them, all the three animations starts at the same time.. I don't know how to get this, please help me if you can!
This is the code of my animations that I'd want to run at the same time:

The first:


s:= int((1/4)*sqrt(2)*exp(-(1/2)*(x+k*sin(-theta+phi))^2/sigma^2)*(1/(2*Pi)+Q*cos(k*phi))/(Pi^(3/2)*sigma), phi = -Pi .. Pi);

how to use reduce command to get prime ideal?

i find PrimeDecomposition and PrimaryDecomposition in package with(polynomialideal):

is the primedecomposition for prime ideal?


This is related to my previous question regarding int versus Int.

In the process of trying to answer my own question I tried the following:

> q := exp(-x1*log(x1)-x2*log(x2));
                         exp(-x1 ln(x1) - x2 ln(x2))
> evalf(subs(r = 1, int(int(Dirac(x1+x2-r)*q, x1 = 0 .. 1), x2 = 0 .. 1)));
> evalf(subs(r = 1, int(simplify(int(Dirac(x1+x2-r)*q, x1 = 0 .. 1)), x2 = 0 .. 1)));
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