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March 09 2009 jcaldwell 4

I know this is probably a simple question, but how do I go about creating subsystems?  I highlight the components I want and right-click, but I don't get the option to create a subsystem.  Any help would be appreciated.

With Maple 12 the compiler accepts complex complex floats.
However there is some limitation in using compiled results:

  # a simple function to be called by another
  foo1:=proc(z::complex[8])::complex[8]; return z*I end proc;
  foo:=proc(z::complex[8])::complex[8]; return foo1(z); end proc;

Now compile:


The first call works, the second gives an error:

    Error, (in printtab[CodeGeneration:-Names:-FunctionCall])

Hi, please help me to improve my clumsy code. I want a procedure that gives me the nth digit of Pi. I guess there's a much better way to do this, right ?

 Digits:=n+1: # make sure enough digits are available
 evalf(Pi,n+1);  # eval one digit more because the last one is rounded
 op(1,%);# make it integer
 convert(%,base,10); # convert integer to list of Pi-Digits
 op(2,(%)); # pick up the first not rounded digit
 end proc;


Where's Classic?...

March 09 2009 JacquesC 2301
0 8

I just installed the X86_64 version of Maple on my new computer, but I can't find Classic!  Is it not supported on this platform? 

I looked in the installation instructions, and there was no mention either way. 

I have a physics problem that I hope to get help from this forum. The question is like this:

 I have figure here but I cannot paste it. Anyway I will try to make an explanation of where the points in the circle are located.


March 09 2009 riba 8

can i get help in solving the followin

Achemist has one solution which is 50% acid and a second solution which is 25% acid. how much of each should be mixed to make 10 litres of a 40% acid solution?

Please solve & ploting A from (x,y)

A:=nt(((exp(-(1/4)*g^2*l^2)/g.((w^2+c^2*(g^2))/(wh^2-w^2)))*Phi0)*(sin(w*y-*x+`ϕ`)+sin(w*y+*x+`ϕ`)), w = wp .. wh);




wp & wh are constants.

 Tanks for attention !!!


I frequently have a problem where evalf does not fully evaluate an expression.   First of all it stops at constant expressions.  For example,  "evalf(pi)" does not give me "3.14..." it just says "pi".

Also, it sometimes does not finish evaluating expressions.  For example,


Are there any ways to overcome these issues?

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong with the plot command...a screenshot shows best:




I have a Maple question.


List 5 integers that are congruent to 4 modulo 12


I already know the answer.


Here are some of the list of integers 4, 16, -8, 1204, and -7016360


How do you I use Maple to generate list of integers that are congruent to 4 modulo 12


If I use 4 mod 12 in maple the result is 4.


Any assistance will be highly regarded.


Take care



I have 103 tables ( aal_l,  abf_l  etc )  which each has columns D, T, O, H, C  etc 

I want to exctract column C for all 103 table and store the result in a matrix


I know how to extract column C for one table


convert(connection:-ExecuteQuery("select C from aal_l", 'output' = Array), Matrix)


but how can it be done for multiple tables ...?


please help me here:

i want to evaluate the integral:

int(exp(-xi^2*(3*n+xi)/(6*n^2+6*xi*n+xi^2)), xi = -infinity .. infinity)



How do I enter a piecewise multivariate function in maple?


Thanks in advance

Lets say I need to add, as an example, 3 times row 1 to row 3.  The matrix is 3x3.  I assume I have to be using the with(LinearAlgebra); first and then I can set up the matrix, but I am lost after that.

Thanks for any help.



I'm a prime in maple, I have got a problem while trying to solve the following PDE system of equations

                  declare := T(x, y), v(x, y), P(x)

> sys1:=[10^6*v(x,y)*diff(T(x,y),x)-0.1*diff(T(x,y),y,y)-10^3*diff(v(x,y),y)^2=0,diff(v(x,y),x)=0,-diff(P(x),x)+10^3*diff(v(x,y),y,y)=0];

>IBC = {v(0, 0.2) = 150, v(0, -0.2) = 150, T(x,0) =400, T(0,0,2) =300,P(0.3)=0.1 };

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