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gradient vector...

April 14 2009 heomoi 64
plot the gradient vector field and the contour map of f f(x,y) = sinx + siny
can anyone help me to plot that vector field of F(x,y) = (y^2 -2xy)i + (3xy -6x^2)j
the cylinder r = a*cos(O) cut out of the sphere of radius a centered at origin. any help. thanks
Graph the solid bounded by the plane x+y+z =1 and paraboloid z=4-x^2 -y^2, and find the volume. here what i tried, but i cannot get the volume > f := x+y-1; > g := 4-x^2-y^2; > plot3d({f, g}, x = -2 .. 2, y = -sqrt(1-x^2) .. sqrt(1-x^2), axes = boxed); V:=Doubleint(g-f,y=-sqrt(1-x^2)..sqrt(1-x^2),x=-2..2): V=value(V);


The below code is quite good but one thing that is annoying is that we get the same trajectory all the time.

Any suggestions on how this can be fixed ? ( when the simulation starts over I would like to have a new trajectory)

I tried to put the random variable inside the procedure but the result was that all trajectories are changing all the time, which

was not really what I wanted .....


Hi everyone.

I have an assignment due in my computing class. However, I'm stuck on these 6 questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please show all work, step by step. Unfortunately though, I can't use Maple shortcuts like "sum" to sum the terms in a sequence, so try not to use those.

Thanks in advanced :)

hej guys,

i have a 4x4 matrix, each element containing a complex function, depending on 'x' or whatever.

In fact i want to compute the 'eigenvalues' of the realpart of this matrix.


So far i tried:


then taking the real part of each matrix-element(function) on it's own, building a matrix again finally.

eigenvalues( ) gives me "Error, (in content/polynom) general case of floats not handled".


So yes, i appreciate any reply, thx in advance!!



I would like to calculate the double integral


Where f:=(rcos(teta),rsin(teta))->1/(2sqrt(r^2cos^2(teta)+r^2sin^2(teta)))r


But i only manage to calculate the inner integral on maple. The assignment says that there should be an answer just that it will be very long but an answer where the second integral is not calculated is not an answer?



I have already installed Maple on ubuntu but now I would like to install new version of Maple and I should unistall my previous version.

Instaltion - In bash I run "sh MapleInstallation.bin"

An iInstallation quide tells a lot about an instalation on linux but about uninstallation there is not any information.

Could you help me please?



plot two triangle...

April 12 2009 kasape 4


   I want to plot the followings in the only one coordinate system :

1) triangle of (0,0),(2,0),(0,2)

2)triangle of (0,0),(-2,0),(0,-2)

3) line y = -x

   what can ı use command for this. Thanks in advance


I want to plot this expression for some chosen value of 'n':

sum(sum((-1)^{k-j)*binomial(k,j)*j^(n), k=1..n ), j=1..k)


When i do the following:

> E := (-1)^(k-j)*binomial(k,j)*j^(n);

> plot([sum(sum(E,k=1..n),j=1..k)],n=(4..10));

I get: "Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct"

I'm a very new user of Maple so i'm probably missing something obvious: please fill me in! :)


Hi, I'm using Maple 12, and am designing a maplet for a school project.

I have a window with a textbox called 'h' which is used by the maplet to generate the solution to the heat equation given those initial conditions (contained in textbox called 'h'). That part is working, but I would like to display the contents of that textbox in a label or textbox in another window which has a plot of the solution.  Is there an easy way to do this?

I have a component button that gives me a random numer in a MathContainer each time a press it.

How can I store such random number output in a list. I want to have a list of values where the first value in the list is the

random number that appeared the first time I pressed the button, the second value in the list is the random number that

appeared the second time I  pressed the button etc etc


I know how to access output  from a MathContainer



I'm doing my first steps on Maple and tried to fight my problem, but was not able to map out a solution. So please help! Thanks!

I want to include an if-command in a sequence. Unfortunately my code seems to be incorrect. Error message: invalid sequence

Please have a look at the attached file.


How do I generate data from a multivariate normal distribution with a specific covariance matrix  and mean vector?

I am using Maple 12 and do not have additional toolboxes/libraries.


kind regards,

Harry Garst

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