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I tried to compile the Java program located in $MAPLE/samples/OpenMaple/Java/simple under Linux.

While compiling worked, running the .class file results in a crash of th jvm:

# A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
# SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0xb69abfe2, pid=6582, tid=3064224624
# JRE version: 6.0_20-b20
# Java VM: OpenJDK Server VM (17.0-b16 mixed mode linux-x86 )
# Derivative: IcedTea6 1.9.1
# Distribution: Custom build ...

i need to solve a system of ecuations with a generic function e.g V(q). i know that dif(V(q),q) is possitive and second derivative is negative. how can i incorporate this information?

q is my desition variable

 I have been trying to do algebra in maple but I do not know how to write in it The problems I am having is with the word problems Can I just write it in ?

1.what is the form using to find the limit in the mapple? .

f(1). Find the limit of sqrt t*f(t) when t approach o+

2. what is the form using to graph the implicit function Ax^2 + bxY + cY^2=D

with A= 1 , b=1,c=1, D=2010

Base on the above examples. What is family of the curve is ax^2 + bxy + cy^2 = d

I wonder to evaluate divergence theorem when f:xi+yj+zk and the surface is a sphere with equation x^2+y^2+z^2=9 when there is a hole in the sphere with equation x^2+(y-1.5)^2+z^2=1

the volume that we consider is space between inner sphere and outer sphere


Question 1:

Animate the plot of the graph x^2 + Bxy + 4y^2 = 2010 letting the parameter B range from -10 to 10 using frames 100. Determine when family of curves is 2 straight line.

Question 2: 

Animate the plot of the graph z^2 + c = x^2 + y^2 letting the parameter C range from -10 to 10 using frames. How can I graph and Describe what is happening

I saw this error during computing

Error, (in assuming) when calling '`simplify/sqrt`'. Received: 'Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation

Is there any way to overcome the error?


I'm new to maple and am evaluating it as a means of deriving symbolic equations of motion for a system comprising two flexible bodies sliding relative to one another and rotating in 3d space using the Boltzmann Hamel equations.  I have written up the approach but the maths is extremely tedious by hand so I wondered if maple could help.  For  a start how do I define a simple indexed 3 element vector and then create the skew matrix equivalent (tilde matrix) as...

I setup Maple 11 on windows 7   but the program does not save any data

I try to use dfieldplot but no plot appears after the call. that's what i type: > restart : > with(DEtools): > dfieldplot(diff(y(x),x) = 2.x - 2.x.y(x),y(x),x=-2..2,y=-3..3); the last command appears but no plot appears. Why ?

Im trying to resolve a simple system of 2 ecuations and 2 incognits, but I dont know why maple return the same that I put in the instruction as the answer, I will put my procedure here:



Maple returns:

First of all my apologies for having improperly inserted graphic. As you can see in the document, Application 2, the graph is the result of having made an adjustment using SVD. I have tried to repeat the adjustment with Maple and this is what I get. Anything. Where is the problem. Any help?





Hi everyone, I'm a quite new user of maple 13 and i have a problem with the GererateMatrix command.

My porpouse is to convert a ODE problem into a matrix form so I'm using GenerateMatrix command...I pass the ODE equations as a list and then the variables as well. The results is correct and it returns exactly what i've expected but problems start here...

Once I generate the matrix  every list I've previously defined in the worksheet (as for example L:=[a=1,b=2,C=3...

Dears, How can i plot a parametric equations for an ellipse

x[i]=a*sin(t[i]),     y[i]=b*cos(t[i])      t[i] takes a numerical vaulues from - Pi to Pi.


i want to plot the values ,

(x[1], y[1]),

(x[2], y[2]),



(x[i], y[i])      where     i=1..100,

Dr. Amr

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