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with the information in the page

what should do?

i guess to use Hn directly and use sum(Hn*z^m/m!)

is it possible in Maple?


Solve the equation (x-2)(25-x^2)=1


I have a third order system with nonconstant coefficients I would like to solve in Maple.  I have found a solution  but, I need a general solution.  I have attached the worksheet.  In the worksheet I have commented the system and the known solution.

Is there some way to construct the general solution from known solutions like a variation of parameters?

Today I found that login does not work on MaplePrimes.  I changed my password, but still not.

There is no error, I am just returned to the provious page, still not logged in.

Safari 5.1.2, Mac OS 10.6.8

I had to log in using Firefox to post this!

How to patch library maple functions locally if there any method?

Found that in


in 195-196

instead of

j := evalf(j[-1][2]-1);
k := evalf(j[1][1]+1)


should be

j := evalf(t1[-1][2]-1);
k := evalf(t1[1][1]+1)

How to update maple?

if the tolerance can only accept gamma function, rational function

How to convert Kummer expression into other simple formula?

i have calculated a generating function, but the actual answer is much simpler than this

Gen := {p(z) = exp(-I*z/sqrt(c))*KummerM(-(-(1/2)*sqrt(c)*beta+(1/2*I)*beta*c+I*(-1/2+c)*x)/sqrt(c),
beta, 0)*_C1+1)+exp(-I*z/sqrt(c))*KummerU(-(-(1/2...


Sorry for this noobish question but I have problems solving this 2-dimensional Integral:

int(x*y(x^2-y^2)/(3*(x^2+y^2)^3), [x = 0 .. 2, y = 0 .. 1])

Maple 14 does not solve it. Mathematica did solve it but I was hoping for Maples Integration tutor (great thing) to help me solve this on my own.





Im not sure if anyone can help but whenever I plot a graph maple freezes. It looks like the program just refuses to plot it and repeats the command until i get to past where the graph should be at which time it goes back to working fine.


Another way of describing the error is, whenever i...

rsolve({c*(n+beta)*P(n+1)/(-1+c)+(c*(x+beta)/(1-c)-x)*P(n)+n*P(n-1)/(-1+c)=0,P(0)=1}, P(n));
return rsolve({c*(n+beta)*P(n+1)/(-1+c)+(c*(x+beta)/(1-c)-x)*P(n)+n*P(n-1)/(-1+c)=0,P(0)=1}, P(n));

Any other method besides rsolve to solve genfun?

i discover it can solve variable coefficient and n coefficient too.

but sometimes n*P(n+1) make it can not solve, i have to remove n to P(n+1)

any paper describing the mechanism of rsolve, where it store the maple code of rsolve in maple 15?

Please write for me another code for the following problem:
Write the equation of the plane (P) passing through the line (d): x = -t -1, y = t + 3, z = 2*t + 2, (P) cuts the axis Ox at A and the axis Oy at B (A, B different form origin O) so that OA = 2OB.

This is my code






When one equation has no exact solution. I use rkf45 to solve it.

How can I plot the error figures. Can I use the order:s1 := seq([tt[p], Xrre[p] - Xrre[p - 1]], p = 2..N):

w := 500:
k1 := 1:
k2 := sqrt(2):
k3 := -1-sqrt(2):
u1(t):= t/(t + 1)*exp(I * k1 * w * t) + cos(t) * exp(I * k2 * w * t) + exp(I * k3 * w * t):
u2(t):= exp(I * k1 * w * t) + exp(I * k2 * w * t) + t * exp(I * k3 * w * t):

That's the question... 'cause I've tried to open it using

./maple14/bin/maple -cw

like a thousand times and nothing happens...

In status box between "Evaluating..." and "Memory, Time, Mode" there is enough space. Would be nice to have there smth like "user-defined status" of ~100 symbols (or so). Instead of long printed log you could see status of current stage of long-term process.

Hi, I have a question about LPSolve. I definately have a linear polynomial as objective function, but LPSolve seems to think otherwise. My best guess is that it has to do with that my variables are indexed like that? Here is the code, I attached it as well.

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