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I'd want to labels the two axes of my desityplot with a greek letter (eta) and the calligraphy form of M (I mean the equivalent of the latex \mathcal{M}   )

I tried

P1:=densityplot(prova, a=0.16..0.25,b= 4..100,
grid=[25,25],   labels=["eta","M"], colourstyle=HUE,axes=box):


but in this way maple simply print eta (not the letter eta), If I leave the "" maple chose a like label (like the help page says).


I'm a student majoring in Finance, and recentlly I am learning Maple.

But I found a question that I don't know how to deal with:

When learning Econometrics, and sometimes other subjects, we need to simplify a eq. like (X'*X)*b=X'*Y, where X,b,Y are Matrixes and we need to solve b.  And the kind  like that.

i'm working on a solution for the homicidal chauffeur algorithm. the data i have is two points: P (erson) and L (imo) both existing on the cartesian plane. although i think i'm doing it wrong (i'm not using diff equ's), i have a loop which runs over however many iterations it takes for the limo to come within 5 units of the person (most of the time it's taken ~100 iterations). the loop prints a bunch of data over each iteration which can easily be saved into a 4 x iterations array.

Hi there,

Here's an example maple file with my problem:

f := a*b;
B[1] := a;
B[2] := b;

when I try...

sum((diff(f, B[j]))^2, j = 1 .. 2);

I just get the answer of zero instead of b+a.

Any idea why this is happening and how I might be able to fix it?


-Mike Busuttil
University of Windsor
Drake Research Group

I am trying to integrate an equation that has a cos(x), sin(x), cosh(x), sinh(x).  When I enter the equation in Maple and try to integrate the equation Maple just rewrites the equation without actually solving the equation.  I am not sure if I have to load a specific package to complete the integration.  Here is the equation:

H:= (cos(n*L)=cosh(n*L))/(sin(n*L)-sinh(n*L))


when I write: int(phi(x), x=0..L)

Sensor Precision...

November 15 2009 KJM 32


I'm currently working on modelling a system for a design project, and I would like to incorporate my sensor's precision. If I wanted to measure an angle, but only to a precision of say, 0.3 degrees, would I have to build a custom component or is there some clever way to do this?


How could I prove by Maple (11) that the following matrices are unitarily equivalent?

first row           cos(theta)    -sin(theta)

second row      sin(theta)      cos(theta)


first row       exp(i*theta)       0

second row         0           exp(-i*theta)

Hello Im trying to implement a method for numerical simulating a DE with Euler's method. I have got a second degree differential equations which i then transform to two first degrees which i give to my method. The code is given below. The method I'am using uses a list for which I ad an element after each step. This requires shifting al elements in the list one index lift or right. This works fine when there aren't many steps to do, but becomes very slow and uses a gigantic amount RAM in worksheet when i do 10.000 steps. Is there a way do to this more efficiently both in terms of speed and RAM ? Thanks Pieter


November 15 2009 ram1nx 8


sorry for my bad english...

I have a function, that depends og w^1. i do a lot of things with this function. in every following expr. i want to supress terms in w^n n > 2. can i do this?







Hi all,

I am helping my friend on this issue.

We have some numerical computation which involves a lot of "log(g)*g" and we have to evaluate these for g on the interval [0, 1]. The reason that 0 is included is that because the singularity at 0 is removable.


In Maple:

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to solve  exact ODEs with first order and complex coeff.

I solve the system by seperate the real part and the im.part and then solved it numeric. no problems with that.

I would like to compare the exact solutions with the numerical one and use the solutions in formula tha in double integral.

My question how can i get exact solutions by maple( i tried but maple give me message that  can't alloc memory).

I tried entering x² and got (1/2)·x²

not (1/2)·x² + Constant

hi. anyone know how can i merge a lot of function in a piece wise comment? and plot merged one. for example in x axis for each 1 cm of length, we have one function till 10 cm and i want to plot all of these functions in one combined diagram.
I have a for loop that is solving an equation 25 times, and I need to now plot the 25 solution on the same graph. How do I do that?
I have the equation: 4Unit(m)=3Unit(m)+p/(1000Unit(kg/m^3)*9.86Unit(m*s^-2)) I would like p to give med a result in Unit(bar). However, no matter which solve I use it gives me the answer: Error, (in Units:-Standard:-+) the units `m` and `m^2*s^2/kg` have incompatible dimensions I have tried every solve in the menu. if I make the equation myself I get: P=(4Unit(m)-3Unit(m))*(1000Unit(kg/m^3)*9.86Unit(m*s^-2)) And the answer: 9860Unit(Pa) Howcome maple 13 cannot do this for me?
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