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Count Rows of a Matrix...

May 22 2009 CHR 36
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How can I count the rows of a (m,n)-Matrix.
describe[count](M) or something else??


I can insert a table from the Insert menu > Table ..., and I can modify all its properties etc. But is there any way I can "populate" a table with data? Say, for example, this table, on p.167 of my set book,"richardson's+extrapolation+with+five+terms"+"advanced+mathematical+methods+with+maple"&source=bl&ots=ngJbnsw304&sig=D7yj31K_CMLwtvBWo62MXph0qBY&hl=en&ei=KzgWSvu9Gca5jAf2lsX_DA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1#PPA167,M1

Wrong Eigenvalues ?...

May 21 2009 ndattani 554
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It appears that the eigenvalues that Maple computes here are incorrect:


I would like to add a date to label of axes in this example. Is it possible in Maple 12?

Hello - I wonder if anyone can help.

I want to convert the square root of 2 into base 12 from decimal, to about 1000 digits. I've had a go at this with Maple using convert/base but this will only let me convert integers. Is there a way to display sqrt(2) in base 12, either by calculating sqrt(2) and then converting, or calculating and converting all in one go?

Thanks for any suggestions


Hi, I'm using huge sets of 50,000 points each to try to create a huge fractal image.  They are generated using something like the chaos game, but in order to get the detail I'd like I want to use over a million points, but I feel like there is a limitation somewhere as when I merge a couple sets (Q:=union(A,B,C,D); it doesn't create a more detailed point plot.  Is there a limitation to the size of sets in maple.  I'm using maple 11.02 on a mac.

Thanks a lot.

I was wondering if there was a way to restart fscanf so that after using it a certain number of times I can restart from the start of the file and read the information again.

Thanks for the help.

Hi I am in the process of solving 4 coupled PDEs, with their associated ICs and BCs and have obtained solutions up to a time t=T, but at this time I need to change one of the boundary conditions on one of the dependent variables from a value condition to a gradient condition. 1) Can this (structural) change in the BCs at t=T be built into the set of BCs set right at the start of the running the solution, and if so how?


when I use "script-like" commands in Maple 12 (say, entermetric() in tensor package), a java promt pops out and forces me to enter values in the small window. But what I want is directly enter things in the main maple window. how do I turn this off? My work environment is linux.

I also attached a screenshot.



I have a "trivial " question about the actual parameters evaluation when I call a procedure.

The "introductory programming guide" says:

"Note: Maple evaluates the actual parameters before they are substituted for the formal parameters ... " (Maple 12 IPG, pag 195)

I don't understand if this is a full evaluation, a one-level evaluation, or what else.

If I try something like this, in a worksheet page (all the variables are global)

f:= x->x^2;




     Why is it that Maple is smart enought to know that a term like 3w means three times w, but two terms in parentheses like (3+7)and (7+8) with no multiplication operator between them gives an answer of 7?  When a multiplication operator is inserted between the parenthesis, the correct answer 105 is obtained. 


I have 3 lists of numbers, i need to plot a 3d grpah of these lists, is this possible in maple?

I'm new to this,  sorry if the query is trivial:

I'm running OS X 10.5.7 and Maple 13. I'm finding Maple is making a mess of typesetting sum to infinity, for example. The word infinity appears written across the middle of the SIGMA summation sign.

I must be missing something simple - can anyone advise ?





Hello, I need to approximate the Wavelet transform of a set of data, and then plot the 3d graph, I need to find the integral

w := sum(0.25e-2*f[m+1]*g(0.25e-2*m), m = 0 .. 71999):

with varying values of tau and s. I have recieved some help but i think the method of using lists is wrong (one lecturer told me to do this but the another said it wouldnt work.. and it doesnt), and the surface plot maybe wrong for what i need, this is what i have been helped to make so far,

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use a numerical solution calculated by maple as input for another differential equation (to be solved numerically also)

What I have now:

dsysT := {diff(nT(t),t)=-(F/V)*nT(t),nT(0)=nD0}:
dsnT := dsolve(dsysT,numeric);


dsysD := {diff(nD(t),t)=(F/V)*(nDi-nD(t))-nD(t)*<here should be the function from above>*sigma,nD(0)=nD0}:
dsnD := dsolve(dsysD,numeric);

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