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I have program in txt,I want to copy it into the command-line maple 15 as belows:


How to do it. Ctrl+V is useless

> MEMBER := proc(x::anything, L::list, p::evaln) local i;
> for i to nops(L) do
> if x=L[i] then
> if nargs>2 then p := i end if;
> RETURN(true)
> end if
> end do;


I try to solve this problem,but there is an error occur.Is there a problem in the equation?

Hello all, I am wondering if anyone knows how to impose a finite value boundary condition to solve an ordinary differential equation? Specifically, suppose that the solution Maple obtains to an ordinary differential equation is y(x)=-2*x^2+C1*ln(x), C1 being a constant. Given that y(x) must be finite when x=0, then C1 has to be zero. Is there a way to implement this condition when setting up to solve the ODE in Maple, i.e. dsolve({ODE, ICs}, y(x), options)? Many thanks for your help!

Hi all,

I am trying to check a conditional statement in maple, I know it is true but my teacher has us do the entire assignment in maple. I am proving the alternating series test of convergence for a series and need to show that the Un's are all positive so


I am trying to check this statement for truth:


5/sqrt(x+4) > 0 for all real values x > 1

Dear All,


Can someone help me,  to write following matlab code in MAPLE  (only two highlighted lines).   I shall be very thankful to you.


w0=[0.01*aCM];                          %initial values
options=optimset('Display','off','TolFun',1e-24,'TolX',1e-18,'LargeScale','on','MaxFunEvals',5000); % Option to display output

for i=1:length(z) 

I run Maple 15 on an Acer laptop with Windows 7 and have the following problem:

When my Maple documents become "too" long, some of the vectors I have created seem to become tables instead (without me doing anything) rendering vector multiplications and additions/subtractions impossible (they'll throw an error; something like it not being possible to multiply a vector and a table. As if one of the vectors in my multiplication has become a table). Should it...

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a list with positive and negative values. Now I want to count the amount of values less than 0. I tried a few things from the ListTools but nothing is working. I hope you can point me in the right direction.

Kind regards,

Nine Klaassen

Master student TU Delft

how can I caculate the Clifford Algebra in using symbolic expression?

Can maple solve this kind of inequality:
piecewise(x > k, x-k, 0) > q * piecewise(x*(1+a) - k > 0, x*(1+a) - k, 0) + p * piecewise(x*(1+b) - k > 0, x*(1+a) - k, 0)
where p, q, a, b, k are parameters?

I'm trying solve-command with allsolutions option but it doesn't work :(


Thanks for answering :)


How can I use loop-varible in a definition of piecewise function? For example, when I do:

for k to 5 do

f[k] := x -> piecewise(x > 0, k, 0);

end do;




I get:

f[3](1) = 6

f[2](1) = 6

Hi all, I found that the expression:


automatically simplifies to


Is there a function that will return


which is one fraction, instead?

Hello everyone, I am new on Maple, I am trying to solve a system of six nonlinear algebraic euqation..and can't get it to work..if someone can help me..

still have problems,
f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; piecewise(0 <= x and x < 4, 50, 4 <= x and x < 5, 0, 5 <= x, f(x-5)) end proc;

plot(proc (t) options operator, arrow; evalf(Int(f, 0 .. t, epsilon = 0.1e-3, digits = 15)) end proc, 0 .. 20);

in the above figure,there is a discont point in the interval [16..18],but in fact,it's a continuous curve.

how to use fsolve deal with two periodic functions?

i define two variables as follow:




i find the 'omega' i had defined  renewd by


then type:


result is:    omega, 2

how can i define these two variables in one worksheet?

hello everyone, I have a numerical methids exam in acouple of hours and I just dound out that maple 11 on our campus computers has an old student package tht doesnt include numercalanalysis , is there anyway to update it ?

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