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p := display(seq(cutout(v, 4/5), v = stellate(dodecahedron(), 3)), style = PATCH);

q := display(cutout(icosahedron([0, 0, 0], 2.2), 7/8));

display(p, q, scaling = CONSTRAINED, title = `Nested Polyhedra`)


when using Maple to do simple calculus I usually have to explicitly
state the dependence of each variable in the expression....for example


is there a way to declare generic functions of a dependent variable

x1 = x1(t) or x2 = x2(x,y,z)

and avoid having to do it repeatedly in an expression?  I know i can use subs to replace patterns, but can you declare somthing like f(x,y,z,t) without giving the details?

Thank you

hi! i get the following error when i try to see response to my thread coeff problem in maple 13. Fatal error: Call to undefined function getgif() in C:\xampp\htdocs\modules\maplemath\maplemath.module on line 30 how can i fix it?

What's wrong (Why isn't Maple responding 'True')?


assume(n, natural);

evalb(sum(binomial(n, k)*x^(n-k)*y^k, k = 0 .. n) = (y+x)^n);


simplify(sum(binomial(n, k)*x^(n-k)*y^k, k = 0 .. n));


The last line shows it's supposed to be true... it's the binomial theorem. Is there something i'm missing?

hi! i've the following problem, that i can't figure out using maple. i've the following polynomial which i tried to extract the coefficients using maple con:=(-2/(3*lambda^3)+1/(30*lambda)+4/(5*lambda^5))*t^2+(-(1/2)*sqrt(2)/lambda^4+(1/3)*sqrt(2)/lambda^2)*t^(3/2)+(-1/(3*lambda)+2/(3*lambda^3))*t-(1/2)*sqrt(2)*sqrt(t)/lambda^2+1/lambda+(1/2)*sqrt(2)*ln(lambda)/sqrt(t) with the following command: sum(coeff(con,t^(-1/2+k)),k=0..3) but this does not work. however i'm able to extract the coefficiets if i.e. i specify the order of t. can anyone please help



I have a function of two variables defined implicitly, from which I'd like to get a data table. Simplified example

XY = 2 .... Generate


X    Y

1    2

2    4

3    0.666

4    0.5


Of course, Actual function is much more complex, Solving for one X in terms of Y not possible

Do you have any Example about the Multiple Shooting method on Maple? I want the specific examples. Please help me! Thanks so much!

This may be a quite basic problem, but I've been looking for a long time for a solution and could not find any.

Let's assume I have a function:


Now I do diff(f(x), x);

How to make maple return result in a form: f(x)*a instead of a*exp(a*x)?

Ofcourse I would be very grateful for a solution which can do the same with nested functions and expressions...

I'm really struggling with plotting non linear equations onto maple.

I can plot Linear ones with DEtools quite easily, but struggle with Non Linear equations. I've tried PDEtools but not sure if thats relevant.

Trying to plot/display Basin of Attraction;

D(x)(t) = y
D(y)(t) = -ksinx      (can take k = -1)

Any ideas ?

i am supposed to solve this differential equation: y(prime) = 2(1+t)*y^3 where y(o) = 2^(-1/2) this is what ive done so far: > with(PDEtools, declare): with(DEtools): > declare(y(t)=t, prime=t): > diff(y(t),t)= 2(1+t)*(y^(3)); y(0)=2^(-1/2); the problem is that the (1+t) part always drops. what am i doing wrong?

I'm attempting to solve a big set of diff eqs.  I've heard maple has trouble with complex differential equations so I've broken them up into the real and imaginary parts.

The equations are as follows:

 eq1 := diff(RBx(x, t), t) = -x*IBx(x, t)-IUx(x, t)
eq2 := diff(IBx(x, t), t) = x*RBx(x, t)+RUx(x, t)
eq3 := diff(RBy(x, t), t) = -x*IBy(x, t)-IUy(x, t)-3*RBx(x, t)/(2*omega)
eq4 := diff(IBy(x, t), t) = x*RBy(x, t)+RUy(x, t)-3*IBx(x, t)/(2*omega)

A:=[X22(t) = 0, X26(t) = 0, X30(t) = 0, X34(t) = 0, X38(t) = 0, X42(t) = 0, X2(t) = X19(t), X5(t) = X23(t), X8(t) = X27(t), X11(t) = X31(t), X14(t) = X35(t), X17(t) = X39(t), X19(t) = X21(t), X23(t) = X25(t), X27(t) = X29(t), X31(t) = X33(t), X35(t) = X37(t), X39(t) = X41(t), X1(t) = Diff(X3(t), t), X4(t) = Diff(X6(t), t), X7(t) = Diff(X9(t), t),

I've got what turns out to be just a lot of algebraic manipulation - something Maple should rock at. But I can't seem to get things to turn out just right. I have a system of equations in the variable 's'. These are the equations of 3 op-amps, and I'm looking for the transfer function Vo/Vin. V1 and V2 are intermediate voltages at specific nodes, with R1-6 and C1-2, being parameters. V1 = -R2/R1*Vin, V2 = -Vo/(C1*R4*s)-V1/(C1*R3*s), Vo = R6*V2/(R6+R5)+R6*Vin/(1/(C2*s)+R6)


The aim is simple. For some defined procedures, I would like to load them with one single line, and show the 'welcome' message, then be able to use the procedures.

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