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Hi. I recently turned over to maple 13, after using TI InterActive! for 2 years. But i am having som problems working with vector functions in maple. Here is a link to the PDF file with the exercise in TI: It's when i reach "Opgave 2d" that i get into trouble.. when i differentiate the r(t) function it just gives me an error.. "non-algebraic expressions cannot be differentiated" And im just wondering wether there are other functions in maple to differentiate vector functions?

Dear All :

  I have a ODE equation system like this:

eqns := 1.00011000*10^(-7)*(diff(v[gs](t), t))-1.000*10^(-12)*(diff(v[ds](t), t))+v[gs](t)+1.000*10^(-18)*(diff(v[gs](t), t, t))+5.00*10^(-19)*(diff(v[ds](t), t, t)) = 12, 2.900*10^(-18)*(diff(v[ds](t), t, t))+5.00*10^(-7)*(diff(v[gs](t), t))+6.00*10^(-19)*(diff(v[gs](t), t, t))+v[ds](t) = 24

ics := v[gs](0) = 3.5, v[ds](0) = `#msub(mi("V"),mo("in",fontweight = "bold"))`

Dear all,

I was wondering if there is any simple way in maple which could do the following:

given a polynomial (over the reals), return a list or set with all its (maybe monic) factors.

That's not exacly what the 'factor' command does.


As an example, given the polynomial (x+1)*(x+2)^2, I would like to get something like:

{1, x+1, x+2, (x+2)^2, (x+1)*(x+2), (x+1)*(x+2)^2}


Do you know if this is possible in a somewhat straightforward way?


Many thanks in advance for your time..

I have an array of 25 values and need to plot a graph with these values


I have some 3d plots with colors that I would like to export to a vector format such as eps or ps. At the end I will use it as a eps picture in a latex document so if it is possible to export directly to vectorized eps.

I have tried to used to export feature but this simply export it to something that look like a very hard compressed jpeg picture.

Does anyone know how to do this?


Thanks in advance

Regards Brian

hi, for example i have this equation:

View on MapleNet or Download
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i need to factorise it so that i have all of the eta^2*g^2 terms together, can somebody pls show me.


thank you


Hello there.

I´m fairly new to maple, so i apologize if this is a rather "simple" question, but right now I don´t really know how to get rid of the error message that occurs.

What I try to do is define 3 components of (in this case) a function that describes a magnetic field. These functions ( seen below) depend on a few parameters (a,b,c,d,p and chi).


> PlotMfield := proc (a::float, b::float, c::float, d::float, p::float, chi::float)

I'm attempting to plot a Laguerre-Gaussian beam in Maple. I have u(r, theta, z)=f(r, theta, z). What do I need to do to it to make it plot properly? I've tried to equate it to something, but it claims it is not in parametric form. What does that even mean?


I am trying to plot E as a function of t for a following implicit integral equation:


I am using implicitplot, but apparently it loops until infinity and not give any answer.

I tried also to change the integral boundaries to x=0.1..1.55 with no result.


I'll appreciate any help



PhD student, IIT

I've bought a new computer recently and was disappointed, because Maple uses only 25% of that processor (my old computer used 99% of CPU).

I have Intel Core i5 750 processor (it has 4 kernels).
From the Screenshot you can see that It uses only 25%, but not because it uses only one kernel (it uses all 4 kernels).

If I open two Maple instances and run the same program on all of them at once then I get 50% of CPU used.

The question is:
how to force to use Multi-Kernel processor to work at 90% (if needed) with one single Maple program?

It seems that this isn't a limitation to Maple, but for all other programs as well.
For example,

hi, maple wont solve this...

L=1:  seq([fsolve(cos(beta*L)cosh(beta*L)-1=0,beta)],n=1..6);


can anyone pls offer some insight into this.



if i have a saved single plot without any programing codes, how is possible to add a verical text for it's vertical axis label?
why isn't possible to copy a whole plot in maple 13 and paste it in another locationof that page or another new blank tab, whereas in maple 12 was possible!?
Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me with the following problem. I have a procedure AAP:=proc(A, titel) local a,b,c,d; a:=A; b:=[solve(t^3-a=0,a)]; c:= (z-L[1])*(z-op(2,L))*(z-op(3,L)): plot3d(pol(0), dsc(2), hsv( carg(F),1,1),ori,nweb,grid=[100,100], title=titel) end proc: for j from 1 to 8 do AAP(j,Figure j+1) end do;


I am trying to reuse a function that I computed numerically (using dsolve).

My dsolve line is something like this


Then I want to define a new function as follows:

g(x):=2*f1(x/2) and use it in solving another ODE system.

How can I do that?

I could solve the ODE only numerically.

Thank you.

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