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QR Decomposition...

April 01 2009 Krithika Suresh 26
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Hi, The following worksheet shows you how to use Maple to obtain the QR Decomposition of a matrix. The worksheet demonstrates how to use the Context Menu to obtain the decomposition as well as a stepwise solution for finding the decomposition using the Gram-Schmidt process. The worksheet also contains an example of how QR Decomposition can be applied to find the least-squares solution of an overdetermined system of equations. Watch the


I am teaching students "operator analysis" and trying to work with maple. But here I encounter some problems, maybe someone could help me.

I have an operator which returns  powerseries. An operator is implemented in procedure geom (in parameters: s is powerseries and this procedur returns A(s), where A is an operator and s powwerseries):

I need to program a Molecular Dynamics simulator for classical Mechanics and especially for granular matter..

Maple or MapleSim is most appropiate??Or i should do it with a pure programing language (i.e C++)?


Hi, I've been stuck on these 4 questions for the longest time. I have an assignment due next week, and I have absolutely no idea what to do! Please help me! (I'm using Maple 12 by the way)


1. Write a do loop to store the sequence [1,5,10,15,20] in a 1-dimensional array.


March 31 2009 pideepi 8

hi,i am new to this and when i start up maple 12 i get the following error:"Java Virtual Machine Launcher, could not create the java virtual machine".

I am in a Maple introductory class at my university.  We are required to submit an entry into the Undergraduate Research Day.  My professor, sponsoring me, and myself have decided to do an Algebric Coding Theory and was wondering if there were any ideas how to incorporate that with Maple.  I plan on using basic Coding Theory of Linear Algebra but some Abstract Algebra may apply.  Thank you in advance for your ideas.




I have a problem with define(f,multilinear). I want that Maple threats alpha[i,j] as a constant such that f(e[1], alpha[2, 4]*e[4])=alpha[2,4] f(e[1],e[4]). I've added all the alpha[i,j] to the constants, but still, he fails to compute f(e[1], alpha[2, 4]*e[4]).

It works when I add alpha(i,j) to the constants, but then the rest of my program doesn't work, so it really should be with [,] and not with (,).



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I have a matrix with 3 columns of datapoints (as seen in attached file).

I use pointplot3d to create the below picture but how can I get a 2d contourplot of the data ?

Fourier Coefficients...

March 31 2009 Nusc 499



if my Fourier coefficient b_n := 4/(n*pi) which is only true for n odd, how do I program this in Maple?



   If[Mod[2, n],

      c = b_n Sin[n w_0 x]




That was my attempt, it's wrong of course. What do I need to add/change?





How does one enter (and evaluate the following expression) in Maple

d/dt [ del(L)/del(xdot) ] = del(L) /del(x)

where "del" stands for the partial differential sign and "xdot" is the
simple derivative of x wrt t?

For example, I have L = 0.5*m*xdot^2 - mgx


Note that I understand f:=(x,xdot) -> 0.5.m.xdot^2 - m.g.x, but can't seem to make Maple realize that xdot = d/dt(x) within the partial derivative del(L)/del(xdot)

Recently i encouter a problem in Maple 12 that i had not with Maple 10...

More specific:



with Maple 12 i get:

minimize(exp(1/x)+x^3,x = .5 .. 2)

while in Maple 10 i got the answer..

The g(x) has clearly a minimum in that range of x..

I was forced to take the first derivative and find the roots...

Please can anyone explain me why this happen??



How can I graph this in Maple and create an adjacency list.

I would really appreciate any reply back

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I've recently updated to Maple 12 (on Mac OS X.4.11) and am still learning how to use it. A search on Maple FAQs didn't turn up any answers to the following questions.
I can find the Smith Normal and Jordan Canonical form of square matrices but as part of our assignment, we have to find the Smith Normal form, Jordan Canonical, and Rational Canonical of a 7 by 8 matrix (all whole numbers).  Is it possible to do this with Maple?  I only get error messages...  Thanks!
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