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 How to translate the following lines of commands from Matlab to Maple?

n = 2^10;
M = zeros(n);

I = 1:n;
x = I-n/2;
y = n/2-I;
[X,Y] = meshgrid(x,y);
R = 10;
A = (X.^2 + Y.^2 <= R^2);
M(A) = 1;

colormap([0 0 0; 1 1 1])
axis image
title('{\bf Circular Aperture}')


Hi all, 

I need help to run a MATLAB program in MAPLE and find the fourier series coefficients like a0, an, bn.........the matlab code is as follows:                ( to be honest i don't know what format to use in MAPLE for programming?)





I know Maple has/had opensource ideas behind it, that's why



allows seing source code for function sum, but what if I want to see the source code for local procedures in Statistics module,

for example


>proc() local T; try if type(args[1],':-ProbabilityDistribution') then if nargs=1 then return eval(args[1...

I am trying to translate the following Mathematica code into Maple, but am having a lot of difficulties finding the equivalent commands.  Could you please help?

Table[ Partition[ Take[ Flatten[ t ], {k, 3*Length[ t ], 3} ], cols ], {k, 1,3} ]

Note: t,k, and cols are all variables

I'm trying to create Skewed Normal distribution with the following PDF




I'm using the following command for that (referenced from

Dear Maple users

I have been looking for the list of fonts used by Maple, but couldn't find it. Can someone refer me to it? I am installing lots of programs on a new computer, and since some of them are graphics programs, I get a load of fonts thrown in my Windows Font folder. Therefore it is my intention to remove a lot of the unnecessary fonts. But I don't want to remove the ones used my Maple, so I will...

Dear all, 

I'm using the maple command in MacOS. While doing some computations, Maple periodically prints out the GC information such as:

memory used=444.9MB, alloc=184.7MB, time=7.75

I'm wondering how to tell Maple to only suppress those information? I also noticed that maple has an option -q to suppress such information, however, that option is too powerful which suppress other useful pretty printings too, which is not what i want.



hi, in following commands what is wrong :

s define before. i sure it's error related to dsolve. i want to have f[i](x):= dsolve({s[ii], ics[ii]})

for ii from 1 to 6 do ;
ans := dsolve({s[ii], ics[ii]}) ;




i want to write these commands in maple but i dont khnow how to wirte :

do i=1,10

ans = i*2


end do


above code written in fortran patern and i want maple patern. for example i try these command but it doesnt work.

for ii from 1 to 10
 do ii*2
end do

I'm looking for an older worksheet called something like 'Basic Jet Engine Model' originally created for Maple V. 

Does anyone recall such a worksheet?


After using many versions of TA over many years on our own servers, we are considering paying for Maplesoft to host TA. Can anyone offer any experience of using TA hosted on Maplesoft servers? We can think of many good reasons to change but are there any downsides? Is remoteness a problem, speed of access? We have a fairly typical university central computing service dept.

I understand that the way the hosting system works is that more than one server...

Dear All,


I have a question related to Modulated Markov Rate Process (MMRP). Please see MMRP and here. For more information see this

In this kind of markov chain it is necessary to have ON and OFF state that separte by a exponential distribution. Also the number of items as mentioned in the figures has a...

Hi all,

 I am trying to solve a system of pde's to get an analytical solution in maple. here's the system:







Error, (in pdsolve/sys) the input system...

In Maple (v13), how can you present a step-by-step solution in a document where each step :

  1. Follows on from the previous line;
  2. The equal signs are (vertically) lined up underneath each other; and
  3. There may or may not be a LHS (there isn't if the LHS hasn't changed).

I suspect you need to use a table, but with this idea in mind I still cannot work out how to do this.

Hope this all makes sense.

[moderator edit:...


I have no idea what happens here:



s=05189CFC, invalid INTPOS

Error, (in Typeset:-Tdisplay[true]) object at address is invalid
                     Typesetting:-mi("` `")
Error, unexpected result from Typesetting

I have Maple 15.

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