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Latest Questions Latest Questions Feed In the WS attached,I want to specify that x1,x2,y1,y2 are real.I don't want the complex conjugate sign over the products in the hermitian conjugate matrix.


Also there are 2 examples of "Upper Shift" matrix- 3by3 & 4by4.I need a general index notation for this kind of matrix.(e.g. kronicker delta_i,j represents identity matrices).I tried with kronicker delta_i+1,j;but it doesn't give...


I've some problems in factorising terms in an equation.

As one can see in the maple file below, the terms "cosh((1/2)*a+(1/2)*y)", "cosh((1/2)*a-(1/2)*y)", "sinh((1/2)*a+(1/2)*y)" and "sinh((1/2)*a-(1/2)*y)" recur in the equation. So want to factorise those terms, but it doesn't work with factor().

Does anybody have a solution, how I can simplify that equation?

For a eqation such as y(t)=2*sin(3*t)

I want to solve its fourier series under the different step,

and plot corresponding figure like the picture below

How should i do?

help me please.



I have spent all morning trying to create a surface plot from a set of survey data that I have. The data I have is in the format xi, yi, zi. It is in Excel in columns. I read some previous questions on this topic, but my plot just comes out all jumbled.  Here is what I coded.

As soon as I figure out how to post images, i will post the plot...



I have a polynomial where each element is of the form  L * x1^a * x2^b * X3^c *x4^d. I want to replace X3^c by a sum of other elements , the number of this elements depends on c.


Is this possible? if so how can I do it on maple?


Hope you can help, thanks!

I built the shock model in MapleSim


then I got the response accleration


For this curve, I want to solve its fourier series in Maple.

Do it work?

thinks in advance.

this is the msim file


Have anyone toldl me how to find the family of curve at Maple 14

ax^2 + B*x*y+cy^2= D

with A=1, B=1, C =1 and D =2010

Portfolio Return Variance


I need help in defining and solving Portfolio Return Variance in maple


sigma_p = sum sum x(i)x(j) sigma(i)sigma(j)

where [sum(x(i)r(i) = r(p))]

and [sum(x(i) = 1))]


Please help

I am trying to use Markowitz theory to optimise a portfolio. At the moment I have got

> f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; piecewise(x = 1, 0.3e-2, x = 2, 0.4e-2, x = 3, 0.6e-2, x = 4, (-1)*0.6e-2, x = 5, 0.4e-2, x = 6, 0.1e-2, x = 7, 0.1e-2, x = 8, 0, x = 9, 0.4e-2, x = 10, 0.8e-2, x = 11, 0.6e-2, x = 12, 0.17e-1, x = 13, 0.2e-2, x = 14, 0.13e-1, x = 15, 0.12e-1, x = 16, 0.6e-2, x = 17, 0.1e-2, x = 18, 0.2e-2, x = 19, 0.1e-2, x = 20, 0.12e-1, x = 21, (-1...

Can someone send me a clear step by step instruction to install Maple 13 for 32 bit Linux?

My OS is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS netbook edition.

I don't want to install it in home folder,instead I want to create a folder(say,MAPLE) in a partition with a lot of space and then install Maple13 inside this folder.

I have a worksheet that contains various pieces of a robot's dynamic and kinematic equations.  I want to perform different design tasks, taking the base model and working off of it.  I'd like to have only 1 model of the robot and not duplicate it across all of my different design worksheets because things change in the robot model as I switch up tooling, find better means of performing a system identification, etc.

Is there any functionality that would allow...

These days I'm learning "maple introductory programming guide". About the command 'anames()',there is an example illustrated in the picture. I know anames(alluser) yields all the user-assigned names,including names containing a leading underscore ('_').

But I don't know why it yields the word "index/fill", can you tell me the meaning...

Dear Maple lovers,

As a classical worksheet user from the past years, now I'd like to be a "modern" Maple user, using the 2D Input in the modern worksheet mode (I will call it mwm from now on). But, alas, I cannot even solve a simple equation!

To describe my situation let me state the following:

1. I use 64 bit Maple 14 Student Edition (single user) under 64 bit Windows 7.


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