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I'm trying to pointplot two arrays (vectors) but no matter what I change in the listing below Maple 11 keeps considering the second vector as an option.

Rolling Dice Again...

January 29 2010 poorman 40

Hi, continuing on from my previous question. The question now is that how many times do I need to roll the dice to have at least 1 one, 2 twos, 3 threes, 4 fours, 5 fives, and 6 sixes.


Thanks for all the help!

Can Maple embed ActiveX objects ?

such as discussed here

I want to plot y=f(x) where f(x) may be in the form: f(x) = kx... I need to supply several values, or parameters, for the constant k. For example, k=2,4,8,10. If I can get someone's help on this plotting question, I think I'll be on my way to figuring out other issues using the Mable Help menus. I'm a self-study student, so I don't have a professor to check with. Thx. (I realize this is extremely simple)

In principle I think this should be pretty easy. I need to make a MAPLE code that uses loops and arrays to carry out the prcedure described here:  

I've compared that with the Math Input Panel associated with Windows 7 just by mouse

,and another software made by my handwriting pen's manufacturer.

What's your point?

Wish a great progress in the following version of Maple,I think the Ocr function can also be associated.


I lunch a .mpl maple program in a bash shell.

Between the other things, the program shoud print in a file a line that gives the user informations about the elapsed time

I've put inthe code this line

printf("\n The total elapsed time has been of %d hour(s)  %d minute(s) and %a seconds \n",hou, mini,seci):

the problem is that the out file contains not only the formatted answer, but also the very call:

I am struggling with GlobalSolve (in Maple 12) and would really appreciate some help.
The problem is that a non-optimal solution is being found

Rolling dice...

January 29 2010 poorman 40


I have a die and I want to keep rolling it until I get all the 6 numbers on the die at least once.

What could be a possible code?



Hi, all,

I want to implement F4 computing Groebner basis in maple. However, when I read the paper described the F4 algorithm, it is terribly difficult to understand that example and I am pretty much sure there are mistakes in that paper.

Do you guys have some advice or documents to let me really get through the F4 algorithm?


Many thanks.


I'm looking for all of the Maple product brochures for a project I plan to put together.  Does anyone have any of the product brochures?  They are certainly a quick reference between versions to see what has changed. 

Sadly I cannot find the older pdf brochures for all the Maple V releases, Maple 6, Maple 7,  Maple 8, and Maple 9 anywhere online. 
So far I was able to locate all of the brochures for 9.5 and up.

I am solving a PDE coupled with an ODE, as following:

pde1:=diff(RR(tau), tau) = dRdt                                                                               (1)

Hi I'm trying to do something that looks very simple, but I don't find a simple way to do it. In my program I've a procedure which pass to another procedure a variable that can in one of these form: 1) A:= 5*f^a * ln(f) 2) A:= 5*ln(f with "a" real (his value change and I don't know it in advance) and a real coeff (5 in this exemple) The next procedure, that use this variable should be capable to understand if f^a is present with a<>0 or with a=0 (ie not present), and should make different choices in the two cases. I don't know how to make this test. I've tried

I have to generate a set of antihermitian matrices and the entries the non-zero entries have to be randomly generated. i can generate one antihermitian matrix. but now i want to generate many of them and store them in an array.

my code is:

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