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I am using Maple 14 full eddition (not classic) to represent some equations. I require Maple to calculate the summ from 1 to n of the odd terms only. Below is what I have developed so far off all terms in the series.

Can anyone assist in changing it to odd terms only?

Kind regards,


I've got Maple15 and was trying to use the new feature MarkovChain from Finance library. But I got the error Finance.dll not found. What am I supposed to do?

i want to integrate dbeta at the bottom of the following code, however, it said wrong number of argument. Why ? how to correct it the to integrate it successfully?

Af := ft + f1*dX + f2*dv + 1/2*f11*dXt + 1/2*f22*dvt + f12*dXvt;
Af := subs(dX = (miu - v/2)*dt, Af);
Af := subs(dv = a*(b - v)*dt, Af);
Af := subs( dXt = v*dt, Af);
Af := subs( dvt = v*(rho^2)*dt, Af);
Af := subs( dXvt = rho*p*v*dt, Af);

Af := subs( ft = (dalpha*y + dbeta)*f, Af);

Hi all,

I am interested to find documentation from internet in using Maplesim for power electronics simulations. Like Gradators and frequency variators etc...

I can not find any documentations.

Could you if exist any web site for modeling in power electronics and perhaps with Maplesim

Thanks in advance for any help


My goal is to find a way to code sliders that set parameters for a plot so that it is not necessary to re-code all of the existing sliders when a new one controlling the same plot is added.

The closest I've come is the following.   Say I've defined a couple of functions

f:= (A,x) ->  sin(A*x);

g := (B,x) -> cos(B*x);


plot0 := plot([f(A,x),g(B,x)],x=a..b,color[blue,red]);  

And two sliders with code for action

I want to use the Bits package, but have troubles - may be a bug?

I do not understand the following (Maple 15), where the help says "The And
command computes the bit-wise logical and of the inputs ... "

  Settings(defaultbits=4); # poor help text for that ...

  4; Split(%);

Hello.i want animate the circle of radius 2 on the parabola y=x^2-30*x in the interval [-1,2].I wrote like that =animate(plot,[[-30*t+2cos(Phi),t^2+2sin(Phi)],Phi=0..2*Pi],t=-2..1) .But it doesn't work.What is wrong?

How do I slection input and output in a Maple procedure?

Hi all,

first off, I don't think this is a normal "how do you rescale a graph" question - I'm aware that there are plenty of those around, but none seems to answer my question.


I essentially want to change the x-axis of a graph by a factor, rather than just changing the plotting range or tick-marks. For example, I have a function, f(x), and it's derivative (with respect to x) f'(x). I can plot f'(x) for x=1....60 easily for example, but I also want to plot f'(x...

This is something simple but I cannot find the answer

Typing in
gives the maple output

I have changed a setting somewhere so that Maple doesn't show the assignment

When I type
Maple returns just

Hi there,

I am plotting flow diagrams of a 2-dimensional system of autonomous 1st order ODEs x'=f(x). I have some free parameters in there, and am analyzing how the flow changes qualitatively when varying these.

To visualise my results I want to do some animations. The Explore command doesn't seem to like the DEplot command, or I am doing something wrong. So I use the animate command, which works fine, although I can only vary a single parameter with it.

Dear Maple-experts,


is there a function which returns the linear parts of an ODE?

So for example for the ODE:


ODE:= diff(x(t),t) + 3*x(t) + diff(x(t),t)*x(t)

which gives

diff(x(t),t) + 3*x(t).


My ODE is so large, that this cannot be done by hand.


Thank you very much,



I want to calculate  an eigenvector of a jacobian matrix J with fixed parameters from the solution of some equations, but the following code does not work. When I use the command in the last 3rd line, it works well.
But I want Maple to calculate J automatically, what shall I do?


F[1] := A-(B+1)*X[1]+X[1]^2*X[2];
F[2] := B*X[1]-X[1]^2*X[2];

J := jacobian([F[1], F[2]], [X[1], X[2]]);

sol := solve({F[1] = 0, F[2...

Hi, I am currently trying to draw a standard airfoil NACA 4412 ( I've put all the equations and defined the parameters.

I don't know what is the problem, probably many Float undefined errors... According to me, it should be simple, but somehow I can't get it right. Any suggestions?


Here is the file :  

Substituting Periodic Fourier series expansion equation with standing wave equation


Maple formatting cuts off some of the information/question 
I've included a link to an image of the full question
and as text file
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