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I've been trying to solve Project Euler's first problem: If we list all the natural numbers below 10 that are multiples of 3 or 5, we get 3, 5, 6 and 9. The sum of these multiples is 23. Find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000. I've come up with: natural:=proc(n); local i,s; s:=0; for i from 1 to n do if irem(i,3)=0 or irem(i,5)=0 then s:=s+i fi od; return s; end; but I also get the error message: "Error, unexpected `local` declaration in procedure body" Could you please tell me where I've gone wrong? Thanks in advance

export RTF...

January 03 2009 karamand 119

Hi everybody:

Concerning exporting a worksheet as RTF (Maple12, win XP) I note two things: a) if you use inline output things such as equal sign, arrow with "at 5 digits" text, etc. appear slightly higher than the rest of the expression. also some part of the output is chopped off. b) the labels don't export.

Are these things consistent with what you could currently expect from maple or am I missing something?



How many users?...

January 02 2009 kpassi 203
0 3

I am interested in finding out, just curious,  how many registered users does Mapleprimes have. Thanks!

Why is "unapply" used to create functions out of solutions to equations? Thanks in advance !


I am new to maple. I want to solve the 8 quadratic equations with 8 variables. I try with the solve for 4 equations it gives the solution after a long time. But I didn't get the solution. Please give me suggestions. To finish it earlier.

Hi, I am new to Maple.

It is strange to me that when gamma and gamma1 (not GAMMA) are used in an expression, the "simplify" command gives wrong result in Maple 10.  If gamma and gamma1 are replaced by alpha and beta, it is ok. Also it is fine in Maple 8. Any idea?  The expression is copied below.

I am planning on using Maple 12 on my MacBook (Macintosh). According to Maplesoft home page,  one of the requirements is that   Java™ Runtime Environment 1.4.2 or higher should be installed on the MacBook. How can I check this on my MacBook and if I don't have this installed where can I get it ? Thanks !! and a happy new year!!

Q).A certain sum of money(say x) lent out at a certain rate of interest compounded anually becomes three times of itself in eight years. Find in how many years will the principal sum(x)  become twenty-seven times at the same compund interest rate.


RMSD calculation...

December 30 2008 vvostri 56



I have two vectors, M and N, and I need to calculate root mean square deviation (RMSD) between them, i.e. the following expression:

sqrt[((Mi  -  Ni) + (Mi+1 - Ni+1) + ... + (Mn - Nn))/n]


In practical terms, M is the experimental data and N is the theoretical model that depends on several parameters. In future I will be changing these parameters and will need to evaluate a large number of RMSDs.

Look at the attach file to see the problem.  I am wondering why I cannot obtain solutions with Maple (at least the simple ones I get with Cardan's formula)


It's a little confusing trying to create a help page. 

Using the tools Save as help page option is confusing and not explained very well in the help.  The table of Contents entry does not file it under a folder unless it's followed by a forward slash(/)


I have created a Matrix of 1260 rows and 12 columns, when I assign a value to a particular row and column always a dialog opens to select  the meaning of expression with two options function definition and remember table assignment.

Any idea how to get rid of this dialog?



In older maple versions, calculating your monthly payments on a car, for example, have become a little more cumbersome. 

Older versions had a built in function called finance, which has since been removed in the newer versions.  The syntax for the command was finance(amount= , interest=, payments=, or periods=) you could leave out one and maple would calculate the unknown.  The most common unknown was the amount of your monthly payments on a car which nowadays is usually a fixed finance level of 48 months.

The older maple syntax was 

Is it possible to perform an external call to a Java method that is not static?

When I attempt to  use the Maple function define_external with a java method that does not include the keyword 'static', Maple does not locate the method and returns an error.

Though it does not appear in the help documentation, it appears that external calls to Java methods is restricted to static methods.

Is this true?

I am using Maple 10.04.




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