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Nelder Mead...

March 02 2009 tbasket 476
Hello everybody, I am using Nelder Mead for an optimization problem. The algorithmus I found in the Maple library is for minimization. Does anybody know how to change the algorithmus that I can also use it for a maximation problem? Thank a lot in advance!

Hi there,

I am got the two two ( identical ? ) summation .



S:= N-> sum(b[n]*sin(n*x),n=1..N) ;

T:= N-> 4/Pi*sum(sin((2*n-1)*x)/(2*n-1),n=1..N);

I think S and T should be the same since it's just a substition of 2n-1 difference

however when I plot


i'm totally new with Maple so i really need help with this problem

graph the fucntion using various domains and viewpoints. plot some contour lines of the same function and compare with the graph.

f(x,y) = x*y^2 - x^3


Histogram 3D...

March 01 2009 tbasket 476
0 9
Hi everybody, I datas for 2 variables X and Y. Each of them contains round about 1000 values. I want to sort the values of x and y and put them in a 3d histogram. Has anybody an idea how to do it?

  I been trying to run a maple loop recently where maple computes the values of r,theta,phi for spherical coordinates from some fsolve statements. However I have found this to take an extremely long time (days). What I want is for it to make rows of these and then output them to a file so that I have rows of r,theta and phi for several hundred thousand of them atleast. Currently I simply create a n by 3 array with however many entries my loop has and then fill each position in the array using for loops then I use writedata to write the entire array into a file.

Hi there,


I have computed the odd extension for f(x)=1 on 0 < x < Pi which is

> 4/Pi*Sum((sin(2*n-1)*x)/(2*n-1),n=1..infity);


how do I get a sketch of it?



Dear Maple users,

How may I enter in MAPLE the function

f(x,y) = x*y /(x^2+y^2)  IF  (x,y) different from (0,0), and

f(x,y) = 0  IF  (x,y) =(0,0) ?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Can someone explain how to do this?

Prove that if we describe the circle of center (a; b) and radius r using
the parameters (a; b; k), with k = a2+b2-r2, rather than the more natural parameters
(a; b; r), then the error function H(a; b; k) = E(a, b,rad(a^2 + b^2 -k) is quadratic in a; b
and k. What does this imply about the number of critical points?

Hi there, I calculated an Integral today, and earned a term with B(2/3,5/3) in the result: > f(x):=(1-x^(3/(2)))^(2/(3)); > 2*Pi*(int(f(x), x = 0 .. 1)); what does it mean??

Hi there,

I typed exactly the same thing from my lecture notes to reproduce some graphs in Maple Classical Worksheet

however result in 'empty plots'

Is it that I have to load some packages using 'with( XXX )'?

Can someone help me with that?




Download 7845_Coursework Maple.mws
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DEQ Fit...

February 28 2009 Oliver K 1116

Hi, assume  i have some data and want to fit a model function to it (Maple12). The help pages show a way:

X := Vector([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6], datatype=float):
Y := Vector([2, 3, 4.8, 10.2, 15.6, 30.9], datatype=float):


Fit(f, X, Y, t);

It works as expected. Now assume that the model function is not explicitly given,  it may be just the solution of a  differential equation:

f:=diff(y(t),t)+u*y(t)=v; y(0)=0

Help me !...

February 28 2009 kebitmat_f 20

when i run a program that returns a expression, example :

f=3%1 + 2 cos(phi2 + phi3)
%1 := sin(phi3 + phi4 + phi2)

How to return f =3sin(phi3 + phi4 + phi2)+2 cos(phi2 + phi3)

I'm using MAPLE TOOLBOX FOR MATLAB, run in Matlab windown.

K heres my problem.

Say i have a function, for example y=(1-x) and i want to find out which values of x will give me a real answer (i.e. no complex numbers!)

Preferrable i would like the output to be something along the lines of... "y is real for a<x<b..."


Is there a way to merge two lists?

For example, to merge:

and get:


I need your help and guidance to resolve
this problem.

Simplify expression under summation. How could simplify the expression inside the sum, as much as possible. I have tried with:

simplify, expand, Normalize, Power...

But do not get the results I want.

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