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I just wonder what you guys thing about the direct search optimization package
written by Dr. Sergey Moiseev which is available at the Application center

Can it be used as a substitute for the global optimization toolbox ? 

If I have a sequence of points occurring at specific times.  How can I plot them on a graph so that they appear at a relative time scale? 

Let's take 4 points as an example. 

a:=[ [3,2,11:15] , [4,5,11:17] , [6,3,11:25] , [7,9,11:49] ]

How would I get these points displayed insequence at their relative times?


I have a program (its content is not essential, but I inserted it. The values in outer loops were changed to have only one set of initial data).

printlevel := 5;

for a from .5 by .5 to .5 do

for m from -.999 by .4995 to -.999 do

for n from -5 by 5 to -5 do

ODE := diff(diff(x(t), t), t)+.2*(diff(x(t), t))-x(t) = a*sin(t); k[1] := 0;

ics[1] := x(k[1]) = m, (D(x))(k[1]) = n;

for i to 30 do

X[i] := dsolve({ODE, ics[i]});

u[i] := rhs(X[i]);

Seems that I don't know how to organize a nested loop.

Simple example:

for i by 2 to 19 do

for k from 2 to 26 do

A := i*k

end do

end do

Nothing is returned here (when I expected a list of different values for A).


Hi everybody,


I want to plot a function f(x,y). I know I can do this with plot3d(f(x,y),x=-1..1,y=-1..1) and this works. But now I want to do something else: x and y fulfill g(x,y)=0 and I want to create a new function h(x) that is basically the old function f(x,y) except that for each x he has to take the y so that g(x,y)=0. Then I can do plot(h(x),x=-1..1). 

OK, this is easy if g(x,y)=0 can be solved for y. But life ain't simple ;-) and in my example this is impossible. I hope anybody has an idea?




I have a parameter r which is between a and R, a less then r, r less then R - real or complex numbers, whatever, I need to integrate following function:


The problem is that Maple always says, that it's unable to determine if r is between a and R, how can I assign r into this interval?

[note: Axel Vogt, 20 May: formatted the posting, such that it is readable]

Not sure whether this is more efficient, it is probably negligible and not worth the trouble.  However, ...

We can have Maple load packages when it starts by modifying the .ini file and we can load commands in their packages using the short forms Statistics[Mean] or Statistics:-Mean however if we want to keep using the short form of that command we need to always specify the main package it's.  I was just wondering if there was a way to load only parts of a package so that we wouldn't need to make calls to the main package all the time. 

I create equations with so many terms.

And MAPLE print out me NOT all of terms of equation.

for example,              ...........  +`[...10000 terms...]`+..............

But, I want to See these terms!!!!

How can I SEE these terms??

Thank you for reading my Quastion!

Hi all,

i would like to modify plot curves with different coloration in the optimization template coming from a maplesim document.

in the startup code of the maple 13 template i tried  to modify code in order to get the plot form with my custom design every time i open it, without the necessity to change again settings after each simulation.

The problem is that in the help section i don't find any examples about changing different expression curve propriety in a list of list and don't understand how to proceed.


Hello, in the attached graph I have scheduled some inequalities, but it shows error, you would know what is that?

got the function v*t=(S0-St)+Km*ln(S0/St) and I need to find St I solve it in maple and get St=LambertW((S0*e)/Km)*Km). Then S0, v, Km is known I can solve this thing in maple (t=time and it's varies from 0 to x).


Originally x, renamed x~:
  Involved in the following expressions with properties
    -LambertW(_Z12,abs(x)) assumed RealRange(-infinity,Open(0))
    -LambertW(_Z18,-abs(x)) assumed RealRange(Open(0),infinity)
    -LambertW(_Z20,-abs(x)) assumed RealRange(Open(0),infinity)
    -LambertW(_Z22,abs(x)) assumed RealRange(-infinity,Open(0))
    -LambertW(_Z24,abs(x)) assumed RealRange(-infinity,Open(0...

Hello, anyone knows why the next page graphics not anything in the server, Maple works,

but seeing it from the link does not display anything,

what should be?


I'm missing a command to generate Bell Polynomials in Maple. Only Bell numbers can be computed. Or are they somehow tightly related so that a separate command would be overkill ?

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