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For LSSolve I have the objective function as a procedure that calls another procedure (procPatientres) according to below:

p:=proc(x::Vector, y::Vector)

y[1]:=procPatientres("patient specific parameters", x[1],x[2]);

y[2]:=procPatientres("patient specific parameters", x[1],x[2]);

end proc;

This is a test example where I only fit to patients. Since the returned residuals, y[1] and y[2], are just values the first derivative is simple zero and I...

I'm suggesting a challenge to someone who can create a simulation in Maple on a local economy when a large supercenter enters, first, a localized small area (town), then the effect on a much larger population (state / country / etc...).  A sort of local vs. large businesses.

I would like to create a business model that shows the eventual crash of rich economies due to the increased reliance on foreign imports from poor economies.  As an example, perhaps...

I am playing around with Linear least squares. I have this system of equations

What indets should be to return from next form b only:

Distribution(PDF = (x->Dirac(x-b)))


indets(Distribution(PDF = (x->Dirac(x-b))),name); wrong

I think I have found a subtle bug in my Maple 9.

If I execute the following code:

 B:=[ 3.5, 0.0001, 73.45]; A:=[[seq(1/op(j,B), j=1..3)]];

the output file a.txt contains the line
0.2857142857    1       0.01361470388
(beware: maple has written "1" instead than "10000"!)

1) is this bug already known? Is there a patch?
2) does it affect newer versions of Maple?


I want to make a program that will list the twin primes.  Is it possible to implement the isprime function in C?  I want to be able to run this program on a computer that doesn't have Maple installed.  Here is my code -

twinprimes := proc (maxnum)
local a;
description "output the twin primes less than maxnum";
printf("%12d", 3);
for a from 6 by 6 to maxnum do
if `and`(isprime(a-1) = true, isprime(a+1) = true)
then printf("%12d", a-1) end if

How to change font for TextAreaComponent? Size of symbols by default are too small :(

How to change 'Data table' component column width? Is it somehow related to width of data table, to which this component connected?

Hi there
I have a working Maple 15 license server currently used for local network connections.
I have a working VPN server allowing restricted connections to our local domain from the outside.
I have configured the Firewall rules on the VPN server to allow such communication as being able to ping the Maple server as well as knowing that port 27000 is open through the VPN (tested using telnet).
Example, if I run a laptop on the internal side, then Maple runs fine.

Why Maple can't solve ? The reason would be enough, if nobody can solve.



{Float(10.00)} union {Float(10.0)}is two element. I have only floats to be added to my set. What operation should i do before union to "unify" all of them or must i only do linear search?

I tried to write a procedure for the first time and it worked good. But I still have problems:

1. the coordinates of the point "p"
Is it possible to mix text with variables like: "The balance point is: xs:",xs,"/ys:",ys
                        or "The balance point is [xs,ys]=",p

2. use of "y" after procedure has processed
I declared the variables of the...

I asked a question few hours ago. I corrected the error in the process I was suggested. How in writing the program to collect the coefficients of m^0, m^1 and m^2, I am again stuck in an error and could not find any help.

restart; N := 2

Eq[1] := diff(f(eta), `$`(eta, 3))+(m+4)*f(eta)*(diff(f(eta), `$`(eta, 2)))-(2*(m+1))*(diff(f(eta), eta))^2-(2*(m+1))*h(eta)-(.5*(m-2))*eta*(diff(h(eta), eta))

Eq[2] := g(eta)-(diff(h(eta), eta))

Eq[3] := (diff(g(eta...

Does anybody know how to configure the model to obtain the position constraint equations of a slider-crank mechanism as:

l1·cos(theta)+l2·sin(beta)-s = 0
l1·sin(theta)-l2·cos(beta) = 0

instead as obtained in the help-example on:

Thanks in advance

Hello everyone

I'm a new maple user, so I'm really sorry if this question is dumb, I've tried to find people with a similar problem but didn't find anyone.

So this is my problem: when I try to multiply a vector with a variable it gives me this:

> Restart; With(LinearAlgebra);
> B1 := [1, 2, 0, -1];
[1, 2, 0, -1]
> B2 := [0, 1, -1, 0];
[0, 1, -1, 0]
> A1 := a*B1+b*B2;
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