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Hello All: I recently just purchased Maple, so perhaps I just don't know how to do this yet, but I think the ability to plot data on world maps would be a great feature to include. I am an Earth Scientist and often I have to port my data to something like GMT to plot fault data or seismicity on geographic locations. I know that both IDL and Matlab have those capabilities, and I think it would a great feature to include in Maple. Other solutions of this sort have just created ports to the GMT commnads. R creates a port to the GMT system calls, and SciPy with Matplotlib w/ basemap allow one to plot data on world maps.
The search engine for Maple 10's help pages could be greatly improved if it used fuzzy techniques. At present, unless the query is spelled correctly, the answer is No Matches Found. Perhaps Google could be persuaded to provide an engine... but without ads please! J. Tarr
I'm contemplating getting version 11. I would like to know if after updating, would I still have the calculator, and choice of using the classic worksheet version of Maple accesible through the desktop that I got after getting version 10 ? Will any of these items be altered or disappear after upgrading to 11 ? thanks, Dan
Iam a Student in the faculty of engineering Petroleum department. Iam Studying Oil Reservoir Simulation which havs many models. Iam Studying the mathematical modeling of those reservoirs. In this modeling we use PDEs to model that reservoir behaviour for years we devide the reservoir into grid blocks each of its special dimensions and parameters so for each grid block there are 3 phases which are oil, water, and gas equation (one for each phase of them)(Matrix Dimension = No. of phases * No. of grid blocks) in addition to the other parameters there are some elements of the PDEs which is function in more than one parameter
So, is there any information about Maple 11, or do we have to wait until the Joint Meeting to find out? Just curious if anyone has found anything out or knows anything about the next version!
First of all there is a problem with the way it saves the fonts. They don't work in all applications. Seccond, the major bug: This is when working with 3D graphs. Maple 10 saves the curves in a graph as a bunch of small lines. The problem is that each of these lines are saved several times, one after the other. Usually there will be 8 identical copies of each line saves, some going the opposite direction, but still the same line. Sometimes it will also consist of lines with no length at the endpoints. This way it can sometimes save a hundred (100) objects, for just one line, where each object is either just the exact same line, or a line with no length at one of the endpoints.
I'm contemplating purchasing one of the manuals available from the maplesoft website. Has anyone here bought and used any of these books ? Does anyone have any opinions, or reviews they can share with me ? I'm thinking of buying the advanced programming or combined beginning and advanced programming PDF book. Thanks, Dan
The subject says it. SAGE notebooks implemented in AJAX, work great. The response time is much faster than current MapleNet. __________ Alec Mihailovs
It would be very helpful if Maple could not only export plots to gif and some other formats, but also import them by executing a command looking like PlotImport("something.gif");. In that case, for plots with huge outputs (like in Simulation of Brownian Motion), one could use plotsetup to export plot to gif, and then use PlotImport to display it in the worksheet (to avoid inserting picture manually). The worksheet size in that case would be considerably smaller (and, perha
Many people seem to find difficulty in getting the information they need from Maple's help pages - witness the questions asked in MaplePrimes. Perhaps the moment has come to re-think the help search methods and rewrite many of the help pages.

May I suggest that Maplesoft gives this priority in the coming months?

J. Tarr
I find that when I'm working on something new I consistently end up reading the same set of help pages over and over. The "History" option in the help system has been very useful to me, but I would like to see a "Bookmarks" option added to Maple's help system as well.
Hello, I sent this letter to MAPLE tech support and they suggested that i post it here. After using MATHCAD for a number of years, I recently purchased MAPLE 10. I am really blown away by this software’s depth and versatility. I am particularly impressed by how well geared it is to do symbolic math, and by the fact that with MAPLE you can see the steps involved in a complicated symbolic integration. I do find however, that the price of MAPLE’s extra power is that it is less intuitive and has a steeper learning curve in comparison to MATHCAD. There is definitely one area in which I have found MATHCAD is superior to MAPLE. I realize that I may not be fair to MAPLE. There exists the possibility that one can do in MAPLE a certain thing I have been doing in MATHCAD and I just don’t know how to do it yet. It is that possibility which is behind this letter.
I'm not entirely sure if this is the best place to post this topic as it doesn't necessarily fit any of the forums perfectly, but, regardless, here goes: I was wondering if there are any applications or Maple add-ons in existence that harness Maple's two and three-dimensional plotting facilities for use in diagram creation for inclusion in something like a Latex document. I'm familiar with the capability of Maple to export a plot or graphic as something like an encapsulated postscript file, but I was curious as to if there was a tool geared more towards diagram and image creation for publications (articles, books, papers ,etc.).
Google Desktop search has already been widly used, so why not develop a plug-in for maple document and helpfiles?
It would be nice to have keyboard shortcuts for superscripting and subscripting in text mode like those of math mode in Document format. (Maple 10.03, OS X 10.3.9)
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