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Currently saving the worksheet and removing the output can only be done via the menu. It would be nice if these tasks could be performed using commands. If this would possible, one could for example start the worksheet with restart;removeoutput;saveworksheet; and never loose any programming after rerunning the script. Furhtermore, a hard break statement stopping completely the excution of the worksheet would be nice. If the current break break statement is executed, the result is to exit from the innermost repetition (for/while/do) statement within which it occurs. After exit, execution proceeds, with the first statement following the repetition statement.
It would be really nice if some basic "less" (as in the program, as in an improved "more") functionality was added into the maple online help (as viewed from the terminal). I find myself having to constantly re-open documents just to get back to the top. These would be very helpful: 1. Returning the terminal to previous state when help is closed. I'm not sure this is clear, but try opening less on a document, when it closes you're left right back at the prompt where you can see where you left things off. Compare this to the current scheme where you can only
It would be nice if maple (as run from a terminal) would add a couple of the Emacs keybindings. Support for Ctrl-[whatever] keys seems pretty good but there is no support for Meta keybindings. I tend to use these pretty regularly (quoted from bash man page): forward-word (M-f) Move forward to the end of the next word. Words are composed of alphanumeric characters (letters and digits). backward-word (M-b) Move back to the start of the current or previous word. Words are composed of alphanumeric characters (letters and digits).
Does somebody want Maple to support symmetric elliptic integrals? These are the Legendre elliptic integrals defined in terms of symmetric elliptic integrals. ELLIPTICF:=proc(x,k) x*R_F(1-x^2,1-k^2*x^2,1) end proc: ELLIPTICE:=proc(x,k) ELLIPTICF(x,k)-k^2*x^3/3*R_D(1-x^2,1-k^2*x^2,1) end proc: ELLIPTICPI:=proc(x,n,k) ELLIPTICF(x,k)+n*x^3/3*R_J(1-x^2,1-k^2*x^2,1,1-n*x^2) end proc: ELLIPTICK:=proc(k) R_F(0,1-k^2,1) end proc: ELLIPTICEK:=proc(k) ELLIPTICK(k)-k^2/3*R_D(0,1-k^2,1) end proc: ELLIPTICPIK:=proc(n,k) ELLIPTICK(k)+n/3*R_J(0,1-k^2,1,1-n) end proc: Jim FitzSimons
Currently Maple doesn't offer any vector graphics export besides the slightly flaky postscript. I almost don't care whether it is pdf, svg, or for most windows users probably most preferable wmf. Please, get some into the next version. It may be the one reason why I hardly ever see Maple plots in a Powerpoint presentation. The bitmaps just look downright ugly, unless you blow up the resolution. Gregor
I remember, that similar bug was in the 10.0. Now I found it in 10.03. How to reproduce it: 1) Create new worksheet 2) Enter and execute next statements (using ctrl-L to enter referencies to formulas): >exp(-y^3/x)*y/x^(4/3); ... (1) >1-a*x; ... (2) >assume(y,positive); >inttrans[laplace]((1),x,s); ... (3) >inttrans[laplace]((2),x,s); ... (4) >inttrans[invlaplace]((3)*(4),s,x) ... (5) >plot(subs(x=1,a=1,inttrans[invlaplace]((3)*(4),s,x)),y=0..3)
The existing Maple10 "fortran" command generates Fortran77 code which differs considerably from Fortran95 code in several respects, especially in the syntax of "continuation" lines. It is suggested that a new command "fortran95" be made available that will generate code that obeys Fortran95 syntax.
I'd like to suggest that the forums be split a bit farther apart: Algebra & Geometry Announcements from Maple Astronomy & Navigation Calculus (maybe this and algebra go into Math) Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Economics & Finance Educational Applications Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Physics Probability & Statistics Programming Puzzles & Games This is just a suggestion. More categories might be warranted. I wouldn't want it to be much more specific, but I may have missed some categories that interest others. I am new to the forum and might find it easier to find what items of interest.
It would be very nice if Maple could handle true infinite sequences. In addition to basic operations performed elementwise between two (or more) sequences, it should be possible to: - plot a sequence - determine if the sequence converges Note that the seq command (and the list datatype) can be used only for FINITE sequences. Also, the current limit command assumes the independent variable is continuous - not discrete. Here's a simple example of what I would like to be able to do: > S := Seq( sin(n*Pi), n=1..infinity ); > plot( S, view=[1..100,DEFAULT] ); > L := Limit( S, n, type='Sequence' );
I have been using Scientific Notebook to create documents with lots of mixed media. Examples include hyperlinks to Web Sites, audio files that bring up my audio player. avi files that show the video I have made, Vpython files that execute in place (I have lots of Vpython simulations and can execute them within Scientific Notebook).
In other words, I can import pictures and hyperlink to any file and have the proper software to execute.
This way I can temporally pass control to anything from within my Scientific Notebook.

Now that I have Maple 10 I would like to use it instead of Scientific Notebook ( create documents containing the above abilities) but without the above abilities in Maple 10 I will have to do the reverse:
I remembered another request I have for Maple. Something that was available in the past for Maple under Mac OS. But not now. (So I have it set up with QuicKeys to do what I want.)

We now have return and shift-return to do two different things. I'd like to be able to switch these, or to let enter do one of them independent of which return does.

u3d became a popular format for 3D graphics and with Adobe Acrobat/Reader 7.07 embracing it
(sorry, everybody but MacOS/Windows users seem to be left on cold now) it seems to be great
for electronic publishing (look at first few links from

Unfortunately so far only CAD and Framemaker seem to have u3d export.

My suggestion: provide u3d export for Maple 3D graphics
It seems that it is impossible to put on a plot a text wich would include Greek letters, for instance sin(alpha), where "alpha" is a Greek alpha. For instance, demonstarting a solution of the pendulum problem I would like to show the angle alpha by which the pendulum is offset from equilibrum and the component of the gravitational force which pushes it back to equilibrium - m g sin(alpha). Andrzej Pindor University of Toronto
MAPLE does not have the capability of plotting nice (say, round) FILLED IN points, and "hollow" points are very often hard to distinguish in a window cluttered with graphs. I pointed this out to the Maple Support Team, and the following roundabout was suggested: > with(plottools): > c := disk([9,1.5], .2, color=black): > > d := disk([2,2.8], .2, color=black): > > display([c,d],scaling=constrained,view=[-10..10,-10..10]); > display(p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6,c, d, scaling=constrained,view=[-1..10,0..10]); > display(p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6,c, d,view=[-1..10,0..4]); However, the BIG inconvenient of this roundabout is that in reality it plots little circles. So, if the scales in both axes is strongly different (think of plotting monthly salaries, in dollars, against time, in months) you don't get round points, but very flat ellipses.
It would be really nice if Maple would include PDF support in the future. More and more people are producing content directly in PDF (with pdflatex for example) rather than PS. PS isn't even directly supported on the Mac directly; it is always converted to PDF before it is displayed. Most printers can process and print a PDF file directly. Does anybody else wish Maple could produce PDF?
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