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We've just released Maple Flow 2022.1. We've squeezed in a few new features as requested by our users - I'll describe them below.

Before we get to that, I'd like to give everyone an open invitation to grab a Maple Flow trial - I'd love to know what you think. I'm fanatically devoted to making Flow better, but I can only do that if you give me your feedback.

You can specify if you want your results to be globally displayed using engineering, scientific, or fixed notation

Supporting images can be cut and pasted from another source directly into Maple Flow using standard clipboard operations.

You can now insert a time stamp in headers and footers. And you can optionally place a border around the header, footer or body of the page.

New content in the help system makes it easier to get started with advanced features, including techniques for optimization and signal processing.

Go here to learn more...and don't forget to grab a trial.


I installed just today the 15-day trial version of Maple Flow. 

I could get simple 2D plots of functions but did not succeeded in using fieldplot.

Does fieldplot() work in Maple Flow?

Question 1: Given: c^3 = 1000
How can I have MapleFlow 2022 solve for c?

I can do this manually, of course... by entering...
c=1000^1/3 =
But I haven't been able to figgure out how to have MapleFlow solve for "c" automatically.

Question 2: How to find the log to the base 10?
As it  seems the default is base e.

Question 3: What is antilog function for a given base?

Thanks for any help.


I have two plots that I want to overlay.  I can do that, but I want the units to be in english units ("lbf" instead of "N" for force).  Individually each plot will switch the units, but the "display" command throws an error!  Help, please.

I'm new to Maple Flow.  As an exercise I'm replicating a calculation I did in Mathcad, building a blade element model of a hovering helicopter.  The physics is well documented, but any specific design changes the results. 

The lift and drag values of the airfoil of choice and the blade physical geometry are used to solve for the forces generated at any radial segment, these are integrated along the blade radius to compute the rotor thrust and torque.  These integrals are taking an inordinate amount of time--one blade angle setting took fifteen minutes to compute rotor thrust and torque.  Since the next step is to compute these values over a range of blade angles this poses a significant problem.

I'd post the file if I could figure out how!!

I'm trying to move to Maple Flow after a long time using Mathcad.  (Long enough that I remember when Maple was the symbolic engine in Mathcad.)  So I'm looking for the user's forum (like the old collaboratory), and I thought that MaplePrimes might be that resource.  Under the heading of "Products" I find a list of many different programs--every version of Maple and MapleSim--but Maple Flow is not to be found.

I decided to ask why, only to discover that it magically appears when the question window asks me to "categorize your question" to get it answered faster.  So I guess my question really is, "How do I find information  and questions specific to Maple Flow?"

How can I specify english units as the default in Flow?  Rather than Newtons (N), pound force (lbf)?

1 - Is there a specefic place to make suggestions for the next revision of Maple Flow 2022?

(As opposed to just blasting them out on the forum)

2 - When entering text in a container...

I hit Ctl+R to switch to Math mode ... but how do I switch back to text mode in the same container?

For instance I hit the space bar for a text container and enter some text...

Then I hit Ctl+R to enter some math like maybe to enter a variable with a subscript...

Then I want to return to text mode in the same container...

How do I do this?

Thanks for any help.


Given: f := (R1 + Rc)/(4*C*Rf*R1)

Where ...

R1 := 10^5

R2 := 300*10^3

R3 := 75*10^3

Rf := 10^4

Rc := R2

C := 10^(-6)

Now to find the value of "f" enter...


and I get ...

25.000 + 2.500*10^(-4)*Rc

But ...if I enter ...

(R1 + Rc)/(4*C*Rf*R1) = 

I get 100.000

Which I think is the correct answer.

Why isn't Maple Flow 2022 returning 100 when I ask for the value of "f" ?

I'm sure I'm doing something incorrect so maybe some kind soul will give me some guidance.

Thanks for any help.

PS - Is there an easy way to enter a set of equations from Maple Flow  2022... like the above... without having to copy and paste each one individually?

I enter ...

5*a^2 + 2*b - 7 = 0



and get b=b not b=1

I thought I figgured out how to do this a couple of weeks ago but after an absense from Maple Flow I'll be darn'd if I can remember how to make it work.

Of course I can manually manulape the the equation...

b := (-5*a^2 + 7)/2


then enter b =

and get the rusults 1 ... but I thought Maple Flow would do all that for me in the first instane above...

Thanks for any help.



One of my areas of expertise is in Designer Filters EMC. Could any professional that already uses MapleFlow for EMC and Electromagnetism, help me about the main functions of this amazing software?


Leandro Zamaro

Given a function like f(x)=2*x

I can enter this in Flow 2022 like this ...  f := x -> 2*x;

1 - But how to enter the general case f(x) where the function is not defined beyond just f(x)?

2 - And ultimately how to enter the below?

In either case ...

Since f(x) is the general case and not defined as in my intial example above ...
I can't figure out how to enter this into Flow 2022

Thanks for any help.

System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Maple Flow 2022

Question 1 - How would you enter this in Maple Flow 2022?

I can create "i sub C" by pressing "space+ underbar" two times

but I can'g get (t) ... the "function of t" to go with C as part of the subscript.

So, how would you enter this into Flow 2022?

Question 2 - I watched this video ... Taking Derivatives in Maple 15 and he demonstrates right clicking to get a "Context Menu" ... I was unable to get this to work in Flow 2022 ... should it work or is that feature only avaible in Maple?

Thanks for any help.

I expected Maple Flow 2022 to return return 2 pi Radians as the answer to the below ... but instead it returned 360 arcdeg.

360 arcdeg * (pi rad/180 arcdeg) =

Question: Why don't the "arcdeg" units cancel out and Maple Flow 2022 return the answer 2 pi rad ?
I expected Maple Flow to handle the units by cancelling out the "arcdeg" units and return 2 pi rad as the answer.

(Note: in this post I placed a space between the numbers and the units for clarity ...
understanding that in Flow you actually enter the number, then press Ctl+Space+U then enter the unit.)

Thanks for any help.

I'm running Maple Flow 2022 on a Win10 Pro PC...

When looking at a Maple Flow worksheet I press Ctl-F to search for something on the worksheet ...

The search seems to work but the "found text" turns white ... so it is hard to see ... any fix for this?

Also, Is Dark Mode available for Maple Flow?

Thanks for any help.

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