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How should wirte a while loop for solve nonlinear equations by newton raphson method



I'm new in Maple!!

I am try simulate the termal flux in composite material using heat equation and perfect contact between the materials. But I can't enter the fourier condiction and my code don't work!!

Any help??


> restart; with(plots); with(PDEtools); with(plottool
> eq1 := diff(u1(x, t), x, x) = k1*(diff(u1(x, t), t));
                    d  / d          \      / d          \
                   --- |--- u1(x, t)| = k1 |--- u1(x, t)|
                    dx \ dx         /      \ dt         /
> eq2 := diff(u2(x, t), x, x) = k1*(diff(u2(x, t), t));
                    d  / d          \      / d          \
                   --- |--- u2(x, t)| = k1 |--- u2(x, t)|
                    dx \ dx         /      \ dt         /
> L := 10; v1 := 20; v2 := 10; k1 = 10; k2 := 20;
                                   k1 = 10
> bc1 := u1(0, t) = v1, u1(x, 0) = 0;
                         u1(0, t) = 20, u1(x, 0) = 0
> bc2 := u2(0, t) = v2, u2(x, 0) = 0;
                         u2(0, t) = 10, u2(x, 0) = 0
> sol1 := pdsolve({bc1, eq1});
Warning: System is inconsistent




How should linearization a nonlinear equation with maple?


Im solving a problem. When i use solve command maple dont give me whole of amswers it just give solve the obvious problem that is zero. what i should do to it give all of the answers not just zero?


i want solve under equations but maple cannot. what i should do? please help


 Every time im working with maple and answer is in term of sin or cos maple dont calculate them for example it give me sin(pi/2) but i want it himself know that sin(pi/2)=1 some times i use of [eval] but it again dont calculate it what i should do?


While using the RKF45 in MAPLE to solve ODE w.r.t. time, analysis results came out without any information regarding a total number of iterations or a total number of time steps used in the actual analysis.


I would like to know how can this information be checked in the MAPLE.


Thank you very much.


> solve({lambda[2]*mu[2]^2*(lambda[2]+mu[2])*lambda[1]/(4*mu[2]^4+4*mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+3*mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+2*mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+lambda[2]^4)+lambda[2]*mu[2]*(mu[2]^2+mu[2]*lambda[2]+lambda[2]^2)*lambda[1]/(4*mu[2]^4+4*mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+3*mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+2*mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+lambda[2]^4)+mu[2]^4*lambda[2]*lambda[1]/((lambda[1]+mu[2])*(4*mu[2]^4+4*mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+3*mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+2*mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+lambda[2]^4))+(1/2)*(mu[2]^3*lambda[1]+mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+lambda[1]*lambda[2]*mu[2]^2+mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+mu[2]*lambda[1]*lambda[2]^2+lambda[1]*lambda[2]^3)*lambda[2]*lambda[1]/((lambda[1]+mu[2])*(4*mu[2]^4+4*mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+3*mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+2*mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+lambda[2]^4))+3*mu[2]^4*lambda[1]/(4*mu[2]^4+4*mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+3*mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+2*mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+lambda[2]^4)+mu[1]*mu[2]^4*lambda[1]/((4*mu[2]^4+4*mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+3*mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+2*mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+lambda[2]^4)*(lambda[2]+mu[1]))+mu[2]^4*lambda[2]*lambda[1]/((4*mu[2]^4+4*mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+3*mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+2*mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+lambda[2]^4)*(lambda[2]+mu[1]))+mu[2]^3*lambda[2]*lambda[1]/(4*mu[2]^4+4*mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+3*mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+2*mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+lambda[2]^4)+(1/2)*(mu[2]^3*lambda[1]+mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+lambda[1]*lambda[2]*mu[2]^2+mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+mu[2]*lambda[1]*lambda[2]^2+lambda[1]*lambda[2]^3)*lambda[2]*lambda[1]/(4*mu[2]^5+4*mu[2]^4*lambda[1]+4*mu[2]^4*lambda[2]+4*mu[2]^3*lambda[1]*lambda[2]+3*mu[2]^3*lambda[2]^2+3*lambda[1]*lambda[2]^2*mu[2]^2+2*mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^3+2*lambda[1]*lambda[2]^3*mu[2]+mu[2]*lambda[2]^4+lambda[1]*lambda[2]^4)-3*mu[1]*mu[2]^4/(4*mu[2]^4+4*mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+3*mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+2*mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+lambda[2]^4)+mu[1]*mu[2]^4*lambda[2]/((4*mu[2]^4+4*mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+3*mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+2*mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+lambda[2]^4)*(lambda[2]+mu[1]))+mu[1]^2*mu[2]^4/((4*mu[2]^4+4*mu[2]^3*lambda[2]+3*mu[2]^2*lambda[2]^2+2*mu[2]*lambda[2]^3+lambda[2]^4)*(lambda[2]+mu[1])) < 0}, [lambda[1]]);
Warning, solutions may have been lost

HI all,


Let all variables be integers here.

I am trying to search 3 variables , "A","B",and "C" so that f(A*x2+B*x+C) factors into two binomials.

Here, f(y) = y2+y+19.

Choose a search space of 0<A<10 and 0<B<30 and 0<C<100.  

I am having some trouble with my Maple code.

Here is how far I got -





I use the following plot in Maple 13. I would like to have the colorbar also along with the plots. Help me to write the commands to get the colorbar.

> y0:=0;
> D[0](y):=1;
> D(D(y))[0]:=A;
> G(x):=diff(y(x),[x$3])=-1/2*y(x)*diff(y(x),[x$2]);
> for k from 1 to 12 do
> G(k):=D@@(k)(G)[0];
> value(G(k));
> od;
> for k from 1 to 12 do
> D@@(k)(y):=G[k];
> od;
> for k from 0 to 12 do
> y0:=y0+(G[k]/k!)*x^k;
> od;
> y(x):=y0;


how to evaulate the value of R(z) for different values of z=0 to 1 with an interval of 0.1 and print ten values  in one column

R(z):= 1-cos^2*(Pi*z);

why i can not evaluate 29 polynomial. maple try to evaluate last 7hr, how many time required too solve it?



I require help to plot graphs by changing differernt parameters. i am enclosing my codes and sample codes,

Thanks in advance.

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