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I use WINDOW 10 

for j from 1 to 3 do
pout := cat("C:/Users/Eli/Documents/Animation/", "file", j, ".bmp"):
plotsetup(bmp, plotoutput = pout):
# plot (...)

I have 2   equations that must be zero, and 2 ODE's for phi and theta

Vector(2, {(1) = `ϕ`(tau)-1.5*sin(`ϑ`(tau)), (2) = -`ϕ`(tau)^2+1.5*cos(`ϑ`(tau))})

how can i implement this quations with event statment .  this dose't work


event1 := [[`and`(gln[1], gln[2]), halt]]

I want to catch the trigger time t[i]

f1 := 0.001;
f2 := 0.002;
c1 := 0.002;
c2 := 0.005;
w1 := 0.1;
W := 0.14;
p1 := 0.65;
p2 := 0.28;
p := 1.167;
r := 0.004;
alpha := 0.2;
ze := 0.14;
mu := 0.05;
ga := 0.01;
cp := 9.3;
Rp := 100;
sigma2 := 0;
l[1] := 3*W^2*(-1+W^2)/(4*(-1+4*W^2));
l[2] := Rp^2*w1^2*mu*ga*cp/(2*(Rp^2*w1^2*cp^2+1));
l[3] := (*(Rp^2*w1^2*cp^2+1));
l[4] := W*(-1-7*W^2+8*W^4)/(8*(-2+8*W^2));
eq1 := (-x*t+l[2]*x+l[1]*x*y^2+(3/2)*alpha*ze^2*x)^2+((1/2)*c1*x+l[3]*x)^2-(1/4)*f1^2;
eq2 := (-l[4]*y^3+l[1]*x^2*y)^2+(1/4)*y^2*c2^2-f2^2/(4*W^2);

I need to solve these two equation for the variable x and y in terms of  t because I want to plot x with a range for t 

and the same plot y with a range for t and if it is possible to plot x vs y for the previuos same range for t

I want to contnue the simulation from the point (time) that the event accure 

how can I do it ?

load this Maple code done'nt work!!!

I am trying to calculate the following integra   

here g1 is a kummerM functin in s, and also h1 is another kummerM function  in ss, and f1 and fh1 are the HeunB functions with complex arguments in r and rr. and t=sqrt((r-rr)^2+(s-ss)^2).I would like to integte over dr drr ds dss

I am using an integal sign using Int. If there is a minus sign in front of it, then

I get the expression -(Int ... dx). Why is the parenthesis there? Can we avoind it?

Thank you!



Why does Maple give me an answer like this?

How do I force Maple to automatically multiply the exponents in the denominator and eliminate the factor y^2?

Simplify will not do it.

Thank you!


I am solving a PDE whose solution is the integrating factor MU of a given 1st order ODE. I get

I only need one of these solutions. How do I get rid of _F1? Can I make it to be the identity function? That is exactly what I need.

Thank you, as always!





I cannot get the answer (m=2,n=2) to the following problem on two equations from Maple 13.

(13/4)*m-(7/4)*n-3 = 0,
-(17/2)*n*2^n +34*m= 0

I get:

{m = (7/13)*RootOf(13*_Z*2^_Z-28*_Z-48)+12/13, n = RootOf(13*_Z*2^_Z-28*_Z-48)}

Thank you very much.





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