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Hi guys

Is there any build-in function which converts [[x>5, x<10], [x < 0]] to "x>5 and x<10 or x<0"? I've written my own function, but I want something build-in.

Thanks :)

First of, thank you commenters, you have helped me so much in the past!

I am doing a matrix inversion with random numbers and I would like to loop the process, and have each inverstion go into a matrix, such that the matrix will be a bunch of rows ( i number of rows) and three columns (the matrix inversion yeieds three values)


> for i to 2 do;
> a1h := Generate(float(range = 0.1316881e-2 .. 0.1359706e-2)); a1f := Generate(float(range = .317149811 .. .327463626...


I am really stuck in one more bit thats the least square problem. 

Hope someone can help me to solve this bit and get me out of this problem :(.

Least square method is successfuly implemented in MATLAB code (WRITTEN IN THIS MESSAGE AT THE END), but I couldn't do it in Maple.  I am having problem in the for loop section,  I am attaching Matlab code and  maple code ...


Can someone explain to me why when "x:=vector(2):" is used in the code below, the file "test_file.c" is generated correctly, while when "x := Vector(2,symbol=v):" is used, there is an error:

Error, (in codegen/makestat) symbol or symbol::type or symbol:=expression expected in parameter list


with(codegen, C, makeproc):

#x := Vector(2,symbol=v):

Dear All,


How can I define the following commands of MATLAB in MAPLE,









For i=1:length(z)


Your help will be really appreciated.


Best Regards




is there a way to activate the "undo" command after executing the entire worksheet? 
Before executing every change can be undone, but since I press the execute button 
often, I loose my chance to undo.


if I write N[0]:=1; and press enter, I will get the response

N[0] := 1

Now if in my large document I happen to have defined a variable b:=5; then later 
I try to define another variable N[b]:=1; and press enter, I get this response:

N[5] := 2

But N[b] has nothing to do with "b". Why does Maple do this? Is there 
some concept I am missing? In what context is this useful?

many thanks.

Hi All,


I want to create a MapleSim Custom Component which has a vector input and the output is a matrix. In this case how can I define the system (Dynamic system sys:=DynamicSystems[?])? Hence, how can I assign these input/output to component ports?



That's the question... 'cause I've tried to open it using

./maple14/bin/maple -cw

like a thousand times and nothing happens...

Dear All,


Thanks for the previous support and help.


I am trying to solve a poisson equation, but I am getting Bessel function in the solution. Derivation of this equation with respect to 'r' gives more complex form of Bessel function.

Actually I am not sure should I continue with the problem and Maple will take care of everything or I have to modify in the solution.  

Equation 9 and Equation 11 needs to...

Dear All,


I have 12 equations with 12 unknowns.  I trying to solve using the following:




but my problem is MAPLE doesn't solve for C10, C11, C12.    

Is there any format for writng s10,s11,s12  and c10,c11,c12.


Your help will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance

HI all,


I am trying to figure out in MAPLE how can I write     A * sin*theta + B* cos* theta  in the form as follows:


Hi All,

I am trying to solve a simple problem but don't know how to do it in MAPLE 14.


B:= [3,4]

is there any possible way to write 

C:= [1,2,3,4]

C should have both value of A and B Matrixes.    I want to generalize so any command in MAPLE 14 which can do this operation.

Thanks in advance




I'm entering many 1 row x 2 column tables mixed with text in a document.  In all cases I don't want the lines around the cells and I want the text in the cells to centered rather than left justified.  

Is it possible to change the default properties of tables rather than having to change the properties of each one after I enter it?  This is Maple 14

I tried to solve a non linear coupled boundary value problem in MAPLE using DSolve command. The code is :

alias(eta = e, theta = t)

Eq[1] := 5*(diff(F(e), `$`(e, 3)))+(m+3)*F(e)*(diff(F(e), `$`(e, 2)))-(2*m+1)*(diff(F(e), e))^2-(4*m+2)*H(e)-(m-2)*e*(diff(H(e), e)) = 0

Eq[2] := diff(H(e), e) = t(e)

Eq[3] := 5*(diff(t(e), `$`(e, 2)))/Pr-(m+3)*F(e)*(diff(t(e), e))-5*m*(diff(F(e), e))*t(e) = 0

BCs := [F(0), (D(F))(0), (D(F))(infinity), t(0)-1, t(infinity), H(infinity)]

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