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First of all I'm French so excuse my English.

I have some questions about Maple 14 on MacOSX,

1- I want to use the "proc()" fuction with an "if" fuction in the "proc()" but it's not workink, I tested many display with the "print" command to evaluate where is the problem and now I can say that the problem is in the "if" fuction. Here his my worksheet :

> suite := proc (n) local u, k, i; u := n; k := 0; for i from 0 to 10 do print(irem(u, 2...

Suppose X with two dots on the top +2*x with one dot on the top +3*x=4*t;x(0)=1; x with one dot on the top =2. using maple and Euler method approximate x(3.0) and x with one dot on the top (3.0) using a step size of h = 0.01. Edit your output to fit on one side of a single sheet of paper. Include Maple source code and circle the values for x(3.0) and x with one dot on the top (3.0).

Hi everybody

my eq is,


my question is how to calculate  diff(eq,diff(u(x,t),t)) 

Dear Maple Users!

I'm quite beginner in Maple. I will appreciate all of your help and a guidance.


I have written the simple procedure (in attached file) and it takes about 40 sec to make

one cycle on i5 2.8Ghz, 4Gb RAM, Win7x64, Maple 14 x64. I believe that it can be solved much 

more faster.


What are the ways to speed up my procedure?

Dear Maple Users,

I'm beginner in Maple and I will appreciate any help and guidance.


I need to integrate function (which values vary in wide range) on the specified domain.

Maple returns Float(undefined) error. Is there any way to overcome this?

the question is in attached Maple file


Thank you in advance.


I want to put some code into a Maple library. I'm new to producing packages. The following code runs OK, but when I try to use one of the procedures added by the LibraryTools[Save] command, Maple returns

input: MySum(a, b);
output: MyMapleLibrary:-MySum(a, b)

Why does Maple return an unevaluated call to MySum?

The code is below:


  description "A sample Maple library.":


In chapter 2 of the Advanced Programming Guide, it says:

"Important Always ensure that the standard Maple library is write-protected to avoid saving expressions in it. If you accidentally save something to the standard Maple library, you may need to restore the original from media on which you obtained the Maple software".

How do I make the standard Maple library write-protected? Is it by marking as read-only the following folder?

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to solve the following nonlinear differential equation with the given boundary conditions.

Hello all,

I'm trying to evaluate the integral (on Maple 14):

int(lambda/(A+B*lambda)^2,lambda=0..1) assuming A::positive, B::positive;

Maple cannot evaluate the integral, but returns the function call.  However, if I try to evaluate this in Mathematica, which I also have access to, it can evaluate it.  (The result is -(B+(A+B)ln(A/(A+B)))/B^2(A+B), if anyone is interested.)  I was wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong with the...

i do have two equations containg two pararmeters, i need to exclude one parameter, then substitute it in the second equation and then differentiating the first equation which contains now one parameter, then solve it for that parameter.

i actually did it, but fsolve function does not work with me , can you help me please


when i try to solve the equation given below the following problem occured. pleae tell me how can i solve this boundary value problem.

> ode := diff(y(eta), eta, eta, eta)-(diff(y(eta), eta))*(diff(y(eta), eta))+y(eta)*(diff(y(eta), eta, eta)) = 0;

Dear friends, I encounter the following problem. Let k and i be two given positive integers such that k>=2i>=4. How to find all nonnegative integers tuples (x_1, x_2, ..., x_i) such that k-2i<=x_1+2x_2+...+ix_i<=k-i? The buildin command "isolve" seems not work. Thanks.

Hey everybody,


I'm tring to display text plots with lines and points. When I use the display command and change the size of the display, the font size does not change with it. Is there any way to have the plotted text to change size with the display?




I am just a Newbie. Today I calculated a double integral using Maple 14 for linux amd64, but the results are  so strange that I think there must be something wrong.  I using two methods, the first is by using int(int(Integrand, inner variable), outer variable), the second is by calculating the inner integral first, then calculating the outer integral step by step.  But the two result are different.  Here is my codes: 


How can I resize inline plot-window without mouse? (I know about resize tool, but it displays plot in new window :( )

And how can I display 5 plots in one line one by one?

Thx :)

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