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 how to find 6x^2 +5x+1 mod 2x+1 ? please using maple slove 

> 1) letJ subset F[7][x] be the set of all polynomials h in F[7][x] sloving the interpolation problem h(0);
=1,h(1)=5,h(6)=2. computer the unique polynomial f∈J of least degree.

2) find a surjective ring homomorphism ×:F[7][x]->F[7]^(3) such that Ker×=={rm:r∈F[7][x]};and computer ×(f)and×(x^2+3*x+2).

3) show thatJ=f+Ker×={f+rm:r∈ F[7][x]}.

> find*a*polynomial*f;

 in F[7][x] ofdegree less than 4 solving the congruence(x^(2)-1)∗f≡x^(3)+2*x+5 mod x^(4)+2*x+1 inF[7][x] .;

show that the residue class ring F[343]=F[7][x]/is a field,and computer the inverse of x^(2) mod x^(3)+x+1in F[343].

 hi everyone,   

I have a list of coordinates  and would like to sort them so that in the new order, the last coordinate will be the first coordinate and the first coordinate will be the first: 

   for example:  


should sort to  

  P:=array[ [6,1], [6,5], [4,1],[3,2],[2,3],[1,4]]  

Hi, I cannot solve the 2 implicit functions with 2 unknown (m,n) simultaneously (please see attached maple file). Note: m and n are real numbers.

May I get some advice please? Many thanks.





I wondered if you would be able to help.

I've set up a for-loop and while-loop that substitutes values of j and k into a given function

I want to get the answer for every right for example right[1], right[2]..but this code give the answer for right[1]nd right[6] only..


 P := array([[1, 4], [2, 3], [3, 2], [4, 1], [6, 5], [6, 1], [6, 2], [5, 3]]);

j := 1; k := j+2; Fold := 0; Fnew := 1; counter := 0;


I have a maple classic code. at the end I convert a parametric matrix to fortran77 code. in optimized mode

now I need to edit the Fortran77 code to Fortran90. for this job I have another code to do that.

but how should I write the codegen output to a test file?


I have a function of n variables

y := (a,b .. n) → ....

For this function I need also n input values

y(x1,x2, ... ,xn)

The vector x has the input values ("x1,x2, ... ,xn") but how can I call them without typing them one by one?

Any ideas?

How to compute the integral: int((c-x)/x)^n,x=a..c) ?

This integral is an incomplete beta function and could be expressed in terms of hypergeometric function, but my Maple refuse to deal is. Pleas help

I tried the following, but did not get 0. Why not?





I know I can do this by hand, but this is part of a larger equation which I narrowed down to this issue.



I'm using Maple 14 and I'm trying to solve a system of recurrence relations with initial conditions (a Vector Autoregressive model). The system is

const:=Vector[column]([0.009421681, -0.0005441856]):
lagY:=Vector[column]([0.796519372, 0.0179147112]):
lagZ:=Vector[column]([0.133049059, 0.5240695764]):

eq1:=y(t) = A[1, 1] + A[1, 2]*y(t - 1) + A[1, 3]*z(t - 1);
eq2:=z(t) = A[2, 1] + A[2, 2]*y(t - 1) + A[2, 3]*z(t - 1);

i am very bad at English so you ignore my mistake

i am beginning start use Maple therefore i don't know use Maple.

Like title, i have a circuit CLR with transer function H=

How do I complete the integral below? I'm not sure what the resulting function looks like, but it will be a function of n where epsilon is a real constant. My ultimate goal is to graph the resulting function where epsilon is equal to -0.4.

Thank you.


So currently i am trying to programm a game. for that i would need a Textbox that is updating once the player makes an input. I have a textbox TB1 and a button with the action linked. the action that the button should make is calling an external procedure which in turn updates the textbox. But i currently i keep getting the following error expresion:

Error, (in Maplets:-Tools:-Set) invalid argument(s): [TB1]::string = [7, 8, 9]

So what die i do wrong.

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