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So here is what I need to do within Maple.  I have to define a piecewise function and then determine left and right hand derivatives at a certain x value.  Then determine the whole derivative and graph both parts.  I am just pretty new to Maple so it is still fairly confusing and I cannot determine the exact commands that I need.


Hello everybody !

Do you know any mean to find the number of iterations of the simplexe algorithm used in the Minimize pocedure?

Thank you very much for your help


In the attached worksheet there are 2 numbers. The first is the answer a got, the second is the offical correct answer.Ther look entirely different. Numerically they are the same. I wondering is there a way to simplify my answer? 


I have currently trouble running existing C-code in a new Linux (64 bit) system with Maple16. I have code that used work just fine, now it fails to evaluate. As an example, statements like


still work as expected and return a number. However, code like

EvalMapleStatement(kv,"int(x, x=0..1);");

returns int(x, x=0..1), i.e. a string, which causes my program to crash, because a number is expected.


Please when i solve a list of equation with fsolve i get a list of result:

I am trying to solve a three-point BVP, but Maple returns the error:

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_input) boundary conditions specified at too many points: {0, 100, 150}, can only solve two-point boundary value problems

Is Maple just not able to solve 3-point BVP's or is there another way?

I created a Maplet that calculates ODE (Ordinary Differential Equations) however I would like to create a button that can allow printing on paper

I am using an old package, Janet, I got from with Maple 16.

I changed the libname to point to the directory where the package files are.

Few days ago I was able to call help(Janet); without any problems but now everytime I try to call help(Janet)

Maple front-end loses connection to the ihe Maple kernel.

The package loads fine...


Please, i want to resolve a non linear eaquation with Lagrange multiplier with 4 variables.

But it dosen't work.

Can you help me in this.


Thank you

Hi all,

I have a problem with dsolve. I have a 2-d (thin shell) theory which I am solving with Maple. For a Simply supported beam, there is no problem, it solution is more or less what you would expect. When I make 1 side as a clamped edge (x=0), there is a problem. The total result is 'ok', but it gives a peak in the 2nd derivative of Urn at x=0. This peak results in unrealistic stresses, etc.

I don't exactly know what the problem is. It seems there is a problem...

I have a numerical procedure that reads data from a file and builds a composition of maps from the half-plane to the slit half-plane.  Maple does not deal with this very well symbolically.  I want to use the complex values from this function as a vector field and plot some integral curves.  The 'mystery' function below is a stand-in for the real thing*

I can get DEplot to at least show the vector field, but it fails mysteriously on drawing any curves,...


I'm searching for the third differential equation that will transform the following two equations non-autonomous system into a three equations autonomous one:




diff(z(t),t)= ...




with insequence=true command, first, the first option is showed, then second, then third and so on.. but i want to show all options from in grpah, then animate in sequence.

Hello, im a current user of Maple 16, i have a problem in finding a minimum of equation ( equation of a external work equating the internal energy dissipation) f= E-W ( im studying a slope stability with limit analysis)

the equation is:

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