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Hi all,

Im trying to use the solve command to solve the eqn:= 40 = x arccosh(56/x) for x. The command solve(eqn, x) only provides the left solution(for low values of x) while I know there must be a solution as well for higher values of x. How can I get Maple to look at the other solution?

Thanks in advance!


Hi everyone, Im trying to solve a catenary problem. x is defined in terms of y1, y2, and a. But in my case a is the only unknown. I try to express a in terms of x, y1 and y2 by the following script:

> x := a*arccosh((y1+a)/a)+a*arccosh((y2+a)/a);

/y1 + a\ /y2 + a\
a arccosh|----------| + a arccosh|--------|
\ a / \ a /

> solve(x, a);


I want to animate the display of a polygon. It's the platform of a stewart gough rig. Have 200 poses stored as Platformi i i=2..200. the Base is static( obiviously). Haven't been able to figure out how to get    animate(display .....) to work. The work sheet just contains copy/pasted commands. The time period for the animated display is about 10 seconds but real time is not that important. How do I get this to work?

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to use MAPLE 16 for Boolean algebra computations. BooleanSimplify( ) command in Logic-Mathematics is giving me incorrect results, in the following code:


f:=(not(x1)and not(x2) and not(x3)) or (x1 and x2 and x4);   #Create a 4 variable function f

g:=((x1 and x2) or (x2 and x3)) or (x3 and x4);    #Create another 4 variable function g

f2:=f &or g;



For many reasons, until recently, I have been always using Classic interface under Maple through Maple 16. When trying Maple 16 with Java interface I have noticed several quirks which were not present under the Classic interface of earlier versions through (at least) Maple 13. One of them is this:

The shortcut keys such as CTRL+Insert and SHIFT+Insert do not work and I am forced to use a mouse and copy/paste icons in Maple. This really slows down my keyboard...




I want to solve the equation of


with the following  boundary conditions



for solving it numerically in the computational domain of [-5...5]. I have seprated the domain into two parts and the governing equation and boundary condition in each domain is assumed as follows


When using "plotsetup(png,...)" the third rotational angle is ignored.  Attached are a worksheet and the corresponding three plots that demonstrate this bug.

Dear everyone,




  I have a question about how to get the power 'n' in an expression "(x+y)^n". For instance, I have a Maple code




f1:=map(t -> `if`(match(t = c*y^d, y, 's'), subs(s,d), NULL),
      convert(eq1, list));
f2:=map(t -> `if`(match(t = c*x^d, x, 's'), subs(s,d), NULL),
      convert(eq1, list));


I am experiencing wrong results using the PolynomialIdeals package in Maple 16 (see Creating the same ideal with different generators, the radicals computed differ which of course is wrong:

J := <t*(a+A), A*(b+B+t), b*(a+A), B*a-A*(b+t), (variables = {A, B, a, b, t})>:
J2 := <t*(a+A), A*(b+B+t), b*(a+A), B*(a+A...

Hello everyone,


  I have a file, e.g.'helloworld.txt'. It cotains


hello 3 5 7
world 1 2 6


 If I use


 I just got a "[]"


How can I get the data from the file which has many word?


Thank you very much in advance


When I use ImportMatrix to import a MATLAB mat file, I get a list of names and values. Should I write a "for" loop to assign them in Maple or there is an easier way to do it?

I have got the following instructions of computing the required trajectories (orbits). They have been done with Maple V3. I cannot get them going with Maple 16. I have just started with Maple and cannot see the mistake in the instruction. Can anybody help me? Thanks!

> with(LinearAlgebra);
> "A, B = Payoff matrices for players";
> A := matrix(2, 2, [4, 2, 1, 3]); B := matrix(2, 2, [1, 4, 3, 2]);
> "T defines the time interval [0,T], s is the step length";

I have written a (rather extensive) module, which I can load without problems if I run it in the following way:


restart: libname:="C:\\PathToLib",libname; with(NameOfLib);


Note that the above is all in one line and executed at once. If, however, I load the library like above, but line by line, the loading fails, giving the error "Error, Did not recognize this structure's syntax".

How can there be a difference...


Hi, I would like to solve for i and c in this system. But whenever I try to solve it, it give a warning message "the solution may have been lost"



consider the following ode


subject to thease boundary condition



b= infinity (in computational domain b=10 is acceptable )

the exact solution of ode is


but when i want to solve it with Dsolve, maple get the zero. how can i use this ode in maple



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