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Why Sim Biology and Bioinformatics are not included in the maple sim?

Hi everyone, I need to use the integral calculation in MapleSim but there is no MapleSim Block to do it. So I create a Custom Component and using the integral calculation from Maple, the expression of the equation was done. But when I click Dimension analysis button, one error popped out as the photo. Have anyone got the same error before? How should I do to solve it? Thank you very much.

We have just released a new version of MapleSim.  The MapleSim 2018 family of products offers new tools for developing digital twins, greater connectivity with other modeling tools, and expanded modeling scope. Improvements include:

  • New tools for creating motion profiles
  • FMI  import for FMI 2.0 Fixed-Step Co-Simulation
  • Optimized handling of large models
  • Inclusion of temperature effects in the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon and MapleSim Pneumatics Library from Modelon
  • Heat transfer through air and water with the MapleSim Heat Transfer Library from CYBERNET

See What’s New in MapleSim 2018 for more information about these and other improvements.

I have training video that shows the visualization window "docked" below the main window.   Can this work space arrangement be done in sim2017 ??  

Also I push the anchor button and nothing seems to happen 


by passing all steps to install Maplesim 2017.3 i confort the error "The system cannot find the file specidied" when i want to open it. what shoud i do?

Dear All

I seldom need support, Maple/MapleSim usually runs OK, but here I'm stuck with MapleSim 2017 I'm modelling some thermal fluid properties and each time I make a sub-system I get two errors:

1) the entries (and exit variables) "rho, Cp, Cv, lambda, and nu" of my models are set to default "1" instead of my expected value the names of my fluid-parameter items. I must rename them by hand to be able to solve my model, why not a link to the fluid parameter node ?

2) I get a pressure p (or is it a "rho"?) issue: "Cannot resolve `Main.Block1.p`; there is no `p` in variable `Main.Block1`" when I create a sub-system I call here Block1 and my model does not solve if I make any "sub-systems", and I cannot find out what to do, is this an initial value issue ? the error message could be more helpful ;)

Any clues how to get around this ?

Thnaks in avance



I have modeled a 3D flexible manipulator in Maplesim. I intend to measure the torsional strain of the flexible beams. How can I do this??

Dear all

I solve an optimization problem ( minimization or maximization) using lagrangeMultiplier theorem 

The objective function is f:=(x,y,z) =x*y+y*z;

The constraints are: x*y=1  and y^2+z^2=1;

Using a numerical method I get the follwing point 

x = 1.41421356249703, y = .707106781124551, z = .707106781248575

How can I confirm that this point is a minumum or maximum

Maybe I must use Hessian matrix or something else.

Which condition must be introduced to know the type ( maximum or minumum) this point.

Many thanks for your help


I have a system of equation as

Hi all

I have a system of equation:

sys := [x+y, 2*x+y^2];

How can I convert the previous system to this function using maple


then how can I compute the gradient of F.


Many thanks.




Determine the extrema corresponds to a local minimum, maximum or



obj := 2*x^2+2*x*y+3*y^2;
  cts := [x+y = 2];
    Minimize(obj, cts);

    Maximize(obj, cts);

Maple display that there is no maximum, i d'ont understand why the maximum does not exist.

Many think




Dear Community,


I tried to run a very simple dumped oscillator in MapleSim. Upon running however I do not get any result plots. Nothing appears in the result window :-/ Could you pls. have a short look at it?

Tx in advance,

best regards



I can't undersand, how I can create linear actuator model in MapleSim and to add it in 3D-visualized project. (Like this, for example:

Can anyone share an example of such task or explain to me?

It is possible without electric motor and transmission.
An example of translational motion with a certain force will suffice.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

where i can change the value?

I am trying to expand the ridgid beam model to flexible beam model to 1.) use fixed walled end to calulate cantilever deflection from a constant load, and visualize deflection; and then 2.) incorporate a compliant walled joint (rotary joint) with stiff rotational spring. To get angles of rotation; and finally simulate a periodic force and calc/plot all reactions/theta(t).


There is a video on line of a round beam with fixed-fixed ends and a translating weight with deflection visulized, but only a you tube vid can be found of this set-up.   It is close to what I need.


Lastly, if anyone knows how to send the diagram to maple as in A:=MapleSim:-___()

This method to transfer from Sim to maple with diagram and current session(#?) was done in a tutorial vid from MapleSim session. I am using Maple/MapleSim 2017 which is difficult to follow changes in workspace and commands from vids/tutorials.

PS. I have connected through opening a new worksheet and explicitly opening by filename. 

I have modeled a delta type parallel manipulator for performing CPR operation.

The model does 100 compressions per minute with a vertical displacement of 4-5 cm, which is the requirement of the CPR.

A rigid body is attached to the end effector and I need to model a human chest using a spring damper system.

The exists a spring-damper block in the 1D Mechanical translation category. I have previosly modeled a spring damper mechanical system using these blocks but I have never tried connecting these to a Multibody.

The spring and damper coefficients of a human chest are k=8350 N/m and c=500 Ns/m.

My model is here:

Can you help me model the human chest?



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