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I embed Maple code in Mobius for test questions. A simple 2-step CRR tree gives significantly different answer from the calculated by hand or by R's fOptions. Here is the piece of Mobius/Maple:

$ct = maple("
    S0:=50; X:=50; Ty:=6./12; r:=0.07; sig:=0.3156; n:=1;
    dt := Ty/n;
    u  := exp(sig*sqrt(dt));
    d  := 1/u;
    pu := (exp(r*dt) - d)/(u - d);
    pd := 1 - pu;
    BT := BinomialTree(Ty,n,S0,u,pu,d,pd);
    cT := ST -> max(ST - $X,0);
    Ec := EuropeanOption(cT, $Ty):

The answer is: 6.545478168.  Exactly the same with BlackScholesBinomialTree

The correct answer should be 6.32

In this case the solution by hand is simply e^(-0.07*05)*0.5236*$12.50

R confirms 6.32:

CRRBinomialTreeOption(TypeFlag = "ce", S=S, X=X, Time=T, r=r, b=b, sigma=sig, n=n)@price

The error decreases with the increase of number of steps. All quantities before LatticePrice are calculated corectly. Any idea of what the reason might be?



I would like to do equation of motion calculations using spin matrices.

I would like to do calculations using the  coupling.

Thanks for listening.

I'm trying to use Maple to take the following integral for positive values of a, b, c and non-negative integers i and j.

I know that for fixed values of j and k this doable — for example, for j=k=0 Mathematica gives

I'm trying the following code in Maple:

int(exp(-(x + y)/2)/(a*x + b*y + c), [x = 0 .. infinity, y = 0 .. infinity]) assuming (a::real, 0 < a, b::real, 0 < b, c::real, 0 < c)

Am I doing anything wrong?

Hi dears

I have a pde system and want to get the solution of this system step by step. is there any command or bunch of commands that could help me?

(pde = partial differential equations)

I am using maple 2022 and the menu bar on top (that has restart,execute and other icons) is very blurry. 
I tried the instructions here but it did not help.

simplify(sqrt((x^2 + y^2)/x)/sqrt(x^2 + y^2)) assuming x>0, y>0

is not sqrt(1/x), why?

Warning, data could not be converted to float Matrix

Hi all, 

I am working with the physics package and I want to know if there is a difference between Physics:-CompactDisplay and PDEtools:-declare ?

As well as the difference between Physics:-Simplify and simplify.

For both cases, can they be used as the same ? Are they incompatible in some case?

Thanks !


How to plot Nabla Discrete Mittag - Leffler Function in Maple?

How can we unveil all the possible transformations that reduce the number of independent variables of a given pde? I tried it by using "InvarientSolutions" which gives eight possible transformations. But under those transformations, I got only two different odes. Is there any other method/command from which we can get other possible odes of a given pde?

The transformed boundary conditions are

Please and please, I have been having this challenge for some time now and I would be so so happy if I can get a solution to my challenge. I have been worried on:

how do I use these definitions (Volterra Integral Equation and Caputo definition) to solve