Question: plot scale, plot size

When exporting plots some labels are occasionally cropped. This is true when exporting via the context menu or with plotsetup('gif', etc.) for instance (plotsetup also drops the third label in 3D plots, the context menu keeps it).

I discovered that scaling the plot from the context menu can help: is there a programmatic way to control the plot scale?

From the context menu: Manipulator -> Scale, the plot can be rescaled to ensure that all the labels are properly showing. After that is done, a context-menu export "remembers" the rescaling. And all is well.

But of course the context menu is not an option when you need to export hundreds of plots (and who doesn't export in bulk?).

If you search for "plot scale" in mapleprimes, most of the hits are for the header of xml worksheets, something like:

xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Worksheet><Version major="6"

It also shows: plot-scale="1.0"further down, suggesting that the worksheet stores that information somewhere. Can it be accessed by the user and changed?

It would seem that plottools offers scaling capabilities that might be used to replicate the above effect, but I haven't managed to get it to work. For instance, plottools:-scale( p, 1,1,1 ); or plottools:-homothety( p, 1 ); have the effect of totally destroying my plot rather than replicating Manipulator->Scale.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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