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I am trying to read from a embedded MathContainer a simple expression. I am using the expression func:=parse(GetProperty('MathContainer0', value)); When I execute the above code I get the error, "incorrect syntax in parse: missing operator or ';' (12)". I have read over the help pages on MathContainer, GetProperty, and parse to no help. The syntax looks fine to me. The parse help page did indicate that MathML may be reponsible, but the MathML help page was no help. What is the syntax error that is occuring? The expression works fine if I use func:=parse(GetProperty('TextArea0', value));
Hi Guys I just started learning Maple and I have basic question which is annoying me. I use Maple 10 and when I execute the following statement I get the final result as the output instead of a set of numbers. for i from 6 by 2 to 15 do print(i) end do; 14 what am I doing wrong? Am I missing something here? I tried searching all over but could not find a solution. Help is very much appreciated. Thx in advance
I have a situation which is not really complicated but it would be awkward to explain it in a text post, so I have described it in the attached worksheet. It has to do with the display of matrices. If anyone has the time to take a look at the worksheet and propose a solution I would be grateful. -Thanks View 2292_Matrix on MapleNet or Download 2292_Matrix
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I am using the output=array([]) option in dsolve which works fine if I write in each time step of interest eg output=array([0.1,0.2,0.3]). No problem for 3 values. However, I wish to input a large number of values. Can this be automated for regular time steps?
I would like to write a procedure which uses the Weierstrass M-test on uniform convergence. I wanted to use the maximize function (to recognize if the function is bounded and to get upper bound) but this function doesn't work in many simple cases. assume(x::float); assume(n::integer); maximize(2*sin(x)+cos(x));
          maximize(2 sin(x~) + cos(x~))
Actually, I don need maximize function but just to get any upper bound. Is there a way?
here is the matrix,for example, result:=Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 4*c-4, (1, 2) = -2*c+3, (2, 1) = -2*c+3, (2, 2) = 4*c-15/4}) for what region of c, this matrix is positive definite? I typed the following in Maple, > IsDefinite(result); / 2 \ 0 <>
Does anyone know who the author of the Scientific Computing blog on blogspot?
Hey all just a quick question. How do you make a 3d house using the 3dplot. thanks
Suppose I have 2 Matrices, say each is 3 by 3. Is there any way I can check for the equality of all corresponding elements of the matrices without resorting to a for loop or something like that?
Hello, I need some help on how to solve this eq: A(z)*diff(P(z),z,z)-alpha(z)*P(z)-beta(z)*P(z)^3-gamma(z)*P(z)^6=0; A(z), alpha(z), beta(z), and gamma(z) is known. P(z) is the unknown. When I tried to do this by solve command, I get "warning, solutions may have been lost". I really need help on this from the experts out there... Thanks, G.
In diagaonalizing a Hermitian matrix, the eigenvectors come out un-normalized, and as a result, when performing a similarity transformation on the original (Hamiltonian) matrix, the diagonal elements come out proportional to the true values, not the values themselves. I can't find out how to simply normalize the eigenvectors so that they can be made into the appropriate matrix (and its transpose complex-conjugate). There's got to be a simple way, but I can't seem to find it. Can someone point the way? Thanks Carl David
Hey I am trying to do on maple to make a 3d ball which bounces up and down. Any help would be greatfully apprecaited.
Hello, Is there a mathmatical formula for horn 3D plot simulation. I tried the following but no luck so far. How do I convet a cone formula to a Horn formula. Where I can control the shape and size of the horn using parameters. I any help would be appreciated. Regards Raj
I am trying to integrate this equation numerically, but Maple just returns it every time. Any suggestions on how to tackle this kind of problem? I want to treat mu and T as const. I made the worksheet a public file on my account called Numerical Integration. PLease give it a try if you have the time and let me know what you come up with. You can also make your own worksheet, the integral is as follows. int(sqrt(x)/(exp((x-mu)/T)+1), x = 0 .. infinity) Thanks, Good Luck
Hello, i'm newbie here and spanish... Someone can help my, i want an procedure/function that you put an array and it will give you the rang/rank but not using the function implemented un maple... I'm using MAPLE 10 THX
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