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Anybody can explain me how to author a question in Maple TA environment using Flash Images. Thanks Ivan
I have a list of data and errors for which I want to do a chi-squared minimization for an arbitrary function. Is there a simple way to do this?
Hi: Does anyone have any insight into the following: I have Maple programs that use the following pattern: restart; commands; . . . I run such a program and it runs perfectly. I then go back to the beginning, including the "restart" and run the SAME PROGRAM with NO CHANGES. It (sometimes) runs differently!! Still gives the same answer, but sometimes the order of elements is changed, sometimes variables have "-" signs outside brackets with the variables inside the brackets also changing sign. I can exit Maple, reload the program and it doesn't always do the same thing. This is not unique to one program - it happens a lot with different programs I have written.
Simple question: How do I shift a letter (or a set of letters) over 3 or 7 or whatever places in the alphabet using with(Stringtools); Without converting the letters to numbers? Is there a shift function? or do i have to create a whole new alphabet to charactermap to for each shift I want to do. It seems very easy but I can't quite figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.
Hey: When running a C++ program in command-line mode in Unix, we can get parameters from argc and argv. If I run maple program in command-line mode in Unix: >maple para1 para2 how can get parameters para1 and para2? Thanks Pan.
I have written a couple of lines in Maple as follows, to evaluate for the roots of Bessel's equation, J: m:=0; n:=1; p[m,n]:=evalf(BesselJZeros(m,n)); This produces a value of 2.405 for p[0,1], and p[1,1] to be 3.832 which is what I'm looking for. However, I also want to be able to evaluate Bessel's equation to get the roots for J', that would give p[0,1] to be 3.832, p[1,1] to be 1.841 etc. I can't find anything in the Maple help on the topic - well, nothing that provides actual solutions. Sorry I haven't worded this very well, but I'm not sure on the actual mathematical wo
Hello, I would like to know if there is a simple way to generate the full expression tree of a given expression. I am mostly interested in the leaves only, so it is sufficient if there is a way to retrieve those only... I know you can recursively call op to do this, but I am looking for an easier way to do that... Thanks in advance for any reply. Regards, Franky.
Anybody can help me? Thanks Ivan
Hi, First of all, I'm a Maple beginner, so I hope you will be patient with me..;). I have simple problems, you don't worry I have created an expression Zin, function of different variables (a,b,c,d,e,f,omega) and after I have defined a numerical value for all except for two variables (a, omega). I will define a discrete vector for a with input parameters min, max value and step (the sintax in mathcad is very easy: a:= [min,step,..max]) I will plot 2d the family of curve zin, with omega as x axis and a as sweeped discrete parameter thank you in advance
My post is not actually a question but a complaint. I'm trying to prepare a worksheet for teaching function sequences with Maple but Maple always make me sad. > assume(x::RealRange(-1/2,1/2), n::integer): > limit(x^n, n=infinity) Limit(x^n, n=infinity) but > assume(x::RealRange(-1/2,0), n::integer): > limit(x^n, n=infinity) 0 > assume(x::RealRange(0, 1/2), n::integer): > limit(x^n, n=infinity) 0 I'm running Maple V9.5. Is it getting better in later versions?
I would like to display in one output, multiple coordinate systems. For example, I have a regular coordinate system, and another one that is rotated. I would like to display both of these coordinate systems, that is one coord. overlayed on the other, in the one output. Can any one help me?
Does Maple have any information on perfect numbers ? Also, if it does have some information, how many perfect numbers is Maple knowledgeable of ? v/r,
Hi. I'm having a problem getting questions involving ln()and abs() operators to evaluate correctly. For example, when creating maple graded questions, I set the correct answer to say ln( abs( x^3 + 12 ) ). So when the student enters this answer in text mode, everything is fine. In symbolic mode if ln( |x^3 + 12| ) is entered everything is fine, however, if ln|x^3 + 12| is entered, maple TA says wrong. The lack of parenthesis gives a wrong answer. Does anyone know how to make maple TA more tolerable in this situation to evaluate ln|x^3 + 12| as a correct answer? Thanks

I'm completely new at maple. I'm solving this equation:

eqn := exp(-a*x)*exp(-b*x)-exp(-c*x)*exp(-d*x)=exp(-a*x)-exp(-c*x);

solve( eqn, {x} );

This is what I get:

eqn := exp(-a*x)*exp(-b*x)-exp(-c*x)*exp(-x*d) = exp(-a*x)-exp(-c*x) {x = -RootOf(exp(_Z+c*_Z/d)-exp(_Z*(a+b)/d)+exp(a*_Z/d)-exp(c*_Z/d))/d}

I can't find what _Z means .Can anybody help? Thanks in advance

>restart: >_EnvAllSolutions:=true; >solve(sin^2(x)/x=0); Pi(2_Z1~+_B1~),Pi(2_Z1~+_B1~) >fsolve(sin^2(x)/x=0); -3,141592654 That means that Pi(2_Z1~+_B1~),Pi(2_Z1~+_B1~)is equivalent to just -Pi which is not true. What is going on here?
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