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Hello, I am using dsolve to solve a set of coupled differential equations. After they are solved I do some further manipulations on them. Every time I restart maple and execute the document, maple solves the equations but puts them in a different order and has the constants mixed up. Thus I have to keep hitting the (!!!) button until I happen to get the solution I had when I did the further manipulations. Is there a way to proscribe maple's output to a certain order? Here is an example: One time the solution will look like: {F(x) = f(x)*_C1 + g(x)*_C2, G(x) = m(x)*_C3 + v(x)*_C4}
I'm using the following bit of code: step1:=1:for w[x] from start by jump to finish do: fsolve(test2,k,complex): answer:=%: k1:=Re(answer[1]): k2:=Im(answer[1]): k3:=Re(answer[2]): k4:=Im(answer[2]): data[step1,1]:=w[x]: data[step1,2]:=k1: data[step1,3]:=k2: data[step1,4]:=k3: data[step1,5]:=k4: step1:=step1+1: end do: Obtain All Data Points from Array points1:=seq([data[d,2],data[d,1]],d=1..nopoints): points2:=seq([data[d,3],data[d,1]],d=1..nopoints): points3:=seq([data[d,4],data[d,1]],d=1..nopoints): points4:=seq([data[d,5],data[d,1]],d=1..nopoints): Obtain Relevant Data Points
It's me again, got another problem i have another hyperbolic paraboloid equation 3*x^2-5*y^2=z and it's conic sections at xy(z=0), xz(y=0), and yz(x=0) plane 3x^2-5y^2=0 3x^2-z=0 5y^2+z=0 but i have problems converting those conic equations into parametric equation, so it can be plotted using the spacecurve command Can someone help??
I am stock on this my prof gave me an equation to draw on maple 16x^2=y^2+4z^2 and this is the code i keyed in restart: with(plots): > p1:=implicitplot3d(16*x^2=y^2+4*z^2,x=-100..100,y=-100..100,z=-100..100,numpoints=2000,style=wireframe): > display(p1); and the graph suppose to be a cone rotating around the x-axis but i don't know wut i did wrong, i just couldn't get the graph look like a cone, instead, it looks like a hyperboloid of two sheets, and the sheets are very close to each other Can someone help?? Thx
I am trying to compile the OpenMaple example omexample.c using Bloodshed Dev-C++, but I am getting linker errors. I have tried adding maplec.lib to the linker parameters under project options, and I have also tried copying the library to my working directory and passing it as a compiler command option. Neither has worked. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, layne
When I use: >with(process) >launch("notepad") then notepad is open in the background, but, how do I to run another aplication? with matlab is easy, but e.g. How do I with Origin? or How many formats (i.e. .pdf,.txt, etc.) accept maple? Thanks a lot
The equation of a sphere is x^2+y^2+z^2=1, and its traces are x^2+y^2=1-k^2 z=k x^2+z^2=1-k^2 y=k y^2+z^2=1-k^2 x=k can somone help me how to graph the traces using spacecurve command so the traces matches the sphere? thx!!
Greetings, For a school project i am trying to calculate a trajectory of a spacecraft to mars. Using newtons equations and the numerical D.E. solver i calculated the orbits of earth and mars around the sun(which i am also using as my coordinate origin.) Then i use these results in a differential equation to find the position of a rocket launched from earth. I am shooting it in an arbitrary direction just to get started. The solver does its job and i rename the X,Y,Z coordinates of the rocket (formely called Xr,Yr,Zr) to X3,Y3,Z3. The problem is when i want a numeric answer, i.e i type in X3(400)...i get
Hi I am using Maple (9.5) to calibrate the value of an expression for a bond to obtain "issue-at-par-value". Part of the procedure is to minimize the valuation-expression by changing the bankruptcy-level. I use the following: B3 := Minimize(HYB(100,10,x,0.06,0.0023),x=0..65); and get typically: [70.003...,[x=50.15...]] When I then need to use these results in the next iteration, I can pick the value (70.003...) by typing V := B3[1]; No problem so far, but I need help to be able to assign the value of 'x' to a variable I can use later. I have studied manuals, Help-pages etc., but as my PhD-thesis is due in shortly, I hope someone may help me..
The deflection curve of a prismatic bar can be represented by a trigonometric series (S. Timoshenko, Theory of Elastic Stability, 1st Ed. 1936, p. 23). I am trying to find a way to enter a sine series into Maple of the form: y=a1*sin(Pi*x/l)+a2*sin(2*Pi*x/l)+a3*sin(3*Pi*x/l)+... I have downloaded the FourierTrigSeries package and have not had any success in entering the sine series as defined above. Any suggestions? Thank you for your assistance.
Hi, New to Maple 11. Using the tutor to solve definite integral. Would like to enter pi/2 as one of the limits. I know control space works in main program, but it does not seem to work while in the tutor. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
I have downloaded the FourierTrigSeries package which contains two files: maple.ind and maple.lib. Could someone tell me how to make the routines available in a session? Thank you for the response.
for having just the real solutions in the output of the solve command is it enough to use the RealDomain Package?Is there any other way for extracting only the real solutions?
Hello, I bought Maple 11 for its algebraic manipulation capabilities, but I can't figure out how to do this: Given, for example, Vs/R1 = (Vs - Vo)/R2 I want Maple to solve for Vo/Vs = ??? I can isolate a single variable (either Vs or Vo), but that is not what I want. Thanks!
Hi, I am new in maple, and I would like to get out the real and imaginary part of an expression. My function is as followed: eps*(f)=epsinf+Deltaeps/(1+(i*2*Pi*tau*f)^(1-alpha))^beta where eps* is my complex function with parameters: epsinf, Deltaeps, tau, alpha and beta. f is my variable. This function is known as havriliak Negami function in Physics, which describe the behavior of the dielectric susceptibility for a relaxation. In litteratur, I can find the real and imaginary part of this function, but first I would like to verify it... How is it possible to get the real and imaginary part of this function?
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