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Hello! I try to make friends physics package and matrixes. But I am faced with difficulties. To be more specific, to consider a code:

Setup(mathematicalnotation = true);
Setup(tensors = A[mu](X));
PDEtools:-declare(A(X), p0(X), pm(X), pp(X), pt(X), U(X), m5(X))

And then I create a matrix:

pt := proc (X) options operator, arrow; Matrix(2, 2, [[p0(X), sqrt(2)*pp(X)], [sqrt(2)*pm(X), -p0(X)]]) end proc;

It displays as:

Why do p0, pp, pm become function only one variable x1?

Interestingly that maple understands the next matrix:

Nevertheless even for function only one variable derivative works fine:

And I can construct more complicated functions:

But why is only one variable?


When I try this maple retuurns FAIL and does not evaluate the expression.

is(seq(tm[i] < (1/6)*Diameter[rør][i], i = 1 .. 17));

tm is numbers in mm and diameter is also numbers in mm

Diameter[rør] := [273.05*Unit('mm'), 219.08*Unit('mm'), 168.28*Unit('mm'), 114.3*Unit('mm'), 273.05*Unit('mm'), 219.08*Unit('mm'), 1066.8*Unit('mm'), 60.33*Unit('mm'), 219.08*Unit('mm'), 168.28*Unit('mm'), 168.28*Unit('mm'), 141.3*Unit('mm'), 168.28*Unit('mm'), 114.3*Unit('mm'), 114.3*Unit('mm'), 168.28*Unit('mm'), 168.28*Unit('mm')]
tm := 8.982892831*Unit('mm'), 4.189790007*Unit('mm'), 3.913902969*Unit('mm'), 3.620745836*Unit('mm'), 4.482892831*Unit('mm'), 4.189790007*Unit('mm'), 8.793627806*Unit('mm'), 3.327643012*Unit('mm'), 4.189790007*Unit('mm'), 3.913902969*Unit('mm'), 3.913902969*Unit('mm'), 3.767378711*Unit('mm'), 3.913902969*Unit('mm'), 3.620745836*Unit('mm'), 3.620745836*Unit('mm'), 3.913902969*Unit('mm'), 3.913902969*Unit('mm')


please help me with this thank you



I'm wondering how to produce the graphic in the's_sequence.

my attempt:

Hi all,

I've an implicit equation f(x,y,z)=0 resulting in a PLOT3D containing ISOSURFACE structure.

p := plots:-implicitplot3d(f,....)

As stated in docs an ISOSURFACE type of plots can't be exported.

So, question is, has anyone an idea on how to write a file containing points (xyz) from my plot p? Or any other way to export the computed points?

Thanks and regards



I will try to explain with an example, lets say i have to solve 2 equations with 2 unknowns

P := solve({3*y+x, 2*x+3+y})
solve({3*y+x, 2*x+3+y})

I would then like to do P[1] and P[2] to get the values, but instead it gives me "x=-9/5" which make me unable to use it for things like

P[1] + P[2]

Hope you all understand, and thanks for taking your time to read my problem 

It is well known that fsolve usually increases (internally) Digits in order to obtain the desired accuracy.

But in the following example, it seems that fsolve highly exaggerates :-)   


Error, (in fsolve) Digits cannot exceed 38654705646

Note that the bug does not appear if e.g. F:=expand(mul(x-k-I, k=1..N)):



Hi, I'd like to know if is it possible to import questions from Maple TA into Maple and use them in quizes, for example. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

i have these commands:

f := A-B+x^y/y;

g := x^y-y;
Solve({f = 0, g = 0}, {x, y});
              / /                     y    \         \
              | | y                  x     |         |
         Solve|< x  - y = 0, A - B + -- = 0 >, {x, y}|
              | |                    y     |         |
              \ \                          /         /

restart; with(plots); with(VectorCalculus); with(LinearAlgebra); f := A-B+x^y/y;  g := x^y-y; Solve({f = 0, g = 0}, {x, y});


but I can't get it to actually solve the equations. what do I do  ?

Hello. I have a problem with DEplot and I hope someone could help me with this:

How I can solve it for P?

P=i^(2)r+(&DifferentialD;)/(&DifferentialD; t) (1/(2)l(tetha)i^(2))+1/(2)i^(2)(&DifferentialD;l(tetha))/(&DifferentialD; theta) w

attach i(t) "corrente", l(t) "induttanza", theta "angular", w "rotary speed"graph of funtions


How to pdeplot Curl(A(x,y,z))=0 in maple

it has A1(x,y,z) , A2(x,y,z) and A3(x,y,z)


Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a custom component to find the minimum between 3 values.

I know that in Maple it is done by:

l := [5, 2, 3];
min(l[1], l[2], l[3]);

However I could not do the same with a custom component. I provided a screenshot below, where h(1), h(2), and h(3) are my input values and min(h1,h2,h3) is my output.

Thanks in advance,


How can I produce the same output with something like alphadeg := alpharad * 180/Pi?

T := proc (p, q, R) alpharad = evalf[5](arccos((1/2)*(p^2+R^2-q^2)/(p*R))), alphadeg = 180*evalf[5](arccos((1/2)*(p^2+R^2-q^2)/(p*R)))/Pi end proc;
T(3, 4, 3.75);
           alpharad = 1.2515, alphadeg = 71.70566805

When I try alphadeg = alpharad * 180/Pi I get
Error, illegal use of an object as a name

Thanks! Les

Hi all,


I have a partial differential equation similar to the following:

Equation: f_x(x,y) + f_y(x,y) = f(x,y) + f(x,0),
Boundary value conditions: f(x,10) = f(10,y) = 0.

The solution is that f is identically equal to 0.


However, I am having trouble solving this equation in Maple. I type the following:

pde := diff(f(x, y), x)+diff(f(x, y), y) = f(x, y)+f(x, 0);

bv1 := f(x, 10) = 0;

bv2 := f(10, y) = 0;

solution := pdsolve(pde, {bv1, bv2}, numeric, time = x, range = 0 .. 10);


When Maple tries to evaluate the last expression, I get the error

Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/process_PDEs) PDEs can only contain dependent variables with direct dependence on the independent variables of the problem, got {f(x, 0)}


It seems to have difficulties with the expression "f(x,0)". Is there some trick to typing this in a way that makes Maple interpret it correctly?


Edit: I encounter the same problem, when I try to solve the ODE f'(x) = f(x) + f(0), where f(10) = 0.


Best regards.

Hi! I have a variable polynomial expression and I want to cut off all the terms of order 3 and more, for every product of variables.

For example consider the polynomial P = x + y + a*x^2 + b*x^3 + c*x*y + d*x^2*y + e*x*y^2 + y^2, I want an operation who returns me a*x^2 + c*x*y + y^2

(terms for which the sum of exponents in x and y exceeds or less two are being deleted)

Is it possible?


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