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What can i do in this case? I,m traying solve a system of non linear equation like this, i want to know Rs and Rsh:

Dear friends

I have a long-running code that sometimes takes an hour to complete. I wonder is there a way to find out what line of code is currently running in a long-running maple code or to show an update of the variables. I have some print commands but are shown just after completion not before. 

Thank you in advance for your time.

Ok, I'm  a confident Matlab user, but for some reason Maple befuddles me.

Let's say I have two functions, x=f(t) and y=g(t) and I want to fill both two vectors with values, with t=-n:n.  How do I construct a loop to do that?

I'm trying to solve

deq := diff(theta(x), x) = -sin(theta(x));
sol := dsolve({deq, theta(0) = -(1/2)*Pi});

The answer should be theta=-2*arctan(exp(-x))

but I get

theta(x) = arctan(2*exp(-x+I*Pi)/((exp(-x+I*Pi))^2+1), -((exp(-x+I*Pi))^2-1)/((exp(-x+I*Pi))^2+1))

Does it have to do with assuming?

Staffan Malmberg


There is a horse a buggy ride around a small village which takes roughly 30 minutes.  Here is an example timing for 12 consecutive rides [34, 29, 32, 32, 28, 28, 27, 28, 39, 24, 27, 27].

How can I create a monte carlo simulation graph that would estimate the future times based on given data?  Do I randomly pick numbers from the given list for a simulation or generate random numbers based on mean and standard deviation generated from the data?

When would the best possible time to come back after 4 rides be?

How could i show wilsons theorom on maple?

(p-1)!=-1(modp) if and only if p is prime.



I want to determine the unknown out of the equation, and I do not know why I have such an error.                             

Error, (in MTM:-solve) {5*x-3 = 19} is not valid equation or expression

Why function Solve doesn't work?

I want to solve the following non linear PDE

SS := [diff(u(x, y, t), t)-0.625e-1*(diff(u(x, y, t), x, x)+diff(u(x, y, t), y, y))-6*(diff(u(x, y, t)*(diff(v(x, y, t), x)), x)+diff(u(x, y, t)*(diff(v(x, y, t), y)), y)) - 2*(u(x, y, t))(1-u(x, y, t))=0, diff(v(x, y, t), t)-(diff(v(x, y, t), x, x))-(diff(v(x, y, t), y, y))+16*v(x, y, t) -u(x, y, t)=0]

when i use the command

sol := pdsolve(SS, [u, v], singsol = false)

maple give the error message

Error, (in pdsolve) found the independent variables {t, x, y} also present in the names of the functions of the system []



I have a question in factoring a matrix of complex polynomials into its Smith Normal Form. It seems that Maple is not giving me correct answers.

I tried a simple matrix:

A:=Matrix([[I*z-1, z+I], [z+I, z+I]]);

Maple gives me:

SmithForm( A, z, method='rational'  ,output=['S'] );

which is:

Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 1, (1, 2) = 0, (2, 1) = 0, (2, 2) = -4*z^2-(3*I)*z^3+z^4+1+(3*I)*z})

Since the gcd of the 4 elements is (z+i), it seems the Smith Normal Form should not be in this form. Also, I got errors in solving the other 2 matrices:

SmithForm( A, z, method='rational'  ,output=['U'] );
Error, (in convert/radical) numeric exception: division by zero


How to make it work for complex polynomials?

Sorry that I am not an expert in Algebra~

Thanks a lot!


I have the following fuction in Laplace domain,



Where, s1, s2, s3 are the Laplace variables.

x1:=invlaplace(u, s1, x);

This worked. But the next two doesn't work.

y1:=invlaplace(x1, s2, y);

uu:=invlaplace(y1, s3,t);

Even, I tried to plot the unevaluated invlaplace but no luck.

plot3d(uu,x =1..2, y=1..2);

Am I missing something?


Hi I have the question where i have to create a program in Maple

to find all the solutions to x^2 = -1(mod p) where 0 <= x < p . 

The progam has to be tested with different p values. 


I need two buttons.
one should remove a row from DataTable0
and the second should add a row.

Dear all,

I have the following question, this code:

eq1 := ExteriorDerivative(w1);  
eq2 := ExteriorDerivative(w1) &wedge ExteriorDerivative(w2);
eq1 &wedge eq2;

Gives the error:
Error, (in DifferentialGeometry:-Tools:-DGzero)  given degree, 3, exceeds that of frame dimension, 2

Unfortunately, I am not so familiar with differential geometry but as far as I know dw1 \wedge  (dw1 \wedge  dw2) = 0 should be correct.

Thank you for your help



I have an ODE which is based on a seperate function, and I would like to make a plot with the information

dsolve([diff(X(W), W) = (0.536000000000000e-3*(1-X(W)))*(1+X(W)), X(0) = 0], numeric)


C_A:= C_A0*(1-X(W))*(1+X(W))

which has been used as part of the ODE.

I would really like to plot C_A as a function of W. I have no problem plotting X as a function to W using odeplot. Ideally I would like to plot C_A and X vs W in the same plot.



I would like to study the period doubling bifurcation behaviors of autonomous ODEs.

Although I know how to plot the Poincare section and bifurcation diagram for non-autonomous ODEs, such as Duffing oscillator, I totally stuck at the autonomous ones. Could you please help me.

It could be greatly helpful if you could share me the code of bifurcation diagram for, say, Rossler or Lorenz systems? 

Thank you in advance.

Very kind wishes,

Wang Zhe

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