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Please Help! I am a beginner in using maple, I am getting  error in theta(k+2).How to get  m1,m2,m3 values from theta(k+2) and how to plot a curve theta(eta) like,f(eta).


Hi there,

I updated to Maple 2022 recently. One problem I am facing is how after I write the code and get the output, which can be text or equations or plots, etc, when I try to copy it to MS Word for example, I don't have the option of "Copy as Image" anymore. This option was available in previous versions. So was it taken out in this version? If yes, what's a subtitue for that?

I am using Maple for a school project and need to be able to copy the 2D output to MS Word just like the previous versions of Maples did.


I'm trying to get familiar with the Physics package. It's huge.  Since I know vector projection, I can guess what a projected vector might be. But what would a non-projected vector be in a physical context? 

A web search for non-projected vectors was unsuccessful.

My best guess is that non-projected vectors in Maple are those where no coordinate system is specified for vectors in an expression for a physical law. Like here in Maxwell equations. Am I correct?

To distinguish between these vectors the Physics[Vector] package uses an underscore “_”.

If my understanding is correct so far, I have three questions:

  • Can I replace the unit vectors of implemented projected vectors to something else (e.g. _i to e__x)
  • Is it possible to define projected vectors beyond what is implemented in Maple?
  • Can I use the packages VectorCalculus and Physics[Vector] at the same time?

Hi friends

Could you please give hints to solve the integral



I am trying to run this procedure, but am getting an "Error, missing operation", highlighting the conditional break:

is_prime := proc()
     local i, x_check;
     printf(`Enter an integer to check if it is a prime number...`);
     if x_check<=2 then
         printf(cat(x_check,` is a prime number.`));
         for i from 2 to x_check-1 do
               if (irem(x_check,i)=0) then
                  printf(cat(x_check,` is not a prime number.`));
                  break 2;
             end if;
           end do;
         printf(cat(x_check,` is a prime number.`));
      end if;
end proc:

If I don't include the integer, I am able to run the procedure, but it does not function like I would like it to. I am running Maple 2022, and can sucessfully run the example conditional break code in the Help. What is wrong with my use of break?

Does Maple 2017 have cwmaple.exe?

GraphTheory/IsHamiltonian says that the method can be one of legacy, sat, or tsp. But why method = tsp brings about an error? 

GraphTheory:-IsHamiltonian(GraphTheory:-CompleteGraph(3, 3), method = tsp); # Maple 2022.2

Attachment: HamiltonianGraphQ.mws

I am trying to use the perpendicular symbol &bot; as a superscript. Can this be done? For somereason the document will not displat?