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I have a symbolic matrix (11x11) it is sparsely populated with components on the diagonal and 2 places either side.  When I have tried to calculate the [standar operations > nverse] (on a PC with Raid 0 and 4 Gb) Maple 12 stops running at 1883 Mb and complains about 'memory allocation?

Q1: how do I (inexperienced maple user) increase memory allocation?

Q2: when I tried to run a 5x5 matrix as a test a matrix wasn't returned, only a list of letters?

like (1+x)(1+2x)^2=(1+x)(1+4x+4x^2)

I think people can do that with Mathematica

How to make Maple simplify expression like

sqrt(  x^(2*a+2) )

to x^(a+1), where x is assumed positive?

The Maple's simplify works only if the constant 'a' is already assigned to a number, otherwise it refuses to simplify it, even if I tell it assume(x>0).


I have read the previous questions/answers regarding exporting a matrix to excel.  It is not working.

I am running Maple 10 Standard, XP, and Excel 2003.  I have Maple as an Add-In on Excel.

When I select my Matrix, right click, my options for export are:  MatLab, Tab Delimited, Matrix Market.  I chose Tab Delimited, but I get the same response from any choice, and an error box appears saying, "Error Fetching RTable ID".  Any suggestions?




I get an error message when I evaluate this line:


Error, (in PDEtools/sort_as_in) sort: 2nd argument must be a function that always returns true or false

I don't know what the problem is with this line. I have Maple 12.

Have you got any idea?


How do I convert a 2D expression constructed with MathMLEditor to a normal 1 D string? I know that example 6 from the maplet builder tutorial does this, but the result is often in a prefix notation. For example, if I enter "x-square + 1" as a 2D expression in the MathMLEditor, the result is `&plus;`(x^2,1). I would like to get more normal x^2+1. I have examined the code generated by the maplet builder and experimented with options in the MathMLEditor and MathML[Import], but to no avail. Is there a way to convert the prefix notation to the more normal infix?

I'd like to have a question which gives information about a circle, and asks students to enter the correct equation. I don't mind whether the equation is in the form (x-a)^2+(y-b)^2=r^2, or the expanded-out version. Here are some ways I've tried to do this, and why I'm not happy with them!

How do I simplify an expression imported from the MathMlEditor? For example, the following code is taken  from Maple help. I have saved the result in the variable abc.

with(Maplets[Elements]): maplet := Maplet([

    [BoxCell("Enter and expression")] , [MathMLEditor('reference'='ME1')],[Button("Done",Shutdown([ME1]))]  ]):

result := Maplets[Display](maplet): abc "= MathML[Import](result[1]);


I am trying to assign a value to a variable depending on whether fsolve does or does not give a solution.

However, I cannot do it when there is no solution - fsolve returns unevaluated, and I cannot do almost anything with the unevaluated expression.

The only way I can do it is the following:

if (a='fsolve(x+ln(x) = 0,x,1 .. 2)') then solution:='no' else solution:='yes' end if;

this equation does not have solutions, and returns the string to which I compare a.

Hi all

I have this integration , HOW can I solve

the problem is in recent  file named  argent pdf

please help me to solve it

and give results please.......

Hi all,

I have the following ODE

sorry , i forget the term so the question is :

int ( q  * exp((1-b)^2* qz^2 / lambda[1] ) * exp((1-b)^2* q^2 / lambda[2])   /  ((1+b^2*q^2+b^2*qz^2)*(q^2+qz^2)) , qz= -infinity..infinity)  then w.r.t     q  from (0......infinity)

after integration we want to minimize the results , the range is as (b=0..1), ( lambda[1])  =1....100000) ,   (lambda[2])  =1....100000)


I need some help to figure out how to get maple to use distributive property and rules of exponents.



I would like to get the answer back in the form



Is it possible to add block comments in maple. Like, for example, /* ...*/ in java. Thank you.

I have this line in maple 11:


and the legend doesn't appear, is there a way to force maple to produce the legend (other than horribly right clicking and manually writing the legend in every time - I'm trying to make lots of polygon plots...)



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