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I've just installed Maple 12 on my machine running Suse 10.0, under which Maple 10 ran with no problems.  But I have two problems here: even on a newly opened worksheet, in a newly opened Maple, a simple command, such as


takes several seconds to "evaluate", while the screen goes completely blank.  The problem is even worse if the evaluation is a difficult problem.


What seems to make it worse is if I've read in some Maple files before with


I'm a primer in Maple, My problem is that I want to solve this PDE system.

PDE:= [diff(u(x,t),t)= diff(v(x,t),t,t) + u(x,t) - 1/3*u(x,t)^3 -v(x,t), diff(v(x,t),t)=u(x,t)-v(x,t)];

IBC :=  {u(x, 0) = tanh(x), v(x, 0) = 0};

pds := pdsolve(PDE,IBC,[u,v],numeric);

This gives me this error.

Error, (in pdsolve/numeric) initial/boundary conditions must be defined at one or two points for each independent variable.


I'm trying to create a football-shaped object by rotating an arc of a circle about a line.  Is there a way to define an arc in Maple?  I've been using the 3D Geometry package but I can switch to another if I need to.  I know I can calculate the arc length, but is there a way to define the arc itself as an object?  Eventually, I'd like to have the rotation of the arc and find the intersection between the rotation and another line.

Thanks for your help,


To all,

I am trying to carry the units through an engineering calculation; however, after loading the Units package and specifying the 'FPS' system I am not getting the results I expected.  Most likely I am at fault - syntax, format, etc. - so I have attached the worksheet in the hope that someone can diagnose the mistake (it starts in the Example 1 section).  Thank you for your assistance.


I noticed that the java virtual machine that comes with MAPLE is behing the current JVM which is installed on my system. Is there a way to make maple use my current up to date version instead of its own obsolete version ?

Hi all

I have trouble extracting components from of  equation solutions:

p1 := x^2+y;

e:=solve({p1}, {x});

                                         e := {x = sqrt(-y)}, {x = -sqrt(-y)}

next I used rhs() to extract right component of the first solution

x1 := rhs(e[1]);

but I got the error:

It's a simple equation where I'm just getting maple to run through the steps.


solve(eq,P^2);   returns an unexpected error

I wanted to see if maple could solve for P^2, poking here and there seeing what does and doesn't work.  I know I could just type it in, but can Maple do this?  Maybe I'm missing something.

I am using Maple 12 build 347164 for research (as a grad. student) on Windows XP.

I have written a simple block of code to do some calculations repeatedly.  However, everytime I run the code, the amount of memory Maple is using increases (3-4 MB per time).  I am simply running the code again, and the size blossoms.  I have made sure that none of my variables are expanding (e.g., a list that isn't cleared).  This is troublesome because after 30-40 runs Maple is using over 800MB and my computer has only 2GB of RAM.

How do I enter this problem in Maple 12? I have a few like this and need to knwo how to input the equations.

1.)  Find the slope of the tangent line to the curve y=x^3+3x-8 at (2,6)

2.) The tangent line to the circle y=x^3 -6x^2 -34x -9 has slope 2 at two points on the curve. Find the two points.

3.)Find the slope of the curve y=x^5 at x= -2

i have Maple 12 Student edition. when i do a 5th intergration, and eval at Pi, i get a complex answer. how would i get it to display a rational answer ? h := t-> (1+t^3*cos(t))^(1/5); ((D@@5)(h))(Pi); evalf(%); simplify(%); -.1245723200-0.905070854e-1*I D1 := D(h); D2 := D(D1); D3 := D(D2); D4 := D(D3); D5 := D(D4):fsolve(D5(Pi)); -.1245723200-0.9050708540e-1*I thanks
I'm trying to eventually make some 3d plots of some finite fields and different operations on them. Unfortunately I need some way to restrict the input to integers since apparently floor-ing them isnt enough. Heres parts of my worksheet, if it helps: G := GF(2, 8, x^8+x^4+x^3+x+1) `&*` := proc () options operator, arrow; G:-output(G:-`*`(map(G:-input, [args])[])) end proc f[1] := proc (a, b) options operator, arrow; `&*`(floor(a), floor(b)) end proc > plot3d(f[1](a, b), a = 0 .. 255, b = 0 .. 255); %;

How do I create a button that performs multiple actions? For example, I might want to create a button that both differentiates and integrates a function with one click. So far, everything I have tried has resulted in evaluating the last action in the list.



Hello I'm working with some finite fields(2^8) and sometimes instead of viewing/working with a polynomial its easier to work with a number. Its easy to convert from polynomial to number by just letting x=2, but is there a easy and built in way to go the other way? Thanks


I am using Maple 11 and trying to solve numerically the following easy system of 1st order, linear PDEs:

I have a set for which I want to multiply each value by a sequence.

The only way I know how to do this is to convert set->list, apply the sequence, Flatten and convert list->set.

The problem is that Flatten stops working when the list becomes large. Suggestions?

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