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How do I plot a line and adjust line thickness, color, and linestyle all in one command?

Hi all,

This is really a quite general question.

I am not asking to change "interface(rtablesize=30)" or any other similar command.


I just wonder, sometimes, we want to see a symbolic matrix. And when the matrix gets really large in dimension, it does not display nicely on the whole screen.

Occasionally, with reasonably "small" matrix, we can still see it by "zoom out" to 50% view or even smaller view, to see the FULL matrix.

The Warning:

1st Vector dimension size (1..9) is too small to fit source size (1..14)


This come from a really long procedure that I have written. With lots of commands from LinearAlgebra package.

Is there a way to find out what exactly went wrong?


It's not informative in a way, i can't exactly identify where this is coming from...


I also wonder if it could have come from "pdesolve"...







Hi all,


After I loaded the package with(VectorCalculus), the output of vectors changed to a different one.

Is there any real "difference" when...

I have the function f(x) = 

  sqrt(x + 5 sin x)

and x <= 20

How would I specify it in maple and then I have to take the derivative and find the critical points. I am so confused.




Hi all,

I wonder if there is a way to extract the upper/lower triangle entries from a matrix?

Basically, I want to creat a column vector of the none zero entries in "UpperTriangle(m);"


Also, aside, is there a way to quickly assign those entries...

I would like to know if there is any way to coax maple into spitting out the solution (1,1,1) for the system of equations {x2+y2+z2=3, x+y+z=3}. So far all I have come up with is


This produces


as desired, but I would like to accomplish this without specifying the polynomial...

I've tried using Maple Help within the Maple software, but it is not very user friendly. Nothing seems to match up when I type the commands that it tells me, I always get an error. How do I find the moment generating function from a probability density function (pdf)?



Dear Maple Users,

I can't understand why fsolve returns "x,y in the equations and are not solved for"???

the example in attached file.


thank you in advance! Any help is appreciated.




i want to compute the differentiation of a matrix elementwise:


But Maple gives only the output ~(diff(3x15 Matrix))

What do I have to do?


Thank you for suggestions!

I am trying to find the coordinate vector of v and w with respect to the basis T.

v= <1,5>  

w= <5,4>

T= [<1,1>|<2,3>]


I found this help page:


"Enter a vector in the vector space spanned by this basis"  -how do you know what to put in?


> V:=...


I have defined a function(say fun) to do certain task, it works well when I call it from a script file(say script1). However, when I copy the complete script1 and paste onto another script file(say script2), the function, fun, doesn't execute. It's very peculiar as my project requires lot of modification, so I copy the old script and...

Hello every one,

I am gettting this error "unable to store HFloat", while solving a system of ODES numerically.






If S= { <0,1>,<1,2>} and T={<1,1>,<2,3>} are ordered bases for R2 and v=<1,5> and w=<5,4>, then can someone help me:

-find the coordinate vector of v and w with respect to the basis T by creating a procedure?

-I can make a procedure to find the transition matrix PS<-T from T to S-basis, but can you help find the coordinate vector of v and w with respect to the basis S. Using PS<-T?

Hi guys, I would like some help writing a procedure that checks whether the group of input vectors is an orthogonal basis. Any help would be great!

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