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How do I find the vertical asymptote of tan(x) when x=x/x+1?

I want to solve the equation 2*x-x*sqrt(x)-1)^(1/3)+sqrt(x)+(1-2*x)^(1/3) = 0 in real numbers. I tried

> restart:


solve((2*x-x*sqrt(x)-1)^(1/3)+sqrt(x)+(1-2*x)^(1/3) = 0);

Maple out put loss the solution x = 0. I don't understand why.

Hi all,

First of all, I would like to mention that I'm new to Maple, so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

I have a rather complicated expression, let us call it expr, and I have a constraint equation, let us call it constr = 0. I would like to simplify expr knowing that constr = 0.

Stupid example:

expr: 2*x+4*y+3

constr: x+2*y = 0

In that case:

expr = 2*(x+2*y)+3 = 2*0+3 = 3

How can I do that?

Thanks a lot.

g1 := x^2-w*y;
g2 := x*y-w*z;
g3 := y^2-x*z;
S13 := -y^3*w+x^3*z;
eq1:= S13 = h131*g1 + h132*g2 + h133*g3;

hsol := solve(identity(eq1, x), [h131, h132, h133]);
h131 should be x*z
h312 should be 0
h133 should be -y*w

Hi, I need to maximize a quadratice function and I need to check if my variables are satisfying the Kuhn-Tucker conditions or not.

I defined the objective and I want to use the command

QPSolve(`ϕ`, assume = nonnegative, maximize);

and the Kuhn-Tucker conditions that I want to apply are

(&PartialD;)/(&PartialD; x[i]) `&varphi;`=0 and x[i]>=0; or (&PartialD;)/(&PartialD; x[i]) `&varphi;`<=0 and x[i]=0

I've tried all sorts of different assignments for a,b and c but all still give me an error 
for root 2. 
have tried posint, int, nonnegative, positve but none work 
any help would be appreciated. 
if (a+b) > c then print (a,b,c,`are lengths of a triangle`)
#this is according to the triangle inequality theorem
elif (a+b) < c then print ...

Dear All,


I found that the _Z is a already asked question from learners like me. However, I am asking for your inputs that are related to my problem.

I have a implicit expression interms of bessel functions. While making an attempt to solve (using solve command) for a variable , which is an argument inside the bessel function I came up with some output which has _Z as follows:

s,k,mu,sigma are parameters.k is real number

Trying to create slope field for du/dt=-u^5 + u^3 - u^2 + u but can't get an actual slope field to come up. Help? 

Hi! Just got help for my first question about Maple in here and it worked out great! :-)

I got one more question, I think it might be difficult to do, but let's see.

I've got a worksheet with about 6 equations. These equations depend on one single variable at the start (the first equation results in a value that the next equation uses and so on), the problem is, the variable has 11 different values, and I want 11 results that come out from...

I   have  the function W(Xi(t),ete(t),diff(xi(t),t),diff(eta(t),t)), a function of 4 variales.

I want to have all possibles second order partial derivative of this function with respect those variables

I have a procedure that outputs an array but I want to be able to see this on a plot, preferably a line. The 1s being on one side and the 2s being on the other side. Would this be possible? I have tried "with(ImageTools):" and then Creating an image then using the View command to view it but it gives me a solid square for an output.

Could anyone help to translate this (below) into Maple.  The Mathematica code understanding is causing me frustrations.  I got about as far as just starting to create the boggle board with the GraphTheory package. Here's what I have,which is rally barely anything at all. My example board 3x4
a := Graph(undirected, {["a", "b"], ["a", "e"], ["b", "c"], ["b", "e"], ["b", "f"], ["c", "f"], ["d", "a"], ["d", "b"], ["d", "e"...


I just started using Maple for my engineering study some weeks ago, i have had luck finding help by google and forums so far. But now i ran into the first problem i can't find any answers for.

I want to add some values in a table like you can in excel. The values have to change like everything else in the document when then references changes and

Dear All,

I need help in adding following two set of equtions in MAPLE, your help will be really appreciated:

w:=2*Pi*100:  O:=5*w





Addition of following two equations required pls


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