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How to convert Maple code to Matlab ?

comment je doiy faire pour convertir mon code Maple en Matlab?

merci d'avance pour votre aide.




I am trying to get maple to "simplify" the product of two infinite sums, according to Laurent's condition, as follows:

Given two Fourier series expansions,

F = sum{h=-inf..inf, f(h)*exp(i*h*x)}

G = sum{s=-inf..inf, g(s)*exp(i*s*x)}


Their product may be written as F*G, and then simplified as follows:


= sum{h=-inf..inf, f(h)*exp(i*h*x)} * sum{s=-inf..inf, g(s)*exp(i*s*x)}

= sum{h=-inf..inf, sum{s=-inf..inf, g(s...

I have an Array which storage consist ot other arrays with different my question is: Is there a way to protect this Array from being scaned from the garbage collection? I've got that if an array is saved as hardware float datatype it wont be touched from the gc, but how to do it when the datatype is not a hardware float? Might be something like MapleGcProtect, but not for external calls !!!

Thanks in advance.

Hi, does anyone know how I go about getting the y''(x) derivative notation to render properly in Maple TA without the primes being unreadably small? Ideally I'd like to author the question in LaTeX.


Many thanks in advance.


> eq2:=el*V=h_bar^2/2/m*(k[f2]^2-k[f1]^2);

> eq3:=solve({eq1,eq2},{k[f1],k[f2]});
> eq4:=allvalues(eq3):
Solving this i get a very very massive result. Let me take a branch:
I get

May I obtain, with Maple, an answer, true or false, about general questions of Logic and Set Theory?

i.e. Without constructing a Set, I want to know if is it true or false, that "if A is a subset of B and B is a subset of C then A is a subset of C".


Thanks in advance



I want to make triangle oAB with the angle AoB equal to 2*Pi/3. The following code is not right.

> restart:





for x1 to N do


for y1 from x1 to N do

 for z1 from y1 to N do

 for x2 to N do

 for y2 to N do

 for z2 to N do




What is the next two terms for this pattern...

1, -2, 2, -4, 0, ...

I'm trying to plot and fill the area between these two curves from x[0,450]




I can do it separately but when I do them together, it gives me extra area that isn't shared between the two curves.

Also, whenever I try to plot them together I get the following error message:

Error, (in plot) unexpected option: 2+0.2e-3*x^2


Any help will be greatly appreciated!

hi guys,

say i have an expression like this:


I want to solve this  fractional differential system in maple please help me.


                         D        y[0](x) = 0

I have a question regarding vectors and functions.

I have a function that depends on the magnitude of some vector k, whose dimension I do not know so let's assume it can be n-dimensional. How can I define such a function and proceeed manipulate it...partial differentiation, integration, addditions etc?


thanks for the help


i am trying to pick off some terms programatically from a list of expressions/equations, and am having some trouble.


> select(has, y+3*x(t), x); # works


I am having trouble with the Physics[diff] operator.


#Setup noncommutative operators:
Setup(noncommutativeprefix = {P, H, rho});
              [noncommutativeprefix = {H, P, rho}]

#this works:
#even more complicated stuff works:

I am right now attempting to install Maple16, and somewhere in the installation process the following appears to be happening: "installing... THBI_____.ttf". This something then proceeds to be installed for more than half an hour, at which point I stopped the installation process. Is this supposed to take super long or might something be wrong here? 

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