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Dear Sirs,

I am a post-doc working on the university and I am dealing with elliptic integrals together with Maple, nowadays. I am using for my computations en EllipticK(.) function and I need to know how this function computes its exact values for a given parametr of an elliptic modulus. Does it use some kind of a series(how does it pertinently look like?) or is it tabelated and consequently interpolated? Please, will you be so kind and could you give...

Dear Readers,

Given an expression for e.g. x^n+ y^3.5, how to extract the symbolic/floating point exponent, I tried with degree method but it fails whenvever there is symbolic or floating point exponent. Is there any alternative ?




Regards, Satya

I've plotted this graph, but it's supposed to be smooth, any idea what's happened?


I'm looking for several challenging projects for a Calculus II course using Maple which I'll be teaching in Spring 2013.  By challenging I mean that the project will have several steps including both conceptual and computational aspects.  I'd also like them to be suitable for group work if possible.  I'd be willing to devote from 3-5 class periods for each of three or four different projects.  Our Calc I and Calc II are five hour...


I'm trying to solve the effects (deflictions, tensions, etc) of a load on a timoshenko beam. It uses two partial diffential equations, wherein q is the load:

> PDE1 := kappa*G*A*(diff(y(x, t), x, x)-(diff(theta(x, t), x)))-rho*A*(diff(y(x, t), t, t))-q;

> PDE2 := E*J*(diff(theta(x, t), x, x))+kappa*G*A*(diff(y(x, t), x)-theta(x, t))-rho*J*(diff(theta(y, x), t, t));

The boundary conditions are that in the corners the moments (derative of theta...

Hi everyone i've tried to solve two coupled nonlinear ode but maple gives me these two errors can you help me with this?


ode1 := diff(f(x), x, x, x)+3*f(x)*(diff(f(x), x, x))-2*(diff(f(x), x))^2+g(x) = 0;
 ode2 := diff(g(x), x, x)+(3*10)*f(x)*(diff(g(x), x)) = 0;
 bcs1 := (D(f))(0) = 0, f(0) = 0, (D(f))(6) = 0;
 bcs2 := g(0) = 1, g(6) = 0;
 sys := {bcs1, bcs2, ode1, ode2};
 dsn := dsolve(sys, numeric);
 print(plots:-odeplot(dsn, [x, g(x)...

Dear Friends, I asked my question here and got one answer. I don't want to prove that if Maple is unable solve my problem or not, but want to know if you agree with the answer there. What can I do with this problem noted there which happened during teaching in the class and made me ashamed badly.

Best and Thanks.

Hey everyone. The last few days I work on a non-linear PDE. 
U*`∂`(F(s))/`∂`(x) = -k*sigma*cos(theta)*`∂`(F(s)*kro(s)*`∂`(J(s))/`∂`(x))/(`μo`*sqrt(k/phi)*`∂`(x));
with boundary conditions: when x=-∞: s=swi       and  
x=L : U*dF(s)+k*sigma*F(s)*kro(s)*`∂`(J(s))/(`μo`*sqrt(k/phi)*`∂`(x))
I need to plot...

CAb := <1, 1, 2;1, 2, 3;1, 3, 1>;
# Get the QR decomposition of CAb:
Q, R := QRDecomposition(CAb); R;

Error in R

Maple Matrix(3, 3, {(1, 1) = 1.7321, (1, 2) = 3.4642, (1, 3) = 3.4642, (2, 1) = 0., (2, 2) = 1.4142, (2, 3) = -.70710, (3, 1) = 0., (3, 2) = 0., (3, 3) = 1.2248})

MathCad Matrix(3, 3, {(1, 1) = 1.7321, (1, 2) = 3.4642, (1, 3) = 3.4642, (2, 1) = 0., (2, 2) = 1.4142, (2, 3) =...


I am trying to add an if statement to maple code for example if U(tk) less or equal to 4 then 
the initial condition=0 else the initial condition=value .
I am getting this error:
Error, cannot determine if this expression is true or false: U(365)


 k := 0; B[1] := 0.001/365; B[2] :=0.002/365:

Hi, I'm working on fitting model. For some reason is taking way too long to evaluate it actually hasn't finished it at all. Im running on i7. Thanks for any help. this is my code: 

> X := Vector([0, 170, 0]);
> Y := Vector([0, 11, 56]);

Q(t) := -(36788*76)*(.28*K*p/(-p-exp(-r*t...

Hey all :)






evalf(W); (this just comes up with W)

I have tried...


I'm having a little trouble displaying the desired solution when using what might otherwise be refered to as the 'symbolic toolbox' - I'm a matlab user..

The output from maple is great! so much cleaner than matlab in this instance. The problem I'm having however is displaying the solution of simple algebra pproblems

ex: I would like to verify my handcalculation of cramers rule.


I am currently trying to integrate a long string of fractional sine and cos terms with a cos term on the denominator and other exponential multipliers, but all variables and coefficients are real (and I have put this assumption in Maple).

When I integrate them on Maple it is automatically simplifying the result using Euler's rule to give me a complex fraction with a complex numerator and denominator. This is not very helpful as I need to use the result in further calculation,...

Loading a customised package on my computer I can use all of its functions easily. But I am looking to find the maple code of the procedure that make this function works, I am sure there is a trick but I am struggling to find it. I researched online quite a bit without any success as the threads I found about making your own packages are too technical for me.
Would anyone know how to do that?

Thanks in advance.

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