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Suppose we want to plot a function depending on integral evaluation, like

> S := Int(sin(sin(x+u)+sin(y-u)),u=0..Pi);

"Your Unread Contributions" is broken as of the updates made to MaplePrimes yesterday. It now simply lists every thread that I've contributed to since the update even though I've actually read all the most-recent activity in those threads.

I wanted to add this as a Comment to the "Updates in MaplePrimes" thread, but I can't do that either.

I cannot make an Answer or Reply to the Recent Question "Nonlinearfit problem". When I click "Submit", I get the message "Sorry, something went wrong." I am able to make Answers, even the first Answer, to other Questions.

Also, I cannot make a Comment to the Post "Updates to MaplePrimes" even though I can make Comments to other posts. The same thing happens: "Sorry, something went wrong."

And here is my Answer, in case that Asker sees it here:

Title: numapprox[minimax]

In a folder I have several worksheets in maple. Each worksheet is named Forum, plus a consecutive number. Internally each worksheet has the following structure:


I would like, from a Maple worksheet, perform a query that would allow me to make a table of contents or index of the information found in the header of each section of all worksheets contained in the folder

Good afternoon everbody,

I am trying to make a rational interpolation from the data of a function (values of the function for different points).
I tried to do it with the RationalInterpolation command but it requires too much time. Then I chose to solve the problem with the NonlinearFit command but the result varies a lot if I a change the basic function I want to approach and I always get a warning message: limiting numer of iterations reached.

I can calculate:


A right click on the visualization CAD geometry icon, attaching an STL file, activates a pop up list of options. One of the options is "make rigidbody". The units are for the MKS system. I must be doing...

In trying to obtain the closed form for the nth partial sum for some fairly basic telescoping series. It appears that SumTools[DefiniteSum][Telescoping] works well for rational summands. However, when the same is attempted on summands that are not rational, it fails. Below are a few examples.



I have created a large matrix (31  times 4) using Maple 15. some of the columns of the matrix contains a long list.

I would like to save the contents of the matrix to either MS-Word or Excel. I tried right-click>Browse>export and saved it as an excel file. But the data in the columns consisting the long lists is lost in the saved file.

1)Is there any other way I can save the contents of the matrix.

2) the matrix seems too large...


I meet a problem when I want to find the derivative of an integral with parameters when th eintegral has an option for numerical evaluatio.  For example

>  S := Int(sin(a*x)/x,x=0..infinity,method=_DEFAULT);

> diff(S,a);

Error, (in diff/Int) invalid Int(...) format

What is the correct syntax ?





Thank you for the suggestions. Float command helped me a lot for real matrices but when I have imaginary numbers in my matrix it gives me error.  

 after I construct the matrix A I do = implies  Af:= Matrix(A, datatype= float):


That gives me error message ' Unable to store 0.-18844.3412345686*I ' when datatype=sfloat'    is there a solution for that like complex_float "? I  looked at Maple help but I could not find...


I have created a figure in Maple 15 using Plots:-display() command.  I want to save the combined figure (given by display) as a .eps format. I can do this by right-click on the image>export>Encapsulated Postcript. I need to run the code several times so that it produces a different image each time(by changing variables). I have to then click on the image and drag it so that it becomes the appropriate size I wanned.

My problem is that it is difficult...

Mrs Bopha, used phone that had 7 numbers. Som didn't clear her phone number.Som remember 4 numbers in the first that had 9 ,8 , 7 and 7 Som didn't clear serial number 5 about 1 or 2.For serial number 6 didn't remember. But Som remember that serial number7 equal 5 minus serial number 6.How many time that Som  should be chose right phone 's number to Mrs Bopha?

I intend to calculate the eigenvalues and eigenvectors, but for the same matrix when i executed the Eigenvectors command in mapple twice the eigenvalues generated are same both the times but the values of eigenvector are infinite at one instance whereas they are in numeric domain in the second instance.

Can anyone please tell me why this is occuring?

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