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I'm trying to develop a new notation and am having problems with lists vs. sets.

Basically I have things of the form [[a,b]],[[c,d,e]],[[f],[f,h]] and I want to change them to the form [{a,b}],[{c,d,e}],[{f},{f,h}].

I start from a flat list [a,b,c,d,e,f,f,h] and then divide it up, so using sets initially would lose repeated elements. But then once it has been divided up, I need the innermost brackets to be sets.


I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro (retina) with Mountain Lion and found that my Maple 12 programs would not run.  So I updated to Maple 16.  Initially all seemed to work well.  But now when i try to open a Maple .mw file, I get the message

"File could not be found.  Please select a different file."

What has happened and how can I get my programs working again?


Hello guys , i have a matrix that i want to find its eigenvalues , i have its answer but maple calculations didnt give its anwer.


m and q can bu any number

maple calculation :




thank you guys

Ok, so here's my first question on Mapleprimes.  

I have the following procedure:

local i, j, V;
global vars_set;
# Create List
for i from 0 to stringLength do 
 for j from 0 to i do
  vars_set:={op(vars_set), x[2^i-2^j+1]};
 end do; 
end do;
end proc: 



Is it possible when solving a differential equation to get the corresponding recurrence relation of the series expansion instead of the actual solution?



the solution is obviously exp(\pm omega*x)

But I want

a_(n+2) = omega^2/(n+1)(n+2) * a_n

or something like that

1. nonlinear ODE with parameter "epsilon"

(x^n +epsilon*y(x))dy/dx + n*x^(n-1) * y(x) =m*x^(m-1) ; y(1)=b>1

where n=2,3,4,.. and m=0,1,2,3,...


2. Duffing equation with parameter "epsilon"

d^2 y(x)/dx^2 + y(x) + epsilon*y(x)^3=0 ; y(0)=A ; y'(0)=0


I want to make my maple.ini file so that it sets plotoptions(discont=true) as starndard, so that I don't have to write it all the time.

I did it a couple of years ago, but can't make it work now.

Hope some of you can help me.



I don't think the geom3d package can be used symbolically it needs specific values.  Maybe I'm wrong, am I?


I'm plotting this function of (x) which is very complicated expression anyway I plotted it..Now I want to plot the f(x)/max value of f(x)???

I appriciated for any advice...

Hi, im new with maple

so I am still a bit confused with how to use it..

i have an nonlinear ODE with parameter "b"

(x+b*y(x))dy/dx + y(x) =0 ; y(1)=1

if i want b=0.1 and x=0, 0.1, 0.2, ..,1

how do i

I want to find all values of m such that the equation (x-m)*(x-2*m-1)*(x+3*m-2)*(x+m+3)=0 has two positive solutions and two negative solutions. How to solve this problem with Maple?



so I have the following function to be plotted:


M = (1+y^2)/((x^2+1)*(1+z^2))

Anyone have any background knowledge on the above 3D polynomial?  Assuming all 4 parameters are real I ploteed some 3D plots & some interesting surfaces are generated.  I imagine this has some physical application.  If anyone has some knowledge on this please respond & include any references you might know of.



I tried using maple to solve the below system of Partial differential equations but itzz not jst coming out... any assistance will be appreciated (post the maple codes if used)

sys2 := -(diff(u(y, t), y, y)) + S*(diff(u(y, t), y)) + diff(u(y, t), t) + M.u(y,t) + (u(y,t)/k)-theta(y,t) = 0,
 -(diff(theta(y, t), y, y))/Pr + diff(theta(y, t), t) + S*(diff(theta(y, t), y)) = 0

The variables are... u(y,t) and theta(y,t)

The initial conditions are;

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