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I am trying to compute the value of a complex integral with higher precision, but if I increase the number of significant digits the value is not computed. Are there any approaches that can give me higher precision?
Residue calculus does not appear to be an option but as the exponents are not necessarily integer.

The problem is the following:

int_C(phi(z)*exp(-l*z))intd z

where C can be parametrized by t->mu+t+c*I*t for t=0..infinity, mu and l is real.




 I want to plot the following truncated powr series with trigonometric coefficients:


sum(-y2*y3+8*(-1)^((k-1)*(1/2))*sinh(y2*Pi*k)*sin(k*Pi*y3)/(Pi^3*k^3*cosh((1/2)*k*Pi)), k = 1 .. 10)


but I get some strange terms with a strange term "I" in it which causes strange plots. I removed and it seems ok, why does this happen and what can I do to avoid it?


Can you make geometric figures that hold a particular area within a given perimeter of 12 matches

My attempt was to start at origin 0,0 and move up 1 unit (a,b) and then 1 unit up or to the right (c,d) etc ... until you enclose the required area (defined by linear spline) s.t. perimeter =12. but it doesn't really work

Hi friends. Am trying to plot a graph that shows the difference between cubic spline, crank 
nicolson and exact soution in 2d through this command but am not able to get it. 
Whereas table is mentioned below at t=0.05
x	cubic	 crank	  exact
0.05 0.0879 0.0855 0.0756
0.15 0.2514 0.2446 0.2194
0.25 0.3807 0.3708 0.3417
0.35 0.4625 0.4512 0.4305
0.45 0.4928 0.4815 0.4773
0.55 0.4747 0.4646 0.4733
0.65 0.4151 0.4609 0.4305

Consider the planar region bounded by the curves y=x^2 + 4x + 6, x=1 and y=2. Rotate about the line x=3 

i want to display a1,a2,a3 on one side and b1,b2,b3 on another sides  that is in an array (one side a1,a2,a3 graph and another side b1,b2,b3 graphs)

 my codes are 




I want to plot:

plot(int(x^2*e^(PI*x/10^12 M), x = 0 .. infinity))


where M is 10^8 but i want the units of the x axis to be x/M, is this possible if so please can i have some help.

Hi all,

There is a state space system as follows:

X_dot = A.X + B.U

Y = C. X

The transfer function of this system is

H(s) = C. (sI-A)-1.B                 (1)

H(s), that is calculated in Maple by using the formula (1), is very complex (please see the attached file).

Would you please show me how to find the transfer function of the system? 

In addition, how to plot its bode plot?

I'm trying to plot this equation with initial conditions. I'm following the exact same code that my professor used, but it isn't working. 


restart; with(plots): with(DEtools):

DE := y(t)^2*(4-y(t)^2);

p1 := DEplot( DE, y(t), t=0..1/2, {[y(0)=1],[y(0)=3]}, arrows=none, thickness=2, linecolor=[blue,green]):


Under the last line of code I get the error "Error, (in DEtools/DEplot/CheckInitial) the 'number' option...

Possibly a quick one,

I have two sets of precedures, both return the right values however one returns the values alone e.g.

x := 123123.2312323


The other wrongly returns

x :=  Return(123123.2312323)

I have literally pages of code, any suggestions why this would be the case?


Thank you!!!

Can we find exact solution of PDE with help of maple?

If it is yes the please let me how to write commands for parabolic pde 

ut=k uxx with boundary conditions u(0,t)=u(l,t)=0 and initial condition u(x,0)=e-x

I have a question about the "applyrule" function. I have an expression that looks like:


exprsn1:=sin(z)(Acos(z) + Bcos(x)cos(2z) + Ccos(x));


I would like to express cos(2z)sin(z) in the form 1/2(sin(3z)-sin(z)). However, when I use the "applyrule" as:

exprsn2 := applyrule(sin(z)cos(2z)=1/2(sin(3z)-sin(z), exprsn1);

it returns the same expression. Is there something else I should be doing before I use applyrule?

I have a model with 3 parameter blocks containing a lot of constants. I would like to know how can i print those lists to papper, .pdf, word or something like that.


Hi Guys, I hope you can help!

I am stuck trying to plot a function that has a conditional based on 'x' the plotted variable.


> pltx := proc (num1::integer, num2::integer, x) 
if 1 < x then
return 0
elif x < 0 then
return 0
return num1*x^num2
end if
end proc;

> d := plot(pltx(2, 5, x), x = 0.1 .. 0.4);

Error, (in pltx) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 1 < x


I am trying to solve a problem in theoretical applied mechanics in which I need to find the solution for 5 unknown but I have 6 equations. None of the equations is redundant and I need the solution of the variable to satisfy each of the equations.

These are the equations 


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