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I want to integrate the following two function using Maple, but it returns nothing

When I use ImportMatrix to import a MATLAB mat file, I get a list of names and values. Should I write a "for" loop to assign them in Maple or there is an easier way to do it?

i would like to nknow how can i eval a function wiith a matrix?

> restart; with(ArrayTools); with(LinearAlgebra); with(MTM);
 varhi := 10; 
varlo := 0; 
npar := 2; 
popsize := 9; 
par := (varhi-varlo)*RandomArray((proc (A) local i; 
if A::(rtable[column]) then 
seq(A(i), i = 1 .. NumElems(A)) else
end if 

I have obtained the taylor series expansion of a function and got the coefficients as numbers.

I want to assign those coefficients to a variable.

I need your help.


I'm quite new in Maple and stuck at one point. I think it is a trivial but I'm stuck anyways and hope somebody could help me here.

Following the DE system i'd like to be solved.

I am trying to determine if a particular system of 15 polynomial equations in 9 variables has a real solution using Maple's RegularChains library.  I am using the IsEmpty command which returns true if there are no solutions and false otherwise.  In Maple 16, this can be done using the command:

IsEmpty( sys, R ) ;

where "sys" is a list of equations and "R" is a polynomial ring, both of which I define in the worksheet.  But this syntax only works...

I need to keep parentheses surround some expression, e.g. (2x+1). However, Maple removes parentheses. Is there a way to keep them?

is there a maple function or does anyone have a proc that will return the number of significant figures given a number? For example, when given 0.38, the proc will return 2, or when given 2.897, the proc will return 4.

Hi all. I am trying to find the cube roots of -sqrt(6)-sqrt(18)*I in polar form. I have used the following commands but it does not convert the argument properly. Can anyone help? readlib(polar); sola:=solve(z^3=-sqrt(6)-sqrt(18)*I,z); polar(sola[1]); polar(sola[2]); polar(sola[3]); I have also used the following but it could not simplify the argument/angle. sola1 := simplify(convert(sola[1], polar)); Can anyone please suggest a fix to this? The argument...

Hi, anyone can show me how to expand this formula with Maple:


where n is an unknown integer. My expectation is x^n +n*x^(n-1)+...


Thank you and regards,


Dear Maple users

I am working on importing data from an Excel-file "Data.xlsx" into Maple. This is done using the following commands:

> restart;
> with(ExcelTools);
> X := Import("Data.xlsx", 1, "A3:A63");

One strange behavior is the fact that I receive an error message: Error, (in ExcelTools:-Import) Could not open the file.

When I close the Maple file and open it again and reexecute, the error disappers and everything works....

I have created a wheeled robot in MapleSIM for my bachelor thesis and for various calculations I need the location of the center of mass.  I am unsure of how to find this.  Could you please help me and explain how to find this?  Thank you for your help.

I have got the following instructions of computing the required trajectories (orbits). They have been done with Maple V3. I cannot get them going with Maple 16. I have just started with Maple and cannot see the mistake in the instruction. Can anybody help me? Thanks!

> with(LinearAlgebra);
> "A, B = Payoff matrices for players";
> A := matrix(2, 2, [4, 2, 1, 3]); B := matrix(2, 2, [1, 4, 3, 2]);
> "T defines the time interval [0,T], s is the step length";

I want to calculate above integral in Maple15,  the parameters n_1, n_2 and n_3 are all positive integers.
I tried to input the following command: int(int((1-x)*(1-y)(x+y)*(x^n_1)*(y^n_2)*(1-x-y)^n_3, y=0..1-x),x=0..1);

After I pressed enter it then appeared an error message: "Error, unable to match delimiters"

Can someone help me on how to solve the following pde for G

Eq1 := ((z[1]-1)*lambda+(z[3]-1)*gamma)*G+(1-z[1])*delta*(diff(G, z[1]))+(N*z[3]-z[2])*kappa*(diff(G, z[2]))+(1-z[3])*mu*(diff(G, z[3]))+(z[2]-z[1]*z[3])*beta*(diff(diff(G, z[3]), z[1])) = diff(G, t)

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