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> G := proc (N)

local s, n;

s := 0.;

n := 0;

while n < N do

n := n+1;

s := s+1/n

end do;

[s, n] end proc;

    Comput  G(1.0),G(2.0), .....G(7.0)   try to figure out what
    the procdure G is doing

Anyone knows how to use an expression like t^n, where t is a polynomial variable and n is an intager variable, in such a way that (t^n)/(t^m)=t^{n-m}? Actually, I would like to use it inside some package like polynomial tools, in order to normalize such expressions.

for n from 0 to N do
if r[n]then i:=2 elif r[n...


     I'm trying to find the zero's of a 'nearly parabolic' trajectory, so narurally there are two zeros' of course I don't care about the first zero only the second one. Is there a way to have fsolve find both, or just skip the first?

     Restricting the range of fsolve won't work because I don't know where my first of second zero will be.  

> limit(n*int((1-(3/26)*x-(37/49)*x^2)^n, x = 0 .. 1), n = infinity); with Maple? The calculations suggest its existence. I don't have  in mind the usage of known asymptotic formulas.



fprime0 := diff(BfT[0]*z^ls*(ls*p[0]*z^lk+1-ls*p[0])/(.99*(1-(1-.989*f[0])^5)), z); 'fprime0(1)' = subs(z = 1, fprime0)


 je veux savoir comment je calcule les valeurs de fprime0 s'il vous plait je suis coincé depuis une semaine et j'ai pas pu terminer mon travail le resultat me donne 

"Large sortie de plus de 1000000 noeuds" 

I am presently using Tally to read through a list of numbers to try and calculate their frequency, I end up with a list as follows:

frequency := [1 = 6, 2 = 7, 3 = 91, 4 = 10], etc.

Now, I've been given a function that should turn this function into a "list of lists":

list_of_lists := n -> [ op(n)[1],  op(n)[2] ]

As can be expected from looking at this function, it only returns the first two elements from the original list

I have been asked on a test what I would need to draw a circle with geometry software and also what I would need to draw parrallel lines with geometry software.

is there a simple maple package template that i can look at?

I wrote a module with about 30 procs, i want to make it into a package but I don't really know where to start.


all i need is an existing package that i can simply


  • rename the title
  • swap the code with my own code
  • swap the example with my own example
Input: solve(O/N=k^x*e^(-x)/x!,x);

            /                    _Z  (-_Z)  \
RootOf\-O factorial(_Z) + k e N/
What is this _Z? 

In the 20-29 age group , the heigts were normally ditributed with a mean 0f 64.3 inches and a standard deviation of 2.6 inches

find probability that her height is less than 56.5 inches.

can i distrubute some random particle with an arbitrarity function in maple, for example p(r,theta,phi)=p0*sin(theta)/r, 0.01<r<1, 0< theta<pi, 0<phi< 2*pi. For such distribution we expect many particle in equator.

many thanks

After a few steps and derived out a formula include a hypergeometric expression


in this hypergeometric expression, there are more than two parameters in maple for example


from some paper said G(z*q; q^f)

i am not familiar with hypergeometric series

how to substitute z*q and q^f into a formula include a hypergeometric expression.

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