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Is it possible to import 3rd party python packages like pyGPGO (A  Bayesian Optimization package) available in github. Please reply. Thanks a lot 

I tried to get this plot with equal axis for x and y ? 



The uploaded worksheet contains two examples of the use of VectorCalculus[VectorSpace]. The first example seems explicable but the second does not.

I have tried and failed to find a full, clear explanation of how a vector describing a simple vector, spacecurve, or surface in the default vector space is transformed to appear in a user defined vector space.

Can anyone direct me to such an explanation, so that I can understand Maple's processing within the uploaded worksheet and enable me to use this Maple feature to future advantage?


How can I generate a code to plot the optimals; h, chi and psi?

Hello all,

I was hoping to get some general tips for tackling numeric integrals. As someone with little experience in the subject, I find myself overwhelemed by the many different integration methods. 

Experts, what are the first steps you take when trying to find a numeric solution to an integral? How might you zero-in on a particular integration method? What about tweaking error parametrs, etc.? Is there a general framework for approaching these problems, or is it all guesswork?


Hi everyone:

How can I convert the following phrase (eq) into the phrase in the photo?

eq:= -w*z^2/(2*E*MI*alpha^2)+w*H*sinh(alpha*H)*cosh(alpha*z)/(alpha^3*E*MI*cosh(alpha*H))-w*H*sinh(alpha*H)/(alpha^3*E*MI*cosh(alpha*H))+w*cosh(alpha*z)/(alpha^4*E*MI*cosh(alpha*H))-w/(alpha^4*E*MI*cosh(alpha*H))+w*H*z/(E*MI*alpha^2)-w*H*sinh(alpha*z)/(E*MI*alpha^3):

the phrase in the photo:



f := x -> exp(-x)*sin(x); intvx:= 0..3;
f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; exp(-x)*sin(x) end proc
intvx := 0 .. 3


And this one below ( i prefer this one ) , but got in worksheet now the one above
Probably a option issue ?



f := x -> exp(-x)*sin(x); intvx:= 0..3;

proc (x) options operator, arrow; exp(-x)*sin(x) end proc


How can I see 8 1/2 x 11" page margins to write a simple letter size report?

Could be helpful to see again those worksheets about programming in Maple.

It was back in 2000-2004 that have seen these workssheets on the Maple website

 I looked at Maple website, but nothing to find anymore for those programming worksheets?

Someone to know install modules as pyautogui? 
In my software gives the following message "Error, (in Python:-ImportModule) ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pyautogui' ['Traceback (most recent call last):\n', '  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>\n', "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pyautogui'\n"]"
Or someone know about automation keyboard in Maplesoft?
Kind regards

 Dear Maple community, 
I am struggling with the numerical solution of the complex (linear) partial differential equation to obtain results. For example, I see such as this statement "Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/plot) unable to compute solution for t<HFloat(0.0): signum is not differentiable at complex values" pops up. I did my homework but I didn't get anything. I will be happy if someone could give me some suggestions or advice. Thank you in advance. 


I found a previous post which contained a worksheet script for creating help, but this example is likely out-of-date. Can anyone provide a similar example for post-2018 help files to save me considerable trial and error.

I want to open an external *.XML file and put this information in a list (every part is a row). Later, i will change a specific row with other text. Finally, I want to copy all this changes in the same file (rewrite the file).
Someone to help me?

I'm trying to document some generator calculations that use terms line Xd'. In Maple that turns into a derivative. I converted several 'ed variables into atomic variables. They have made my work sheet unusable. They appear to randomly loose connecin to their assigned values and prevent numeric solutions by showing  up in symbolic form. Once this happens, I have to check each instance where the variable isuse to find where the loss/lossses occured. (copy and past each instance of the variable and check its value).

Once found I can't find a consistant way to re-associate them with the assigned value.

Any suggestions. See botton of attaced work sheet.

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/WS_Gen_I_and_E_for_fauls_on_HS_of_GSU_-_Time_Response_&_51V_Trip_Times_-R5a.mw .

Download WS_Gen_I_and_E_for_fauls_on_HS_of_GSU_-_Time_Response_&_51V_Trip_Times_-R5a.mw

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/WS_Gen_I_and_E_for_fauls_on_HS_of_GSU_-_Time_Response_&_51V_Trip_Times_-R5a.mw .

Download WS_Gen_I_and_E_for_fauls_on_HS_of_GSU_-_Time_Response_&_51V_Trip_Times_-R5a.mw



Please can you give me a hand with numerical solving and visualising the partial differential wave equation with stochastic term eta(t), using methods of stochastic calculus?

diff(u(x, t), t $ 2) - (1+eta(t))*diff(u(x, t), x $ 2) = 0

I had a look at the "stochastic" package by Sasha Cyganowski, but couldn't find an example for stochastic pde.

Look forward to your help.



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