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Hi there. Thank you all in advanced.

The general question is how to pass a pair of values to a list of functions that expect that pair of values as input.
I already know this solution for passing a list of values to a list of functions that expect one value as input.


Well f(x) and g(x) take every element of the list, but what if f(x) and g(x) expect two values. The concrete case is to pass p and q to iquo and irem. The following were my tries:

  • map(eval~,[iquo(x),irem(x)],x=[p,q])
  • map(eval~,[iquo(x),irem(x)],x=(p,q))
  • map(eval~,[iquo(op(x)),irem(op(x))],x=[p,q])

I searched and found some partial related topics in the site but not quite with this approach.


Hi, everybody.

Is there a command or a way to assign an initial value to animate plot?

Trivial example:


but initial value for m would be m=1 so the initial render will present the line with slope 1.

As always, thank you all in advanced.


Hello everybody.

This is my question. I tried to evaluate a list of polynomial over a list of values. Something like this:

eval([a*x, b*x], x = [p, q, t])

to get something like this:

[[a*p, a*q, a*t], [b*p, b*q, b*t]]

I know this method: eval~(a*x,x=~[p,q,t])  though this works for one polynomial over a list of values. Not precisely, what I am looking for.

I figured out a method that worked defining functions and with ‘apply’ and ‘map’. Here an example:




[[6, 12, 24], [25, 72, 147]]

However, how can I get this result using the ‘eval’ function.

Thank you all in advanced for any contribution.

I want to divide every element of A1 list by every element of list A2. Lists are unequal length.


A1:= [a1, a2, a3];

A2:= [b1, b2];

Output would be:

[a1/b1, a2/b1, a3/b1, a1/b2, a2/b2, a3/b2]

I managed to do this by this means:

LinearAlgebra:-OuterProductMatrix([a1, a2, a3], [1/b1, 1/b2]); convert(%, list)

My questions are:

  1. Is there a more succinct, practical method?
  2. How about if I want to use a different operation like say adding or just use a function f?

Thank you all in advanced.

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