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Hi everybody and thank you all in advanced.

I tried this:

  1. convert([a,b],`*`) # this worked
  2. convert([a,b],`/`) # this gives an error
  3. map(`/`,a,b) # this worked


  1. How can I make code for point (2) work? Apparently `/` is not an option for convert.
  2. I was looking for a function that divide two symbols, something like divide(a,b) and outputs a/b for some simple
  3. programing purposes but find no one. (a,b) could be numbers, could be trig functions or polynomials.

    Of course, you can just input a/b or lis[i]/lis[i+n], but a knowledgeable answer to this will cast light over Maple’s ways and my wrong ways.

Hi everybody and thank you all in advance.

This is my question. Suppose I have a list of lists like this:


I want to select all 3rd element from the list of lists and get:


Another example:

[1, [2, 3], [4, [5, 6], 7], [8, 3], 9] and select the first element from the list of lists and get:

[1, 2, 4, 8, 9]

Additionally suppose I want to sort a list of lists but base on the 3rd element of every sublist. Example:

From this list:

[[1,2,3],[7,8,2],[13,12,1]] sorted by the  3rd element I would get:

[[13,12,1], [7,8,2], [1,2,3]]


As always, thank you all in advanced.

I found this challenge by chance.

solve 615+x^2=2^y over integers.

I rushed to Maple and tried to solve it  with “solve” and "assuming" but I did not get results.

solve(615+x^2=2^y) assuming x::integer,y::integer   did not work.

How could this equation be suitably formulated for Maple to solve it?


Hi everyone. Thank you all in advance.

My question: is there a function for quotient and reminder for something like:

(22*Pi/3, Pi/2)

I tried frem, rem, quo. Neither of them worked.

Hello everybody and thankyou in advance to answer my question.

I am trying to answer this question:

“Find the solutions for x so that the sine of x degrees be equal to the sine of x radians in the interval [0, Pi].” I wrote this formula to solve it but without success:

solve(sin(x*degree)=sin(x),x) assuming 0<=x<=Pi

I expected a solution like:

{x=0, x=(180*Pi)/(180+Pi)} but not,

I somehow get a numeric solution for the first positive real number within the referred interval with this:

fsolve(sin(x*Pi/180) = sin(x), x, 0 .. Pi);

But if I change the interval for example [0, 3*Pi] I still only get one answer, not the four I spect.


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