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I'd like to solve 178x + 312y = 14

I tried:


But Maple wouldn't solve this, so I did


This gave x = 145 en y = -103, while according to the answers it should be x = -49 en y = 28.

145*178-103*312 is NOT 14, so something does indeed go wrong.


Can Maple solve this even better? Like in one go, with 178,312,x,y and 14 in one argument?



I'd like to find out what number Maple can still calculate the isprime for, and what number will make it go "No thanks, this is madness - ERROR".

I tried isprime (10100,000,000 + 2), and it can still calculate the result. No prime of course, that's the whole point of the +2.

I tried isprime(1010ˆ9 + 2) and it crashed.

But what is the tipping number?

I decided I should write a loop, and let maple write away the last number till it crashes. Is this possible? I think I'll need something like

> for n from 5 to ??? do isprime (10ˆn + 2) and ??? end do

This isn't suitable at all, but I cant figure out how to program "to error" or "write away this number"...


I hope the question is clear and look forward to ideas on how to make this work.


Just as the title says: How do I avoid Maple Prompt to appear automatically?

When writing a code in Maple Prompt and hitting enter, a new [> is created and I can't delete it. Which is unfortunate, for most of the time I want to write some TEXT afterwards, not more code.

Sometimes it doesn't happen, but I can't find the logic in it. Any ideas? Much obliged!

For an example, see this post:


2nd picture. I asked it as a BTW-question.


Thanks in advance

Is it possible to plot the equation 1=x^2+(y-1)^2 within Maple without rewriting it into a function or something like that? I can see that it is an easy to plot circle, but I just wonder whether it is possible.

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