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Hi everyone,

I am using Maple for quite a while, now I would like to do something new.

I am a teacher at a german highschool and I would like to generate class tests with maple. Say for an example, I need 30 tests,  where the first task is calculating the first derivative of a function. This function should be different for every person, for example f(x)=a*x^3+3x^2, where the value of a is different in every test (probably random).

So what I need is a way to generate nice looking sheets in Maple (including page breaks, titles and so on). Is there a way to generate such a thing in maple or do I have to export to TeX and adjust there quite a bit?

Maybe someone has done a similar thing. Actually I am looking for something like serial letters in Maple.

Any idea, how I could do such a thing?

Thanx for your help,


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