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Greetings everybody!

I am facing a strange problem. Dissolve/numeric seems to provide a solution and gives no error. However, when I try to plot the solution, Maple gives an error. Please guide me how to get rid of this error and how to plot the graph?
Please see the attatched file.

Thanking in anticipation.

with ref to the following post

Now I am having a problem with legends that they are not properly displayed. Dashing of the legends is not displayed in exported graph. Because the legends are too short so they are unable to reflect the dashing of the curves. Is there any way to extend the length? so that the dashing is reflected properly in the legends.


with ref to the following post

I am trying to export a plot which contains a subscript in its axis label. The label displays correctly in the maple worksheet but when I export it to a jpg file the subscript gets replaced with square brackets. Kindly guide me how can I get rid of this problem

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