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How can I work with a LogNormal distribution represented by a mean and standard deviation?
I see that is with exp(Normal(mu,sigma)), but I dont sure. Would you please help me with a example using LN(mean=20,standard deviation=5)?
I will use in PDF, CDF and RandomVariable. 

I have a problem whem try to solve a optimization probolem.
The equations are "complex" (G1 equation), and this error is showed "Error, (in Optimization:-NLPSolve) could not store 0.1749271137e-1*(588.000000000000+72.0000000000000*(-3.03333333+.333333333333333*MM)*(MM-17.80)+72.0000000000000*(.333333333333333*NN-3.5666666666667)*(17.00-1.*NN)+24.50000000*(2.90+4.666666667*tan(1.000000000*arctan(.166666666666667*MM-2.96666666666667)))*(18.00+5.627472876000*sin(-1.570796327+1.000000000*arctan(.166666666666667*MM-2.96666666666667))/sin(-1.745329252+1.000000000*arctan(.166666666666667*MM-2.96666666666667)))*cos(-.5235987756000+1.000000000*arctan(.166666666666667*MM-2.96666666666667))^2*sin(.3490658504000+1.000000000*arctan(.166666666666667*MM-2.9666 ... 756000+1.000000000*arctan(.166666666666667*MM-2.96666666666667))^2)-1. in a floating-point rtable".
Someone can help me?

ATS := proc(NN::float, MM::float) 
L[7]*H[4] + L[4]*H[2] + L[1]*(H[1] - H[2]) + 1/2*(P[X1] - NN)*(H[1] - H[2]) + 1/2*(MM - P[XF])*(H[1] - H[2]); 
end proc;
bounds := 14.90 .. 16.90, 17.90 .. 19.90;
cstr8 := proc(NN::float, MM::float) 
G1 - FS; 
end proc;

NLPSolve(ATS, {cstr8}, bounds, initialpoint = [15.90, 18.90], assume = nonnegative)

Someone to know install modules as pyautogui? 
In my software gives the following message "Error, (in Python:-ImportModule) ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pyautogui' ['Traceback (most recent call last):\n', '  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>\n', "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pyautogui'\n"]"
Or someone know about automation keyboard in Maplesoft?
Kind regards

I want to open an external *.XML file and put this information in a list (every part is a row). Later, i will change a specific row with other text. Finally, I want to copy all this changes in the same file (rewrite the file).
Someone to help me?

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