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@Mac Dude 

hmm k just looking up interpunction now... never heard that one before i am trying to evaluate the limit of a trigonometric expression involving the psi function as the arguement z->1/2

no lol it has to be the specific  one its say im not allowed to view.  the same one as before that i was annoying maple tech support about a few weeks earlier

thats the error message i get

showstat wont work tho

it say here its called the function power of the iteration  before i found the wiki def i was calling them "n-iteration self composite transform functions" ie the only time they are really helpful is when you have a simple pattern that emerges in the evaluation of the iteration, for example, if you take the laplace transform of a function f(z) iterations beyond the initial tranform evaluation will be ratios of that expression and the transformation variable raise to the power of the number of iterations done in total minus 1. as in the definition ive attached .

this is a great read which is post relevant in terms of name maple gives to the function in the worksheet


@Joe Riel ok thanks so much for that much appreciated!

@Carl Love sorry it was actually the inverse mellin and ive got this sorted i hadnt loaded any assumptions and i just started for the night but looking at the help page examples for invmellin id say this would be the reason i go null. but thanks anyway.

on another note i finally got paid so im buying prime numbers - a computational perspective which i think you or someone from maple primes reccomended. 

 anyway if there are particular pages you think are important let me know im a terrible reader but considering the total is now over 200 aud including the others i need im going to have force myself to read otherwise its a total waste of my money. well, the governments welfare money anyway.



@Carl Love thank you for this!



yes thanks for that i expected it to evaluate to a simpler expression involving the gamma, but you are right its actually gamma itself! lol how imbarassing.

@Mariusz Iwaniuk 


haha i think a few people are waiting for that version

@Carl Love 


of course i appreciate it i mean you have given me books and instructions for another area of study for the coming months years basically till i get cancer id say anyway compared to the help ive got thus far which is almost nothing its a huge benefit of precisely one of the areas im flawed yes i think you got me wrong there.

@Carl Love absolutely not offended and of course i appreciate the help, but there are mathematical reasons behind the delta that interconnect it with the other primary functions for example the gamma function for start, and its probably not the right place nor time to go into that level of detail here seeings you are very programming orientated so, no please dont take me that way it maybe true i was easily offended at previous stages in my study when i was younger, but this is by no means the case now as ive learnt the value of the peer exchange process.


I will always argue for the delta because it was one of the first functions i studied, i have only been seriously working on building my code writing abilities in the past 24 months, so its a very steep learning curve and im also not prepared to cease pure mathematics either so, i appreciate your patience with that.

@Carl Love 


yes these are alot neater. but what  i meant before is i cant give up interest in the delta function entirely omg its one of my um i want to say favorites but yes that was the first trick i learned creatively lol at least wait until ive finished studying gamma and i have a new trick. Also The LambertW function is another favorite, the hypergeometric, the lerch phi or trancendent depending on whether you read wikipedia or wolframs site not entirely sure but anyway, i just dont want you to come back and say none of these are interesting either.

@vv These graphs may better put into perspective why this one has me confused, here is a comparison of the real and conformal plots of the same function but in case 2 being expressed in terms of the gamma function

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